He likes to get free in his mouth and play with it

He likes to get free in his mouth and play with it

My wife Ann and I are nearing the age of fifty, and have been married for almost twenty-two years. We met out of college, and have been each others only sole partners in life. The past few years have been rough on us. We really needed a break from all the stress of work and taking care of the family, and now was the perfect opportunity to take a well-deserved vacation. We weren’t getting any younger, and it seemed like over the past few years we had become more distant. The passion we once had in the bedroom for each other now had slipped to an all-time low. I contacted my travel agent, who sent me several brochures on some possible destinations. After doing a little research I decided on small spa resort just off the Gulf Coast. It was a private resort that offered several different amenities. It seemed like the ideal spot for us to unwind and reconnect with one another. Ann was so happy when I told her that she had a tough time controlling her emotions. She gave me a huge hug, and wanted to know when we were leaving. The plan was to spend five days of doing nothing but enjoying the sunshine. I can't tell you how excited we both were when the actual day had finally come. We couldn’t wait to check in and experience all the amenities the resort had to offer. When we finally did check in it was everything we had ever dreamed about, and more. The ocean view was magnificent, along with the fact it was so warm and pleasant. We were treated like royalty as they wined and dined us day and night. During the day we just hung out at the beach. At night we would dine, and then watch the sun slowly set. Life couldn’t have been any better for us. It was day four of our wonderful adventure, and that was when we met Tim and Nicole out by the ocean. They had just checked in a day earlier, and Tim wanted to know if they could set up their things next to us. I told him that it was fine, and we began to introduce ourselves to one another. Tim and Nicole were about ten years younger than my wife and I. Tim was an engineer for a mid-size company, while Nicole was an office manager. They had been married for nine years, and this was their third time visiting this particular resort. They were extremely generous and very likable, and I noticed Ann enjoyed the attention Tim gave her. He told her how great she looked in her swimsuit, and Ann stood there somewhat embarrassed by it all. Ann is a still very sexy woman for her age. At five foot five, and a hundred and forty pounds, Ann can still compete with women much younger than her. Tim and Nicole were an extremely fit couple. Tim stood just over six foot, and had a body that most men would adore. Ann could hardly contain herself as Tim stood there with nothing on but a pair of shorts. Nicole, on the other hand, stood around five foot eight, and also had a gorgeous body. She had on bright-colored bikini, and I could hardly take my eyes off her. Her tits were a bit on the small side, but her ass was extremely adorable, and when she bent over in front of me I nearly lost it. We spent the better part of the afternoon with them, and when it was dinner time Tim said, “Why don’t the two of you dine with us tonight?” “I don’t want to interrupt any of your plans,” I said. “I insist!” Tim replied. “Well I guess it is a date,” I said. We met up with them thirty minutes later for dinner, and decided to eat dinner outside. The weather was nearly perfect, and a warm breeze blew gently about. We spent a good hour and half dining and drinking while enjoying our time with our new-found friends. After dinner the four of us sat out on the beach, and we sipped down another bottle of wine and watched the sun slowly set. Ann and Nicole had wandered off, and that was when Tim asked me, “What do you think of my wife Nicole? I noticed you glancing at her.” I felt embarrassed, and I didn’t know exactly what to say. A few seconds later I replied, “She is extremely beautiful!” “Are you guys into swapping at all?” Tim asked. “Swapping? You mean trading wives?” I asked. “Yeah! Trading wives for the night,” he replied. “I hadn’t really thought about it, but I do get turned on at times thinking about Ann with other men,” I replied. “Nicole and I have swapped a few times in the past, and I know she would love to try it again. What do you say?” Tim asked. “Well, I don’t know. I need to talk it over with Ann first,” I replied. I then glanced over at Nicole as she and my wife walked over towards the ocean. I've got to admit, the thought of being with Nicole had me extremely aroused, but I still didn’t know how Ann would react to such a proposal. Ann is a bit on the conservative side, but at times she can surprise me. I really had no idea how she would react to such an idea. A short time later Nicole and Ann walked back over towards us. Tim instantly said, “Why don’t we go back to our place for a night cap?” Before I could say anything Ann quickly replied, “We would love to.” I told Tim and Nicole that we would meet up with them in a bit. I knew exactly what Tim had on his mind, and I now mentioned to Ann, “Tim wanted to know if we'd like to trade wives for the night.” “Trade wives?” Ann asked, surprised. “Yeah, like you being with him tonight, and Nicole with me,” I said to her. It brought a smile to her face, and it certainly wasn’t the answer I had expected from her. “What do you think?” I then asked. “It sounds kind of intriguing! Tim is a handsome guy. What do you think?” Ann replied. “If it is what you want to do then I guess I am okay with it. Why don’t we see how it goes, and then we can decide from there,” I said. We then walked down the secluded beach front until we reached Tim and Nicole’s condo. They had an ocean-front view, and they instantly welcomed us in. Tim wore just a pair of shorts with no shirt on, while Nicole strutted around in a summer dress that barely covered the cheeks of her wonderful ass. We sat there in the living room as Tim opened up another bottle of wine. Nicole had already had plenty to drink, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her lovely sexy body. A short while later Tim moved next to Ann on the couch. He put his arm around her, and a few seconds later he gave her a kiss on the lips. This was Nicole’s cue to try to seduce me. She began to get comfy with me on the couch, and my cock now rose with excitement. We spent the better part of several minutes getting acquainted with one another. Nicole then led me upstairs to one of the two open bedrooms. The master bedroom was spacious and spectacular, and had an open doorway that led out onto a deck that overlooked the ocean. Our room wasn’t as nice, but it still had spectacular views to the outside. Nicole then closed the door behind her, and she lifted up her short dress, and she began to show off her thong panties. My cock was extremely hard, and she spun around a few times so I could view her beautiful ass. Any thoughts of Tim being with my wife, Ann, were now quickly subsiding. I now laid there on the bed extremely excited as Nicole made her way over. She then slid her thong panties down to the floor, and she climbed up onto the bed. She began to undress me, and within a minute or so she had removed all of my clothes. I laid there totally naked, and my cock throbbed high into the air. My cock is average in size, at best, and Nicole quickly began to take it into her warm mouth. She sucked hard on my cock for several minutes, and just a short time later she moved her lovely ass over my face. I feverishly licked and sucked hard on her aroused pussy, and she began to grind her hips up against my face. She was close to cumming, and that was when she said, “I want you to fuck me!” Nicole then slid up on top of my cock, and she began to thrust herself hard down onto it. She rode hard on top of my cock for several minutes as she began to cry out once again. My cock could only take so much, and just minutes later I was on the brink of a powerful and intense orgasm. I began to moan out, and Nicole pleaded with me not to cum yet. I could no longer take it, and just seconds later she slipped off my cock and began to jerk me off all over myself. I now heard Ann and Tim in the room next to us. Tim was now fucking Ann good and hard, and I heard Ann cry out loudly. Nicole was a bit miffed that I had cum so early, and she began to taunt me by saying, “You better get used to my husband using your wife. Tim is a bull in bed, and he can fuck all night long. He has a huge, thick, nine inch cock, and he will fuck her easily three or four times before it is all over with. By
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tomorrow morning she won’t be able to get out of bed. She will be so worn out and sore, and I can tell you that for a fact!” I laid there in bed wondering what I had gotten myself and Ann into. I heard Ann scream out again and again, and I heard Tim shout out to her in a deep voice, “You like it baby? You like getting fucked by a big cock? You want to cum again?” “Yes! Yes!” Ann cried out several times. They had been going at it for almost an hour, and that was when I heard Tim moan out, “I am going to cum all over your gorgeous tits!” A few seconds later I heard a loud grunt as Tim began to cum hard all over my wife’s tits; Nicole laid next to me, already asleep. Seconds later everything went quiet, and I laid there in bed feeling a bit jealous. It hadn’t been more than thirty minutes later when I heard Tim and Ann going at it again. I couldn’t sleep with all the commotion, and I decided that I needed to check it out for myself. I quietly slipped out of bed, and I made my way out into the dark hallway. The door to their room had blown open, and I glanced into the dimly lit room to see my lovely wife of twenty two years sprawled naked on the bed. A cool breeze blew across their bodies, and Ann was now getting pounded hard by Tim’s big cock. His cock was everything that Nicole had confessed, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the two of them as Tim knelt there, in between Ann’s legs. He pounded her good and hard, and Ann screamed out in pure pleasure. A few minutes later Tim pulled Ann up on top of his big cock. She began to move hard up and down onto the shaft of his cock. Tim now began to suck on each of Ann’s big tits. When Ann is extremely aroused her nipples become extremely sensitive and hard, and she loves it when I bite down on them. Seconds later, I heard Ann cry out, “Oh, yes baby! Suck my tits! Harder! You are going to make me cum again!” Ann now rode hard on top of Tim’s cock while pulling his mouth up against her lovely tits. She began to scream out just seconds later in another earth-shattering orgasm as I watched quietly from the open doorway. A short time later Tim had Ann get onto all fours. He had her place her hands on the top of the headboard as he mounted her behind her gorgeous round ass. He held tightly onto her hips with both hands, and he forced his big cock back into her from behind. He pounded her hard for several minutes, and I heard Ann cry out, “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me!” Ann could only take so much, and a few minutes later she felt another very intense orgasm building. She began to moan even louder now, and Tim grabbed onto her shoulders and arched Ann’s back towards him. She felt all nine inches of his cock penetrate deeply into her, and she cried out loudly. His big cock was now balls deep inside of her, and Ann cried out, “Oh god! You are going to make me cum again!” She loved the way he was fucking her, and he gave it to her good and hard from behind for the next several minutes, sending Ann into another scintillating orgasm. A short time later Tim was on the verge of cumming once again. He moaned out, “I am going to cum all over your beautiful ass, baby!” I watched as he yanked his nine inch, throbbing cock from the shadows of Ann’s aroused pussy. He gave his cock several hard strokes and it suddenly began to erupt. He shot multiple streams of cum all over Ann’s beautiful ass, and I quietly made my way back to my room just seconds later. I laid there in bed for a good hour before finally drifting off to sleep. I thought about how Tim had played me a bit, but in the end I did agree to trade wives with him. I had been asleep for no more than a few hours when I heard the bed frame once again rattle up against our wall. Tim and Ann were going at it again, and I did my best to fall back to sleep. They went at it for a good hour, and I heard Ann scream out Tim’s name again and again. She cried out numerous times, “Give it to me, Tim! Fuck me harder!” When Tim was finally ready to cum I heard him moan out, “Oh, god, baby! I am going to cum inside you!” Seconds later, I heard him grunt for several seconds in a deep voice as he shot his huge load deep into Ann’s aroused pussy. I laid there in a daze, and I once again fell asleep a short time later. When I awoke hours later, the sun was already up. It was already nine in the morning, and I heard Ann and Tim going at it one last time. Nicole now had awakened, and she said to me, “I told you Tim would fuck your wife all night long. She is going to be sore and exhausted, and when he is done with her she won’t be the same woman ever again.” My cock now began to swell up with excitement. Nicole laid there next to me naked, and I felt the urge to fuck her once more. I wasn’t about to let Tim show me up, and I wanted badly to take Nicole from behind. A few minutes later I heard Ann scream out once again, and I now had Nicole get on all fours. I positioned myself behind her gorgeous tight ass, and I held tightly onto her hips. I gave it to her good and hard from behind for a solid ten minutes as Nicole’s orgasm began to build. I then rammed every inch of my cock deeply into her aroused cunt, and I began to fuck her even harder now. She was on the brink of a powerful orgasm, and she cried out, “Don’t cum inside me! Tim doesn’t like it when other men cum inside me.” I didn’t care at that point what Tim wanted, and I continued to pound Nicole hard from behind. He had cum inside my wife, Ann, and now I was about to do the same to his wife. I held Nicole tightly down onto the bed, and I gave her several hard thrusts with my cock. I was on the verge of cumming when Nicole screamed out in a powerful orgasm. I could no longer take it, and seconds later I moaned out loudly as I filled Nicole’s aroused pussy with my load. I hadn’t cum that hard in years, and cum now oozed from her just fucked pussy down onto the sheets. A few minutes later, Tim one-upped me once again; I heard him urge Ann to suck his big cock. She sucked hard on his cock for several minutes, and I heard her gag on his big cock numerous times. It was a short time later when I heard Tim moan out, “That’s it, baby! Suck it! I am going to cum inside your mouth!” Seconds later I heard Tim grunt loudly one last time. He shot his huge load into Ann’s warm mouth as I laid there imagining it. I couldn’t believe Ann had let him go that far, but after the night before anything certainly was possible. We all met up about an hour later for brunch. Ann walked out of the bedroom with a slight limp. She was exhausted, and her hair was a mess. This was highly unusual for her, but after only a few hours of sleep she didn’t have the energy to do anything more than run a comb through it. We all ate, but talked very little about our experiences the night before. When we finished up with brunch Ann and I had to get packed to leave. We said our goodbyes, and Tim invited us to come over to their place and spend the weekend sometime. They only live about a day’s drive from us, and Ann and I left them with the impression that we might take them up on their offer. On the way home, Ann told me how great Tim was in bed. He fucked her hard and forced her to cum numerous times. She said she nearly passed out from cumming so hard. She said she hadn’t experienced anything like that ever before in her life, and that Tim was like a fucking machine. She was amazed how long he could go on, and how many times he actually had fucked her in one night. I still can’t get that night out of my head. I still imagine Tim fucking Ann senseless, while turning her into a slut. Lately the thought of fucking Nicole in the ass has filled my dirty mind. Her ass was so firm and tight, and when I heard that Tim had tried to fuck Ann in the ass that night it made me only that much more aroused. Ann had told me that Tim had slipped his big cock into her ass a few different times, but that each time she complained how big his cock was. He told her she would need to adjust to it, and if they ever met up again he would definitely want to take her in the ass. I've only fucked Ann in the ass once or twice, and the thought of watching Tim fuck her in the ass has gotten me extremely aroused. I can envision Ann screaming out a powerful orgasm as Tim’s big cock stretches her tender ass to its limits. I had mentioned to Ann just recently about visiting Tim and Nicole, and she seemed a bit excited about the possibility. I think the thought of Tim’s big cock still gets her extremely aroused, and I can’t wait to visit them again in the near future. Feel free to leave any comments.

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