Porn With A Chiala Pussy Having Sex With Xnxx Detainees

Porn With A Chiala Pussy Having Sex With Xnxx Detainees

"Fuck, Molly is here, Victoria," I groaned, jiggling around. "Get off me, you damn tart," I whined, pushing her off me.I didn't even look her way, I just got out from under Victoria and rose. "Shit," I whined, falling on the ground and landing by her feet. "I'm sorry, Molly," I apologized, placing my hands on her feet.My heart was beating incredibly hard again and shook around as if I had a heart attack. I kissed Molly's feet all over and cried a bit too. I couldn't think of anything else I could possibly say right then, but I just waited her out."Did you just call my sister a tart, Matt?" Molly asked.I failed to answer, but then she lowered herself to her knees with me."I'm sorry," I fretted, leaning up with her. "Your sister is a psycho bitch, Molly.""Hey!" Molly snapped, swatting my ass. "Be nice to my sister, Matthew; she means more than the world to me. She might be just that, but you don't say it out loud," she made clear, before taking my schlong in both hands."I'm sorry, Molly, I could tell you the whole story, but I needed just to get her to act like a normal sister-in-law, so I made a deal with her," I confessed, failing to look at her."So, you fucked my sister?" she pondered, stroking my rod. "That's hot, Matthew."I slowly angled my head back up to hers, and she kissed me. "Happy anniversary.""What, our anniversary isn't for two months.""I know, you never saw it coming, did you? Do you really think my sister, whom I love more than chocolate, would pull this shit? Throw herself at you, show you her body, and seduce you in the shower?"I peeked at Victoria for a few seconds, and she nodded.I went back to Molly. "You're shitting me, right? You set this all up, Molly?""Well, I told her to get it done, why, what all did she do?""She watched us when you blew me?""No, kidding?" she giggled, going to Victoria. "You horny skank," she branded Victoria, before kissing her on the lips. "You're lucky; I love you.""What's going on here?" I asked, standing up with them.Molly turned to me and kissed me too. "You aren't mad, are you? I just thought you'd enjoy having sex with my sister; you must have thought she was sexy.""Yes, she showed me her body as she watched us.""Seriously, sis?" she asked, turning to Victoria. "You let him see your tits and pussy before he even officially met you?""I'm a free spirit, remember?" Victoria giggled. "You told me to get it done, so I can't be held responsible for my actions. Although, I did make him enjoy himself, and he did state several times that he loved me, so I must say I did indeed get the job done, and I added a bonus, Molly."Molly wrapped her arms around me. "I didn't think you'd just do it, but I wanted to give you the best gift imaginable, and by the way, did you enjoy yourself?""I protested like hell, but yes, Molly," I responded, encasing my arms around her too. "I'm sorry, but this is still weird to me."She giggled for a moment before letting go of me, going back to Victoria, but looking back at me. "Then it's about to get weirder, but grab your dick," she suggested, prior to turning her head back to her sister again and kissing her.My eyes widened as much as possible in a second. "Holy shit, I'm seeing twins kiss each other," I muttered, stroking my schlong.Their lips stayed together for over two minutes, and I just kept that small gap between us. I found myself speechless after that short sentence. My brain told me to masturbate and not say a word.Needless to say, I sure did have some fun with Victoria despite her being so pushy, but just seeing them kiss each other as lovers trumped that. They both let their hands land on each other's butts, and they both fondled them for each other.They both also had their eyes closed the whole time, so I surely knew they did have the passion or were good fakers. Either way, my brain, and cock were turned on beyond belief. I didn't see this odd turn of events coming, so their element of surprise was a killer.After nearly three minutes, Molly parted her lips from Victoria's. "Damn, I've missed you, sis.""Is that you saying 'Move out here already.', sis?""Yes, but let's make my hubby start begging you too. Did you suck his cock too?""Yes, I almost had trouble fitting the whole thing in my mouth; you must suck on it a lot for him.""I do it because I love him. Do you love him, too, Victoria?""Yes, he's crazy about you, Molly, you better hold onto him.""I will; he won't be another Barry Shanton, okay?" Molly whined, crossing her arms."That wasn't your fault, sis, he was just a dumbass," Victoria assured Molly, taking her hands. "Who freaks out when he sees two pairs of tits, just because the two ladies are related? He didn't get either of us pregnant, so that's just water under the bridge. Now let's make Matt prove him wrong," she suggested, before they both came to me.I watched them close the gap, but then they both dropped to their knees. Without speaking another word, Molly took my pecker in her right hand and brought it up. Then Victoria just took it right into her mouth.Molly put her other hand on the back of her sister's head and let it move back and forth slowly. She watched closely, and I had to watch her as she performed oral sex on me. I surely just didn't know what to make of everything, but I certainly enjoyed the thrill.'Oh yeah, lick your lips while you watch your twin sister suck my dick so slowly like that, Molly. Holy shit, you're hot, I had no idea you'd do something like this, but fuck me.'I also looked right into Victoria's eyes, and she viewed mine as she let her lips go back and forth. I kept my hands down at my sides for the time being, because it seemed Victoria had all the encouragement she needed from Molly.I had to clench my fists actually after only a minute because I felt my load building up into a massive squirt gun getting ready to implode. Although, once again, I just fought like hell to hold it and let the magic last forever"Holy shit, I love you, sis," Molly stated, smooching Victoria's cheek. "Suck it even slower than you did for Barry. This guy is special, so he deserves better than the best.""Molly, come here, I want to kiss you," I pleaded, waving my hands.She smirked at me, lazily rose with me, and kissed me once. "Words can't express how much I love you, Matt. If something does happen to me, I want you to go to her and be hers. You won't ruin our memory even for a second. Maybe other people might whine, but you'll know better. You'll know how much your sister-in-law loves you, so enjoy her," she explained, before a pause. "I mean, don't start making out with her at my funeral, but console each other first, and then when the time is right, make sweet love to her and tell her how much I meant to you and how much she means to you," she made clear, before pasting her lips to mine.I wrapped one arm around her and placed my other hand on Victoria's head. "I love you, Molly.""I love you too, Matt."She pressured her lips onto mine harder and harder with every passing second. Needless to say, with Victoria's lips around my cock, moving slowly, and Molly's on mine, I became weakened and nearly had to collapse after only a moment.Although, I stayed upright and took the pleasure as if my life depended on it. Molly pressed her boobs onto my chest too, which added to the pressure. I not only had to deal with the physical hurdles, but the emotional ones too.'They've done this before with some other guy, so they know what they're doing. I have to make them feel good.'After a few minutes, Molly's lips parted from mine. "We shared a few different guys in college, but not all of them knew that we were sisters, though. It is a privilege not only to get to have sex with twins, but to know that you're doing it too, that's an honor, don't you think?""You've done it with Victoria?""Does that turn you on, Matt? Would you like details?""Yes, I would, dear wife," I moaned, encasing both arms around her."I've eaten Victoria out more times than I've given you head. I did it for the first time on our seventeenth birthday. We shared a bedroom because we had to move, but we got to see each other underdressed for six months before our birthday. Let's just say, neither of us disliked seeing the other, so we decided to take our relationship up a few levels that night. We both knew we were mature enough to do it, so we did it. We ate each other out, tribbed, and even used a strap-on all on the night of our seventeenth birthday. Now, do you see why I love her so much and want you to be with her if something happens to me? I've had my tongue deep inside her slit so many times, I know exactly what her juice tastes like too. I put my hands on both sides of her pussy and let my tongue dive deep in there and made her moan. While it was in there, I wagged my head and allowed my tongue to slather her pussy walls with my saliva. Although, I did make sure to kiss her first and make her feel loved, just how you've done for me. So, I know how she kisses, does she kiss better than me, Matt?""No, Molly, you're the queen, and you give better blow jobs too. Victoria has already made clear that you two do have a sibling rivalry, though.""Yes, it is true, but I'm sure you'll love it now. You're getting your sexy sister-in-law to suck the life out of your pecker right now. You didn't think that would happen when I told you she'd be visiting, did you?""No, I didn't, and holy shit, that hot action you describe is to die for too. I had no idea about you two, but I love it now. Your sister is a floozy, but I do love her. Am I going to get to see you two together?""Maybe, do you have room for one more here?""Yes, I sure do, Molly," I moaned, closing my eyes.Although, then Victoria let my wood out. "Give me your cum again, Matt, right in front of your wife," she let out, stroking it."Come on, watch yourself react to my bitch sister's sexual lust," Molly insisted.I opened my eyes back up and viewed it happen right alongside with Molly. We both wrapped our arms around each other rather tightly just in time for me to unleash my load all over Victoria's face again.Only this time, she held my schlong in both hands and made sure my seed got doled all over her face. I applied more pressure to Molly than I ever had before. Although, I was sure she loved it as she moaned right along with me."Fuck yes, Matt, douse the wench's face. Do it for your sexy wife," Molly added.I surely did once again, but this time I had Molly cheering me on the whole time. Needless to say, the thrills soared through my body, even more, that time. Obviously, the emotional spike got most of the credit, but it was still amazing.I peeked at both of them several times and felt the love inject itself into me. Even though I was positive, I loved Victoria before Molly showed up, she indeed showed there is a lot more soil for more love to grow.Then Molly brought us both down, and she brought her lips to Victoria's left cheek. She only smooched it at first, but then she let her tongue out and instantly began cleaning off her face. I just tried to catch my breath and watch Molly clean off her sister's face.I couldn't even touch my johnson because it already felt spent, but of course, with the help of cooling down and the hot sight in front of me, I inevitably got turned on yet again. They both kept their eyes closed the whole time, but Molly placed her hands on Victoria's neck, while Victoria grabbed her sister's thighs."I think your hubby liked that.""Good, because Barry hated it, that fucker was a prude," Molly branded him in between licks.Everyone stayed silent for a moment, but then Victoria kissed Molly. "Yeah, fuck him, we have Matt now.""I'm sorry, did you say 'we'?""What, we shared guys before, sis," Victoria reminded her, bringing her hands to the end Molly's top.She took it off her and immediately placed her hands on her sister's back too. In no time at all, I got to see Molly's nude breasts as well. Then they both rose onto their knees, and each placed hands on the sides of their melons too, so they'd clash."Yep, still a perfect match, sis," Victoria pointed out."We're twins, remember?""Yes, fraternal twins, remember?" Victoria pondered, letting hands come to Molly's crotch.Molly peeked down to see her sister undress her even more. She pushed Molly's shorts down and let her panties into the light. Although, then Molly rose to her feet and Victoria got her socks, shoes, and shorts off her ultimately."Come here, Matt," she offered, failing to look at me.I swiftly got down on my knees with her, and she peeked at me. "You're not gonna judge her for how she gave you your anniversary gift, are you?""No, of course not. Looking back on the gift now, it was greatly appreciated.""Good, because my sister means everything to me, and if you divorce her because of this," she stated, taking my hands in hers while shedding tears. "I'll never forgive myself. She means everything to me, so don't hold anything against her. Will you promise me not to divorce her, Matt?""Of course, Victoria," I made clear, encasing my arms around her. "Wow, this is a weird turn of events, you were a bit abrasive before she came back here, but now you're crying and pleading to me not to divorce her. Wow, I'm just seeing you in a vulnerable light now, just how you were seeing me, you sweet hussy.""She just loves you, Matt, that's all," Molly informed me.I nodded and brought Victoria's lips back to mine.I kissed her like a lover again, but after twenty seconds, I gently pushed her off me. "You've eaten my sister's snatch?""Yes, several times before, but not since she met you.""Well, let me see it now," I suggested, before smooching her cheek."Okay, I love you, Matt.""I love you, too, Victoria."Then she turned back to Molly, who was still standing up on the bed. Victoria brought her nose to Molly's crotch. She took a deep inhale and closed her eyes. I surely knew she enjoyed the aroma from her sister's pussy, but then she even blindly brought her panties down too.Molly stepped out of them, but then Victoria brought them up to her face and took an extra deep inhale. "Holy shit, even after ten years, I still love your dirty panties, sis," she moaned, letting her head float back and forth. "There is no better high in the world, I don't see anyone possibly creating something anywhere near as good as my sister's twat," she let out, prior to dropping them, but pulling Molly down with her. "Wow, you are so much sexier now than that first night, Molly," she praised Molly, placing her hands on her jugs. "Even though we have an exact match, yours are much perkier. I remember all the times I'd get back from a date with fresh lipstick on, and put my lips all over your nipples.""And you wouldn't even wash them for me, bitch.""You know you love me, sis," Victoria brought up before kissing her. "I'm sorry, Matt, but I'm going to need some time to reminisce with my sister now, but feel free to watch," she warned me, lazily pushing Molly back down to her back, and right before she got on Molly's right side, so I could still see them as I lay down. "Have you ever invited another woman in here, Molly?" she pondered, checking out Molly's body."Nope, but you invited yourself, though.""That doesn't count, but I'll make Matt feel good anyway," she stated, going down to Molly's left tit.She grabbed onto it with both hands and let her tongue out while keeping their eyes locked. From one second to the next, Victoria began licking her sister's nipple. Although, she did it slowly and laid her body onto Molly's.Molly placed both hands on Victoria's head and began caressing it. "My sister would be the only other human I let lick my nipple anyway. I've met a couple of Matt's ex-girlfriends, but screw them. I have a hot twin sister that I already have a sexual history with, so why not you, beautiful woman? I can't see him, but I'm pretty sure Matt is jacking off like mad.""I am, ladies," I added."Shut up, Matt, I love you, but I'm spending some very quality time with my sis. She is looking right at me and slowly licking my nipple," she moaned, caressing her head. "Holy shit, you have the gift, it might be incest, but you are one sensual woman."I didn't even look at Victoria; even though I just had to move my head a few inches, I only wanted to see Molly's reactions to feeling her flesh and blood sister please her. I surely couldn't be certain just how their relationship was in the past, but it seemed fantastic from where I was.I stroked my schlong ever so slowly and just tried to take the pleasure the best I could. Even though I wasn't having sex, I certainly felt like it as I watched my wife and her sister together. They showed pure chemistry, and I couldn't be skeptical of anything at that point.I just cherished the sight in front of me, and let my eyes milk it for all it was worth. Never before had I enjoyed eye candy previously, and they were much more than that. They appeared to be more like eye cake, and my eyes were watering, so to speak.I surely loved them even just going slowly, rather, as the sexy twit known as Victoria had pushed me. She only licked her sister's nipple ever so slowly for a little while and didn't push Molly much at all. I wasn't sure what to think about that, but I had to take it at face value.Nevertheless, they showed love, and Victoria switched nipples. As if she was skating on one foot, and just changed to the other in one move, she let her tongue on Molly's other nipple. Although, she began moving her tongue a little faster."Oh, fuck yes, sis, you like my bosoms, don't you? Yes, titillate me right in front of my husband. Get him jealous; I dated you too, Victoria. You're a hot chick, but a hussy too. I still love you, though, you're the only sister I'll ever have. I love you, I love you, and I love you some more."Her mouth gently came off her nipple. "I love you too, Molly. Ever since our seventeenth birthday, I saw you as a girlfriend. I could never fault you for meeting Matt here, and moving over two-hundred miles away, but you did. I never saw you differently, but I have missed you dearly," she explained, before climbing back up on her sister and kissing her.I watched them make out again, and oddly enough, I found myself more turned on by the kissing, rather than the sex. I had no idea why, but I stroked my schlong even faster as I saw their lips together, rather than just seeing Victoria's lips on Molly's nipple.Although, after two minutes, Molly gently pushed Victoria's off her. "Oh, by the way, you're on the pill, right?""Yes, I wouldn't fuck him and risk it.""You warned me not to cum inside you, though.""So?" she pondered, peeking at me."Fuck you, Victoria," I laughed.They both giggled somewhat, but then Victoria went back down to Molly's melons. She laid a string of kisses all over them for a moment, but then she calmly moved down towards her sister's snatch.She also spread out Molly's legs too and placed her fingers on it. "I've missed this beautiful slit; it's wet and somewhat swollen, but still sexy as hell," she mentioned, rubbing the top of it. "And the hair down here too, you've grown it out too, what's not to like?" she asked, before bringing her lips to her pussy lips."Oh, sis, it's been years since you've been down there, please don't tease me now," Molly whined, rubbing Victoria's head.Victoria looked at her for a few seconds. "I love you, Molly," she made clear, before she let her tongue out.From one second to the next, I saw them committing the hottest felony imaginable in the sexiest way possible."Oh, fuck yes, sis, just like that," Molly moaned, arching her back up slightly and placing her hands on her melons. "Matt, watch closely because only a woman's sister can please her like this. Make sure you watch and see just how to please me," Molly suggested, peeking at me."Okay, babe," I replied, before kissing her.She placed her hands on my shoulders. "Please tell me you're not freaked out, we're just sisters that love each other way more than normal.""No, of course not, sweetheart, you two are hot as hell.""Are you sure?"I nodded and kissed her again before I lazily went back down to Victoria. I lied on my side down there and let my legs hang off the bed. It felt somewhat uncomfortable, but my eye candy became incredibly sweeter.I saw Victoria spread out her sister's cherry lips and insert her tongue in there deep. Then she began licking her inside there and surely made Molly jerk around in the process. I had to keep jerking off nonstop because this was gold."Holy shit, I've seen a lot of lesbian porn, but this is beyond wonderful. I don't even know if I'm able to see straight anymore, because you two are getting my eyes high with this hot show."I stroked my wood fiercely, and between Molly and me, we made the whole bed vibrate. My johnson felt very hot, but yet, I couldn't stop to save my life. They put forth one sexy display, and everything else seemed not to matter."Damn, sis, you're reacting as you've never had me eat you out before," Victoria stated, wrapping her arms around Molly's legs. "Calm down.""I'm not sorry, Victoria, now shut up and keep going, my hubby wants to see more. He wants to see your face doused in my juice.""I do," I moaned, rattling around."Matt, get up here and cum all over my slit," Molly ordered me.I got up and crawled right to her crotch. Victoria made sure to get away just as I aimed it right at my wife’s snatch. No one said a word, but then I started letting my seed loose right onto her soaked cunt."Yes, I'm already hot down there, but damn, your cum is boiling. Drench it, and make my sister have to clean it all up with her tongue.""Yes, my queen," I muttered, prior to doling out my last shot onto the same target.Yet again, I felt myself become topped by an orgasm, Molly and Victoria were dynamite, and they knew it. Needless to say, I felt even more drained, so I had to lie back down and get my whole
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body on the bed."Oh, you like Matt's cum mixed with mine, sis?" Molly asked, caressing her head.Victoria nodded and cleaned up those lips ever so slowly for a moment. As we both watched, Molly grabbed onto my pecker and instantly began stroking it. I had to lay my head on her shoulder, but I didn't block her view."You have great tasting cum, Matt," Victoria complimented me, before letting a couple of fingers into Molly's twat. "You're going to have to get my hot sister to invite me over again.""I'll get working on it," I added, before kissing Molly.Victoria spread out Molly's lips as far as possible and indeed let her fingers dig into her slit deep as well. She just smiled at us for a moment, but blew us a few kisses. After that, she let her tongue back into that wet pussy and immediately began eating her out again.Even with Victoria's arms around Molly's legs, she still seemed to have a vibrator stuck within her. She jiggled around, but encased her arms around me. She forced my head down onto her chest, so I had a better view of Victoria.She closed her eyes and seemed to zone us out. I indeed witnessed her perform her sweet magic on her sister, and it showed with Molly's constant moans and applied pressure to my body. I didn't mind it at all, because it was an extra small price to pay.I couldn't see Victoria's whole tongue, but I didn't need to considering I knew she was making Molly feel amazing. Of course, Molly also had her juice splash around, and some of it even got onto my face."Are you taking notes, Matt?" Molly pondered."Yes, babe, but we have to invite your sister back here from time to time.""Fine, just make damn sure you study her to get me off like this, get a closer look," she ordered me, pushing me even closer to Victoria.I oversaw her, but I sure just felt stunned. "Holy shit, how the hell am I supposed to be able to get my wife off like that? You're a fucking woman, so you know how you like to be pleased.""Shut up and watch, horndog," Victoria ordered me, before she blew me a kiss. "It is just a sister thing, and she already loves you, so shut the hell up."I viewed the action for another minute, but then I heard Molly moan so loudly, I thought we'd catch the neighbor's attention."You bitch!" Molly let out, shoving Victoria's face into her muff. "How is he supposed to learn if you just cheat?" she giggled.We didn't get an answer, but from one second to the next, Victoria gave her sister one hell of an orgasm."Here you go, cunt," Molly cried before she placed both hands on top of her sister's head and unleashed her load of lady juice.I watched as if I'd die if I didn't and saw my wife give her sister the sexiest form of affection, which was a great deal of her juice coming out like a squirt gun."Yes, yes, yes, sis," Molly moaned midway through her orgasm.I wasn't even sure just how long her orgasm lasted, but it was more than enough for me because it was just pure magic. I couldn't possibly be more attracted to either of them by then, they just hooked me and reeled me in effortlessly.After my lovely wife couldn't dole out another drop, they both calmly rose and met in the middle. I had to do the same to see the spectacle continue. Their melons came together again, and they wrapped their arms around each other."Too bad we weren't triplets, that would have been an extra great seventeenth birthday," Molly pointed out, laying a string of kisses on her sister's bosoms."Yes, then I could have two sexy sisters licking my nipples," Victoria added, placing both hands on her head. "I love you, sis, you're the best sister a woman could ask for indeed.""I know, but you're embarrassing me, Victoria," Molly giggled.After another moment, Molly brought her lips back to Victoria's, and they began making out again. I didn't do anything to distract them, I surely kept stroking my rod, but not enough to take their attention.They kissed, rubbed their bodies together, and shed tears as an incestuous couple. I sure knew they weren't an actual couple, but they sure acted like one. It seemed clear as day that they were very much a couple before, at least for some time before I came along.Neither of them said a word; they just let their bodies do all the talking. I couldn't fathom what all went through their minds, but I knew it felt more than right to them. After a couple of minutes, their hands even came onto one another's butts too."If I could've, I would've married you, sis," Molly moaned."Yep, and you wouldn't need Matt either," Victoria giggled.I bit my lip and just let them go. I'd undoubtedly have to slap myself if I did anything to compromise the sight in front of me. Molly and Victoria just amazed me with their chemistry, whether it was incest or not. Although, after five breathtaking minutes, their lips parted, but they both stayed close."I'll be right back," Victoria let her know, before pecking Molly's cheek and taking off."How come you never told me about your relationship with her?""I don't know, I wasn't sure how you'd take it, but given the instant crush you seemed to develop, I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone, give you a great anniversary gift and lighten you up to tell you," she answered, failing to peek at me."Why didn't you continue to see her?""Neither of us wanted to come out to our parents, so we broke it off," she informed me, before turning to me. "It was hard, but we did it. We carried on for three years seeing each other, but we got into separate colleges too, so we just had to commit to each other or stop it," she fretted."Don't cry, babe," I told her, encasing my arms around her."It would just mean everything to me if I could enjoy her company from time to time. Obviously, you also put up a roadblock for us, so until this idea came up, we just put everything on the back burner.""Okay, Molly," I answered, before kissing her and placing my hands on her butt.She helped herself to my schlong and began stroking it. "I love you, Matt.""I love you too, Molly," I added, before kissing her again."Hey, I wasn't done with her, Matthew," Victoria whined.We both peeked at her, and she smirked. "I've been dying to make sweet love to my sister with this strap-on again," Victoria mentioned, getting into it. "She is breathtaking.""That's the same one, sis?" Molly pondered, closing the gap. "It is," she said, grabbing onto the dildo. "You naughty woman, I had no idea you kept it all these years.""You're the first and the only girlfriend I went all the way with, sis," Victoria mentioned, placing her hands on her neck. "Why wouldn't I keep it?""I don't know, but you're the best sister I could ask for, too," Molly added, before kissing her. "Now, make sweet love to me.""Wait," I muttered, coming towards them. "Let me give you some lube," I let out, stroking my rod.They both quickly lowered themselves to their knees and lifted their jugs too. No one said a word, but they both smiled at me. After only a few more seconds, I unleashed my load all over those four glorious melons."Holy shit, you two are intoxicating," I moaned during my orgasm.I doled out six different shots all over them and made sure to douse them as much as possible. Needless to say, I shook and felt even more thrills surging throughout my body as if I got struck by lightning, simply because they were so hot together."Thank you, Matt," Victoria said, winking at me and right before she took Molly's hands.Then she escorted her to our bed and had her lie down on her back.She also wasted no time getting on top of Molly and kissing her again. "Wow, Matt has some warm and sexy seed," she commended me, grabbing the dildo.Then she guided it right to Molly's slit and pushed it right in there."Shit, even with my pussy stretched out now, the dildo still feels big," Molly moaned, angling her head back. "Fuck, this takes me back, sis.""And to think we could have just fucked behind Matt's back, then it would have been even hotter," Victoria theorized, beginning to thrust the dildo.Again, I just let her have that, and I kept quiet. I managed to stay upright, but I failed to touch my rod just yet. Even as I just shot another big load, I still felt the veins pumping very hard. They also had their hooters stay close together, so they moved entirely. They kept eye contact and failed to say a word.'Wow, the intimacy is all over their faces. I had no idea of this, and yet, I made Molly move all this way away from her sister? Crap, I guess Victoria does have a claim to be upset, but I don't know. I'm watching Victoria make sweet love to Molly just as I did the first time we had sex. Molly is caressing Victoria's butt, and Victoria has hands tight on Molly's thighs too. I surely didn't see this coming, but the sight couldn't be hotter.'I didn't even get on the bed with them, I just allowed them to connect, as the past lovers they were, without any distractions. They had incestuous sex ultimately authentically, so to speak because they certainly seemed to suck each other into a whole new world.They stayed very close, in fact, so their tits didn't even part. I couldn't praise them enough for being so close and still keeping those feelings after all those years too. They kissed each other from time to time, but didn't speak.I could only figure that they spoke through their eyes and actions. Considering they could perform that act right in front of me showed just how important they both were to each other. With each small passing thrust, they not only pleasured each other, but for me too.After five monumental minutes, Victoria did place a small gap between them so I could see their bosoms. They both still didn't take their eyes off each other, but slathered their lips and even shed a few tears too.'At Victoria's slow pace, she's not making their melons shake, but she doesn't need to at all. She is wooing everyone in the room just by loving her sister the way she does. Holy shit, I still don't have to touch my rod. The horny man standing in the room watching them isn't making it weird for them at all.'Then Molly nonchalantly brought her hands to Victoria's rack. "These are still wet too, do you promise you to love my husband, sis?""Yes, Molly, he's the one, are you happy?" she groaned."Okay, just be thankful that he is okay with this.""He's watching real-life lesbian incest porn; I think he drew a great hand, Molly. He also got to fuck me, and shoot his load on me a few times too, let's not forget that.""I'm just saying, sis," Molly implored her, placing her hands on her neck again. "I just want you to love him because he's not going anywhere. He's going to be with me until the day one of us dies.""Did you think I was going to steal you away from him? It might have crossed my mind, but I wasn't going to put my plan into place until later.""Okay, sis," Molly laughed.They smiled at each other, but didn't cheese. It seemed more like a sister smirking rather than anything else. With every passing second, they appeared to be more connected. Molly felt her sister up and made it as casual as ever.Then I had to bring my hand back to my rod. I stroked it ever so slowly, but yet it was still hot as hell and ready for more. Even as I only watched them make love for about five minutes at that point, it seemed like a lifetime.I had to get a closer look, so I lowered myself down to my knees and crawled right to them. I failed to say a word, or touch them, so they still didn't pay any attention to me. I was sure they noticed I moved, but they didn't look at me for a second.I had to move my eyes from woman to woman after every few seconds. I was admittedly more attracted to Molly, but of course, Victoria put up her fight and made herself a real contender.'I don't even know why, but this romantic sex is more alluring than the nipple or pussy licking. Holy shit, they are...' I thought, before taking a deep breath.I tried to drain my thoughts and just watch them. I couldn't look away, but I had to stop myself from cumming, though. My cock still hurt somewhat, so I resisted. Nevertheless, I had two naked beauties in front of me, making the opposite happen."You like that, Matt, do you?" Victoria asked, failing to look at me. "I'm making your wife’s pussy sore now with my boobs shaking just inches away from her face.""I love it, Victoria, but I love you more. Don't be a stranger; if you want to come over and hang out, go ahead, I won't stop you.""Give me a kiss then."I did just that, and then she stared at me for a few seconds before going back to Molly. She laid a big fat kiss on her lips and stayed close again. They rubbed their bodies together so that I couldn't see their faces either. I did see the sides of their jugs, though, which added to the excitement. All the while, Victoria did let the dildo go in and out of Molly's snatch just a little bit faster. That directly caused both of them to breathe a bit harder and quicker, but that meant better sex."I feel your breath; it stinks, Victoria.""And yours reeks too," Victoria chuckled.I had to laugh somewhat as well, and Victoria got in another kiss before leaning up onto her knees. "It smells so bad, it caused us to not get into triple digits for your wedding, woman," she joked, grabbing onto Molly's thighs."Be nice, sis. Devour my twat all you want, but say nice things, at least when we're having sex.""Fair enough, but you know everything out of my mouth comes from love, though."They both nodded, and Molly grabbed my hand as we both saw Victoria leaning back somewhat. The dildo failed to exit Molly's slit, but as it was mostly out, she slammed it right back in there."Oh, hell, yes," Molly moaned, bringing her head back and making a significant grasp on Victoria's back. "You are one kinky bitch.""The only way most people like me," Victoria added, thrusting the dildo yet again. "Loving so much, that it’s bitchy, sis," she muttered, before blowing her kisses. "I'm sure Matt loves you beyond your wildest dreams, but only I love you the way I do, both as a girlfriend and a sister."They didn't get a peep out of me, but they already got my cum, though. I had to shed my tears considering the closeness of them. They went on for over another ten minutes at a somewhat slower speed.Once again, I found myself in the dark, considering I didn't know how much more Molly's snatch could take. I couldn't put my johnson right up next to the dildo, but I was sure it was bigger. So, that question remained on my mind.With every move of that dildo, I knew it took a toll on Molly's slit, but she kept at it. She cried a bit, but didn't let it affect the mood. She was the woman I married, Wonder Woman, but she kept me guessing."Holy shit, you're getting the best of my twat now, skank," Molly let out, spanking her."Hey," Victoria whined, halting her thrusts. "If I have to be nice, then so do you," she made clear, bringing her forward, so she had to sit down on her butt. "You can't have it both ways, either we're nice, or no one is nice, sis," she mentioned, swatting her ass again."Well said, by a woman who fucks her brother-in-law solely because her sister asks her to, sound better?""Yes, so don't ever stop being my sister, Molly. You stopped being my girlfriend, maybe for valid reasons, but don't stop being my sister, though.""I promise."They both encased their arms around each other and showed their insecurities could drop down onto their rock-solid love. They kissed each other a few times, but then Victoria began moving both of them back and forth somewhat.They smiled so much; I nearly thought their faces would get stuck like that. Of course, their melons came together again too and added, even more, lighter fluid to the fire. They went on back and forth for over five minutes, but then Molly stopped them both."Let me get those titties," Molly moaned, taking Victoria's left tit in her hands."Yes, sis, you've proved that you haven't lost your touch. No, not at all, in fact. I've missed that lick, no one else on the planet has it," Victoria praised Molly, playing with her hair. "By the way, my curly hair is sexier than your straight hair. We both have the same shade of dark brown hair, but mine is still better because it is curly."Molly giggled, but didn't stop pleasing her. I witnessed the chemistry again as I saw them looking right at each other, and Molly used her tongue in the way I never saw before. It moved so quickly; I almost thought she was Wonder Woman.I surely knew she was human, but given this new side, she had me thinking and masturbating more than I could ever remember. Needless to say, I felt emotionally drained, but they kept refueling me, though."Oh, I will certainly beat the shit out you, Matt, if you don’t be good to this piece of heaven. She knows how to please a woman and a man, it seems. Don't worry, though; I'll make it up to you afterward because you know how to fuck.""Damn right he does, now do you know why I married him?" Moly asked, in between licks."I do, sexy twin sister," Victoria let out, rubbing her head. "He has a great cock to play with so, what's not to love?""Nothing," Molly answered, bringing her head back up. "It was great to catch up with you, sis.""You're not ready to stop, are you?""No," Molly responded, pushing Victoria down. "I'm gonna want to invite my hubby in with us, though," she mentioned, placing her hands on her sister's jugs. "We both know damn well he is about to pop his top if he doesn't get to get in here with us. We've already made him dispense like a gallon worth of cum, but we're going to make him shoot out a lake or so, maybe an ocean if we're lucky.""Because we're sisters?""Yes, what guy wouldn't love that? Getting to fuck two twin sisters at the same time," Moly let out, riding Victoria."Too bad we're not identical sisters though, I think his kinky brain would have appreciated that even more, don't you think?""Yes, nonetheless, we've successfully won him over, and he is working on reshooting his load.""Save some for when you're fucking us, though, Matt," Victoria warned me.I nodded and let go of my schlong. I surely couldn't hold off from cumming whether I was touching my junk or not, but I restrained myself the most I could. I just got lost in the intimacy Molly and Victoria showed each other yet again.Molly moved effortlessly, all the while holding her sister's bosoms for leverage. She bounced up and down a bit, went from side to side, and in every other direction too. They both cheesed at each other, so they both knew how much they loved not only the sex, but each other as well.Victoria grabbed onto Molly's melons. "You have nice jugs too, sis.""We have the same ones, nipple size, placement, color, and everything else about them.""Just take the damn compliment, who's the bitch now?" Victoria whined, slapping Molly's tits."Fuck me, you two are funny together," I laughed."I know, buster," Molly let me know, peeking at me. "We're weird sisters, so we just relate to each other in odd ways."They went on for another five minutes without saying another word. Both of them kept their hands on one another's boobs the whole time, so much that it almost seemed like their hands were glued.I saw the dildo see fresh air several times, and they also made the bed come off its legs many times too. They both also looked like they just got out of a pool too, but yet, they showed no signs of slowing down."Now we don't have to keep it down, Victoria, we can just fuck as loud as we want and make all the noise we want too. All we have to worry about is my horny hubby, but he loves seeing us together.""I do, I'll never have to watch porn again because this is better than gold, this like platinum mixed with ruby, or some such shit."Then Molly yanked Victoria up with her and encased her arms around her. "Do you hear that we're 'platinum,' sis.""Good to know, now give your sister another kiss," Victoria suggested before they pasted their lips together."Holy shit, no matter how many times I see you two make out, it just thrills me like nothing else. Even seeing one of you eat the other one out is just not quite as good. Maybe it just comes from love, I don't know, but this is beyond sexy."Their lips stayed together for over ten minutes, and I just watched them. I couldn't figure out how I got more turned on by the sight of them kissing than doing anything else sexual, but I appreciated the eye candy nonetheless.Although, during their make-out session, I felt my limit suddenly be met. "Oh, fuck yes, you two are amazing," I moaned, taking my rod in my hand.Their lips parted, then they turned their faces and pushed their cheeks together. "Submerge our faces then."I quickly came right to them and began stroking my cock swiftly. "Anything for you two twins."I looked right at them for a few seconds, but after that, I unleashed my load all over their faces. "I do mean anything," I moaned, letting out my second stream.Once again, I twitched and felt indestructible because of them. This time, I managed to get six different shots out, so I got three for each face. Although, all of my cum blasted onto their faces with great force.With each shot, I surely knew they both engraved themselves even further into our future together. I couldn't stop it by then, Molly and Victoria had me hooked, and they seemed to be attached at the hip as well. I looked at them as I tried to catch my breath, and they slowly turned their heads."Molly, what's taking so long, you're supposed to kiss me.""Oh, sorry, sis," Molly stated, before they both leaned up, wrapped their arms around each other, and pasted their lips together too."Wow, even with my seed plastered all over both of your faces? I'm speechless now," I muttered, lowering myself to my knees. "I never knew how much I loved seeing two sisters together, but now I know it, thanks to you two."After another minute, their lips came apart again. "So, are you ready to join us now, Matt?" Victoria asked, putting her hand out. 

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