She sleeps naked and when she wakes up she fucks a black woman in the kitchen

She sleeps naked and when she wakes up she fucks a black woman in the kitchen

In Oklahoma are many tribes of Native Americans. Most were sent there by the American government to get them out of lands coveted by the white men in the 19th century. Some tribes had always lived there but most had been forced off their native lands in the eastern part of the young United States and sent to reservations in the so-called Indian Territory. And even then most of that land was later taken during the great Oklahoma land-rush. Still, many Native Americans still lived and did well in the state. Some of them were my relatives. My name is Cynthia, and I had cousins and aunts and uncles who were Cherokee. Not me personally. I was from the side of the family that was white. But I knew these relatives well when I was young and our families had lived near each other. Most of my family lived in Arkansas. Most of the Cherokee relatives lived in Oklahoma. We often visited. That changed as I aged. My family moved to California for the work. We kept up ties with letters and cards, but it was not the same. I grew up knowing I had these Native American relatives and remembering having played with them when I was a child. But now I was fully grown. I was blond with large breasts. I got a lot of stares. I did not mind. I was a sexual woman of my times. My body, I was told by a boyfriend, could stop traffic. I was not thin. I was voluptuous. Along with my large tits I had a tiny waist and large hips. My ass was juicy. So I was told by the same boyfriend. I had long, perfect legs. I was 5 feet 8 inches and weighed 130 pounds. I thought I was choice. I was proud of my body and loved to show it off to any man or woman who would look. After I finished college I was looking for work. I had completed a BS and an MS in Education. I could teach at any level from kindergarten to the 12th grade. But the job market was drying up in California. My degrees meant nothing if I could not find work. Finally, my parents suggested I head back east to our old home in Arkansas. I had heard some bad things about my old haunts there and decided instead to try Oklahoma. After all, we had relatives there. I sent off letters to my closest relatives, some cousins who still lived in the state, and received some very loving replies. I was fortunate to have them as family. They indicated that the job market was not great but if I was willing to teach for low pay I could easily find work. I jumped at the chance. I needed work badly to start paying off all my student loans. I was soon in Oklahoma staying with my cousin Roberta. She was Cherokee, but I think her part was only about a 16th. This was quite common in the tribe. It took very little genetic material in your body to make you part of the tribe. Just looking at Roberta and my other cousins and you could never really tell they were Native American. But there were some who had not diluted the blood-line. I was introduced to some of these proud people by my relatives. I would be teaching some of their children. I had obtained a job at a school about an hour away from my relatives, so I would have to live away from them. I found a nice apartment and within a month I was teaching high school students at a large school filled with mostly Native Americans. I taught History. I had five classes and a study hall in the afternoon. My classes were all upper level. I had only students above 16 in my courses and they were a happy bunch of students. As most were Native American they mostly had black hair and were still in very good shape. They had not started gaining the weight sometimes common among Native Americans. My home room consisted of about 20 students. For some reason most were young men of about 17 years of age, and virtually all were handsome and quite nice to look at. I have said I was a sexual being of my time. I found them all very attractive. I did lust for most of them but I kept my professionalism upfront. At least for the time being. After the first semester I had grown quite fond of my students, and they seemed to reciprocate. I knew my subjects and I was a damned good teacher. And teaching History I was able to introduce much of their own history to them. Some had never heard the true facts of their past. I was not afraid to tell them the truth. I finally succumbed to my sexual needs. One of the older boys had caught my eye from the beginning of school. I at last decided to do something about it. After all, they were not really children. They were "young adults." That was the old phrase. I used it to justify my actions. I asked John to stay after class one day. He did so but with a quizzical look on his face. I told him he needed some extra help and that he should stay after school let out and I would give him the help I thought he needed. John was not stupid. He knew he didn't need any help. But I knew he had looked with covetousness on my body many times. And I knew he would be glad to stay. He was. After the final bell John came to my classroom and walked in with pride. He had always bragged he was a full-blooded Cherokee. I believed him. He walked up to me and took my hand. He placed it on his turgid prick in his jeans. "This is what you want me to stay after for, yes teacher?" He was right. I squeezed his cock, then unzipped his jeans and fished out the hard prick. I had him sit in my chair and I knelt before him and began to worship his cock. I licked off the pre-cum he had produced and then cupped his balls with my hand. I kissed the head of his dick and then licked it with little soft licks. He was twitching his cock as I did it. I ran my tongue down one side and up the other. I twirled my tongue around the six inches he displayed for me and then began sucking slowly. I took in all he had to offer. It was enough to bang against the back of my throat. I gagged but loved to take it all. I sucked on him for about 5 minutes and he had to cum. He was young. I took all his Cherokee spunk down my throat and licked him clean. Then I told him I hoped I had helped him in his schoolwork. He grinned and said, "Oh yes teacher, and I think I have some friends who may need extra help too." I smiled. He walked away cramming his cock into his pants. After that I was never without a new student from one of my classes who had to have extra help after school. Every day there was a new young Cherokee student who wanted my special help. I was more than happy to give it. I don't know how it was decided but it was a different student. There were even some girls to add spice to the sauce. I loved that too. One special day about a week later I had a young girl come in for my "extra help." She was so shy, but she was terribly determined too. I knew her as Sarah from my home room. She told me about how she had always liked girls. She wondered if that was bad. Of course, I told her that was crap. I told her that she should love whoever she wanted. And I told her I would be glad to teach her how to make another girl happy. Being so shy I had to coax her but finally she allowed me to set her up on the desk. I reached under her skirt and found her panties. I pulled them down and off her legs. I noticed she was not shaving them, but that did not bother me. I wanted the p
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ussy. That was very hairy too. Fine, I would do some muff-diving. She leaned back on her elbows and I started to teach her a lesson in lesbian love making. I was always a fine teacher. I reached her clit with my two hands and with my fingers I popped her clit out of its little hood. Then with my thumb I rubbed it softly and watched her start to squirm. Her hairy pussy was beginning to leak out juices. I licked her clit and she bucked against my face. I think that was the first cum she ever had with another woman. Then I slid my tongue down the edge of her labium on the right and back up the other one on the left, tasting and enjoying the juices coming out. At last I began the serious business of eating her cunt. I gobbled her pussy and spread the lips so I could get in deep and make her cum harder and harder. She kept cumming for at least ten minutes. I finished eating her when she fell backwards onto the desk in exhaustion. Then I leaned over and let her taste her own pussy juice on my lips as I kissed her and gave her the love she needed. When she pulled her panties back up she left as they all did with a smile on her little Cherokee face. Once a young white boy came in but I had long ago decided this was a payback to my Cherokee relatives. Only Native Americans need apply. I told him he must have made a mistake. He didn't need any special help. Later that month a tall boy of 18 came in. His name was Forester. He was there, he said for the extra help. But he had special needs. Then he dropped his pants. I saw how special he was. His cock was still getting hard and it was already huge. It must have finally got to ten inches. It was a lovely prick. So fine that I wanted it up my cunt and not in my mouth. I went back on the desk and pulled up my dress. "Take off my panties, Forester. I want that cock in my pussy right now, young man!" He was a good student. He stepped out of his pants and bent over and licked my cunt to lubricate it. He found it was already wet and juicy. So he lined up his cock on my cunt and rammed the whole thing in at once. God! I had never felt such a feeling before. I felt impaled but I started cumming immediately. I never stopped the whole time he was fucking me. I never had a fuck like it before or since. He screwed it so hard and deep that I thought he had ruptured something. Then he started pistoning in and out. He was thrusting with all his young strength and he was going to last longer than his younger brothers had. I was fucked for a good thirty minutes and I would have gotten more if I had not begged him to cum in me. I needed that cum so badly. I needed to feel it filling my whole cunt with his seed. So he took pity on his teacher and shot wads and wads of hot cum up my pussy. It could not seep out around his cock. It was too large and filled me so tightly. When he pulled out I squirted for the first time in my life, all his cum and my juices, like a geyser on the classroom floor. I don't know what the janitor would think later that evening. As they all did, Forester left, tucking his shirt in and grinning with happiness at the lesson teacher had given. This sort of thing went on for the three months or so of the semester. It was nearing the end of the school year. Some of the students were graduating and I would never see them again in all probability. It was a week or so before the end of the semester. I was holding my study hall in the afternoon. For some reason I knew all the students there today as having received my extra help. All the others who would have been there were out for some reason. Soon after the bell rang for the beginning of the session several of the boys got up and came forward. They stood before my desk and they all thanked me for the extra help I had given to all of them this semester. Now they wanted to give me some "extra help." I did not understand at first, but then they all began taking their clothes off. The girls came forward and started undressing me. I was at once fearful and lustful, seeing so many Cherokee cocks proudly displayed hard and pointing at me. Then the girls undressed too. Everyone in the room had become naked. I noticed that someone had placed a desk in front of the exit door. Something either very bad or very good was about to happen. First the girls tenderly laid me on the floor on a blanket someone had brought. Then they knelt over me and began making love to my voluptuous body. Everyone who had received my special teaching had commented on my lovely body. That was fine with me. The girls were sucking on my tits and biting the nipples making them hard and pointy. They were mauling them with their hands. Other hands were pushing fingers into my pussy and fucking me with them. Of course I was already cumming. Then the boys lined up. I knew what was coming and I relished it. I loved fucking and cumming. Today I would get fucked for the whole hour of the study hall. The first boy got between my legs and stuck his cock into teacher's pussy and began fucking. He lasted for a minute or two, pulled out and shot on my belly. The next moved in and rammed harder still, fucking and fucking with a terrible urgency. He too shot on my belly. All the while the girls were making love to me. One was sitting on my face to get her pussy and ass reamed. I loved pussy eating, and I loved rimming. They kept trading places, all the while sucking and squeezing my large tits. I was going to be very bruised tonight. I didn't give a fuck. I wanted all they could give. The boys were still fucking my cunt. I was getting cum up my pussy and shot on my body. I wanted it everywhere. Finally it was nearing the end of study hall. All the boys who had not been able to fuck me today gathered around. They had been jerking their cocks the whole session, holding off for the ending. The girls had all gotten their cunts licked and eaten by teacher and they moved out of the way. All of the boys who had not cum yet, and some who had, began shooting their cum on my body, some preferring the pussy area, some the huge tits, but most going for my face. They came and came and my face was covered with Cherokee spunk. I loved it. Every time I was hit by some cum I felt it in my pussy and I creamed some more myself. Finally they had all used up their seed and it was time for cleanup. Someone, I don't know who, had thought ahead. There were wet towels ready and they all wiped the spunk off of me, all that I did not eat as I used my fingers to gather cum and put it in my mouth. Even some of the girls wanted to lick some off my face. They did so. And they kissed teacher for being there for them. That was my first year of teaching. I told all of my relatives that their fellow tribespeople were hospitable and welcoming. I had loved teaching them. The little white boy I had rejected had told his parents the story at the end of the school year when he found he would never get "extra help" from teacher. He ratted me out. Rather than raise a stink the school board decided to just not renew my contract. That was the end of my teaching in Oklahoma. Perhaps anywhere. But, oh, what a great year of teaching! And what a great initiation from the Cherokee tribe!

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