Pussy And Ass Creampie

Pussy And Ass Creampie

Darcy was a really devoted nurse. Great nursing is a gift that very few people are born with. You either have it or you don’t. If you are empathetically challenged, then it is not your calling. In the oncology section of the hospital he worked in, Dr. Johnson recognized his special talent with the terminal patients and often made mention of it to Darcy.In fact, Dr. Johnson was the one to advise Darcy to become a freelance night nurse and do his own thing. Many terminal patients who were not going to make it elected to spend their last few weeks at home and according to Dr. Johnson, Darcy could earn far more and enjoy additional free time. Dr. Johnson was absolutely correct. Not only did he earn far more than the paltry pay the hospital offered, but grateful clients usually paid him a generous bonus once his duties were completed.Having taken Dr. Johnson’s advice, Dr. Johnson was true to his word and kept Darcy very busy over the following several months. He worked from six p.m. till six a.m., to give the persons caring for their dying loved ones a decent night’s sleep. Naturally, after he arrived at work, the first three hours were usually busy with medicating and bathing the terminally ill person, but thereafter, as he sat in the chair beside the patient, he was able to nap throughout the night. The following morning at five, things again became quite busy, but after that, he returned home at six a.m., had a sleep till nine or ten in the morning, and then the rest of the day belonged to him.And so it came to pass that Darcy met Hamish Mac Donald, known as Mac. Mac’s wife Jennifer was terminally ill. For three weeks, Mac had cared for his wife at home and had forgotten what it was like to have a proper night’s sleep. Dr. Johnson then proposed the services of Darcy and finally, Mac relented.Mac could easily afford his services because he was very well-off. Having retired a year before, Mac’s sons were now looking after their successful family business. Upon retirement, Mac and Jennifer had moved to a city with a temperate climate to live out the rest of their lives. They had always planned to travel and see a lot of the world after doing so, but by one of those cruel ironies of life, that was not to be.Nine months before, the ordeal that lay ahead for them began to unfold when Jennifer got a lump in her breast and that was the beginning of the end. They had enjoyed a very happy thirty-five-year-long marriage. Unlike most of Mac’s buddies, he never needed to mess around outside of his marriage with other women or men for that matter, giving the fact that Mac had been bisexual prior to marrying Jennifer. Not that anyone ever found out.His beautiful wife had always been reciprocal to his demanding sexual needs. As if watching Jennifer fade on a daily basis wasn’t bad enough, he ruefully pondered about how satisfying it had been to make love to her. With tears in his eyes, he thought about their happy times together as he stood watching her suffering, and reflected upon the warmth of her body as she acknowledged his carnal needs.When Darcy arrived for duty on his first evening, an exhausted Mac met him at the front door. Darcy had been given all the background information on the couple by Dr. Johnson, who visited them at ten o’clock every day to leave instructions for her medical requirements. Mac was a large robust-looking guy despite having lost twenty pounds recently. The grey hair on his head was short and he had a four-day-old growth of facial hair.It was also apparent that Mac was hairy from the hair on his arms and the tufts of chest hair billowing over the neckline of his t-shirt. As Darcy came to know, t-shirts and tracksuit pants seemed to be his standard dress code. Darcy reckoned that he must have been a very good-looking younger man because, for a guy in his early sixties, Mac was still very handsome.As they mounted the stairs to his wife’s bedroom Mac exuded a very strong masculine odour and Darcy surmised that due to his circumstances, Mac had become somewhat negligent about his personal hygiene. Once in the bedroom, Mac let Darcy get on with his duties after explaining that having spent most of his time on the chair in Jennifer’s bedroom, Mac was off to the spare room to have his first decent lie down in three weeks.After Darcy’s bed bathing duties had been completed and Jennifer’s medication taken care of, Darcy looked at the array of family photos on the dresser. His hunch about Mac’s former good looks was spot-on. Mac, Jennifer, and their two boys were indeed a beautiful family.Darcy had brought his own thermos along that evening and did not need to visit the kitchen downstairs. Earlier, Mac had told him that he was welcome to any food or beverage in the kitchen and that the thermos, therefore, was superfluous.At five in the morning, as Darcy commenced his early morning duties, he heard Mac using the spare bathroom. At five-forty-five, fifteen minutes before his shift ended, Mac arrived in the bedroom. He was clean-shaven and wearing a fresh t-shirt and tracksuit pants, and looked and smelled very respectable. As Mac saw Darcy off at the front door, Mac had a strange look of affection in his eyes.Darcy didn’t read too much into this because it was common for nurses doing what he did, to be viewed in a saintly fashion. What he did observe, however, was the large lump in Mac’s tracksuit pants. Darcy did not pay much heed to this other than to snigger to himself as he drove home, surmising that Mac was probably rather well-endowed.Mac was very pleased about employing Darcy and told Dr. Johnson about his satisfaction later that morning. Darcy was also very attractive and reminded Mac of a ‘best buddy,’ who Mac had shared an apartment with prior to meeting Jennifer a lifetime ago. He knew that it was wrong to be ruminating about Darcy in a lustful manner, but he found himself unable to stop thinking about having sex with him. All day long, Mac constantly got a hard-on as he thought about Darcy, as long-forgotten memories kept flooding back to him.Mac had successfully subjugated his bisexuality throughout his marriage, having fully committed himself to a heterosexual lifestyle. The main reason was that Mac had always been determined to have children of his own and lead a solid family life.When Darcy arrived home that morning, he had a shower before preparing some breakfast for himself. Much as he missed having sex with his former boyfriend, with whom he had ended his relationship two months before after the boyfriend’s bickering about his working hours became too much. They had parted company and he had no plans to enter another relationship for the time being. Darcy knew that what he was currently doing would always create problems in a future relationship, however, for now, it suited his needs. Darcy was earning good money and the bonuses he constantly received were a great enhancement.Darcy had been able to upgrade his apartment substantially in recent times and also had plans to buy a new vehicle. The car that his dad had given him for his twenty-first birthday eight years before was beginning to show its age.That evening when Darcy arrived at work, Mac once more led him up to the bedroom. This time, however, Mac remained in the room. When Darcy told him that he needed to bed bath the heavily sedated Jennifer, Mac simply remained and watched. Finally, when Darcy uncomfortably commenced washing Jennifer’s private parts, Mac had a strange look in his eyes. Darcy also noticed that the lump in Mac’s tracksuit pants had enlarged substantially.Suddenly, with a look of embarrassment on his face, Mac excused himself and left for the spare bathroom.After a short while, when Mac returned to the bedroom to announce that he was going downstairs, he had a slightly flushed look on his face.When Darcy made his way downstairs for a cup of coffee, Mac joined him in the kitchen. As he went about preparing his coffee, Mac constantly got in his way and he continually had to brush past Mac who became a deliberate obstruction. The affectionate look that he had observed Darcy with early that morning had also returned and intensified. Darcy hoped that he was misreading Mac’s facial expression and it was simply one of gratitude. Still, it unnerved him a little. Darcy then quickly finished his coffee and returned to the bedroom for the rest of his shift.Mac did momentarily pop in later to say goodnight, before heading off to the spare room.The following morning, the same procedure as the day before played out before Darcy left. On this occasion, however, as Mac bid him farewell, Mac stroked Darcy’s arm.Darcy was very pleased that evening when Mac did not stay to watch the bed bath like the night before. When Darcy went downstairs at around nine, Mac once more joined him in the kitchen. Mac again continued with his obstructive body positioning and also became very chatty.“Do you mind if I tell you something very personal?” Mac asked.“No,” Darcy answered, somewhat nervously.“I don’t have to tell you how devastating this is for me because you’ve seen it all before. Jennifer is heavily sedated and I know you are doing your best to make her as comfortable as possible. My pain, however, just seems endless. One of the best things about our marriage is the one thing I can no longer enjoy. Jennifer and I had a great sex life and I now constantly yearn for warmth and
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affection. Making love is one of the greatest gifts that Mother Nature ever gave us… I’ve been celibate for two months now and it’s driving me crazy,” Mac ruefully concluded.Darcy did not know what to say and merely shrugged sympathetically. His coffee was thankfully almost finished and he was anxious to get upstairs once more.“You have no idea how I crave the sensation of feeling myself inside someone again,” Mac said quietly, before resuming, “It looks like I also need some nursing.”Darcy now quickly took his last sip of coffee and tried very hard to hide the flustered look on his face. Presently, he excused himself and blushing furiously, left the kitchen.As Darcy sat upstairs his mind was in a spin. Mac was definitely coming on to him and he simply couldn’t let that happen. Strangely, if circumstances were different he would unquestionably have acknowledged Mac’s advances, despite Mac’s age. He was a very sexy man and Darcy also empathized with his dilemma. Darcy had also not had sex for two months and his desire was becoming more restless by the day. This, however, would just be inappropriate and Darcy was very relieved when he heard Mac head off to bed, an hour later.The following day at home, Darcy considered phoning Dr. Johnson and asking to be relieved of duty on this assignment. He, nevertheless, realized that he would then have to fully explain himself. As an experienced nurse, Dr. Johnson would probably expect him to be able to handle a situation like this and a full explanation could also lead to negative consequences for him. Finally, he decided that no matter what, he would have to deal with Mac himself.During that day, Mac had made up his mind that he was going to try his best to have sex with Darcy. His hunger for sex had reached fever pitch and he was going to pressure Darcy as hard as possible. If Darcy absolutely refused, then Mac would naturally have back off and accept defeat. Mac had a strong feeling that Darcy liked him, and Darcy’s constant stares at his bulge also indicated a definite show of interest.That evening, Darcy ‘forgot’ to go downstairs for his normal cup of coffee. At ten, Mac entered the bedroom and told Darcy that he had put the kettle on. As Darcy descended the stairs, he knew that the moment of truth had arrived.From the moment he arrived downstairs it was clear that Mac was on a mission. The bulge in his tracksuit was also the largest Darcy had ever seen it and shortly, Darcy was imprisoned against the kitchen counter by Mac’s hairy arms. Mac’s eyes were also full of lust as he gazed at Darcy intensely.‘Dear god,’ Darcy thought as his resistance began to crumble, ‘some men just have an unbelievably good body essence.’Darcy could feel his body capitulating but decided to ‘fight’ on.“Please, Mac… no, please don’t,” Darcy whimpered.“Don’t lie to me because your eyes are giving you away. How long has it been since your last had sex?” Mac demanded in a voice laced with lust.“Two months,” Darcy blubbered.“That’s too long. A beautiful man like you needs to be kept in top condition and I’m going to tune you up tonight.” Mac uttered, as he pushed his hips forward.Next, as Mac’s arms enfolded him and Darcy felt Mac’s stiff knob against him, he put up his final bit of resistance by turning his head to the side as Mac’s mouth closed in. Mac’s scavenging lips now hungrily attacked Darcy’s neck. Simultaneously, Mac large hands clamped Darcy’s arse and pulled Darcy’s body into him even more tightly.Mac knew that he had won and that Darcy’s gasping mouth would shortly offer itself to him. When it did, Mac’s mouth and tongue went into overdrive in his final conquest of Darcy’s resistance. Mac then commenced fumbling with Darcy’s shirt and shorts before he pulled them off Darcy’s body. All Mac could think about after two months of sexual deprivation was once more having his cock taken care of.After removing his own t-shirt and pants, Mac lowered his head after once more encasing Darcy’s body and commenced moving his mouth from side to side as his lips started plucking on Darcy’s nipples like a master harpist. Simultaneously with his hand on Darcy’s backside, his thumb strummed Darcy’s manhole like the digit of a top jazz double bass player. Darcy’s body swayed with lust as Mac primed him.Next, after Darcy’s body was turned around, Mac’s large hand shrouded Darcy’s genitals. Mac’s fingers now began to glide over Darcy’s cock like an expert flute player.A flood of memories came back to Mac from his pre-marriage days. Although his wife had always sexually pleased him, she had never been forthcoming when it came to orally pleasing Mac. In addition, she never allowed Mac to anally penetrate her. Strangely, now these two pleasures from an almost forgotten and bygone era were suddenly making a most welcome return to Mac’s life.The gasps and pants from Darcy were the finest melody Mac had heard in a very long time. Both men were totally overcome by lust at this point and it wasn’t long before Darcy’s flood gates opened as Mac manically worked his dick while rubbing his cock in Darcy’s crack.Mac was determined not to waste any of Darcy’s complimentary lubrication and after preserving as much of it as he could, he rubbed it over his own dick. Mac was practically hyperventilating with excitement as the head of his knob now wedged its way into Darcy’s backside. The grunts from Darcy also did not impede Mac’s relentless progress, who’s mind was now fixated on slamming his cock in all the way.Despite the discomfort, Darcy commenced begging Mac to fuck the hell out of him. Equal to the challenge, Mac’s powerful fingers practically clawed their way into Darcy’s hips as he frenziedly hammered his dick into Darcy’s backside. The taut constriction of Darcy’s butt was a gratification that Mac had long forgotten. Regrettably, this scenario was short-lived given Mac’s sexual ‘starvation.’ The roar from Mac was awesome as he unloaded with his entire body shuddering. The intensity of what had just happened had both of them gasping and panting like exhausted beasts.Darcy returned upstairs afterward to resume his duties.Two hours later, Mac entered the main bedroom naked. He said nothing, but merely beckoned Darcy to follow him. In the passage, Mac removed Darcy’s clothing before entering the spare room. Once there, Mac lay on his back awaiting the other pleasure he had thought about earlier. Darcy immediately complied.With his hands behind his head, Mac watched as Darcy began to demonstrate his oral skills. Mac watched in wonder as Darcy pulled his foreskin downward, revealing the moist glans still wet with the residue from their previous session. Darcy’s mouth now went into overdrive as he began to worship at the throne of Mac’s manhood. The stimulation by Darcy’s lips and tongue was totally sensational. After their frantic initial encounter, Mac was determined to slow things down and enjoy a far more prolonged session.After an eternity of bliss, Mac coaxed Darcy into a sixty-nine position with their bodies lying side by side. Like two infants contentedly sucking on their pacifiers, Darcy and Mac leisurely stimulated one another.Ten minutes later, as Darcy could feel his next climax start approaching, he warned Mac. Darcy’s warning was not heeded by Mac who simply continued sucking Darcy’s dick. Fully understanding Mac’s message, Darcy’s mouth now commenced upping its pace. As Darcy unloaded he was pleased to sense that Mac was also close.Afterward, as Darcy excused himself to check on Jennifer, Mac instructed him to return once his mission was completed.Upon his return, Darcy soon found himself lying on his stomach with Mac’s cock nestled between his butt cheeks. Much as Darcy was enjoying the feel of the knob rubbing his crevice, he couldn’t wait for Mac to enter him once more.The displacement of Mac’s thick dick felt heavenly when it entered him and Darcy immediately began to gasp with excitement. After lowering his torso fully, Mac started kissing Darcy’s neck. Mac’s stubble, hungry lips, and overactive tongue joined in with the incredible stimulation that Darcy was receiving from Mac’s large dick. Darcy further enjoyed the feel of Mac’s heavy balls slapping against his body.Mac now began to display all his skill as a lover as he swayed his hips from side to side, and then up and down, giving Darcy’s arse a comprehensive workout. With his strong manly essence surrounding them as well, Darcy’s gratification seemed never-ending. Mac’s constant variation of pace and thrusting intensity was spellbinding. For the next hour, Mac took him to new heights of pleasure and Darcy was dazzled by his proficiency and endurance.When Mac finally went into overdrive and unloaded, Darcy could hardly breathe any longer.For the next two evenings, as they again made love, Darcy was once again stunned by this sixty-year-old stud.Regrettably, Jennifer then took a turn for the worse far earlier than anyone had anticipated and died two days later. Understandably, during this period there was no interaction between Mac and Darcy.At the funeral, Mac approached Darcy privately and handed him an envelope. He also asked if he could take him out to lunch in a week’s time, when things had settled down.They did go for lunch, one of many that would follow.

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