He looks for his cock with his hand and then takes it out and puts his cock in his mouth Xxx

He looks for his cock with his hand and then takes it out and puts his cock in his mouth Xxx

One more week and college would be over. I’d roomed with Jay since our first year and we’d became friends, often hanging out together. Yet, we never really mixed in the same group of friends. That I didn't understand. Another thing, even though we were close, Jay didn’t open up about his personal life, particularly his childhood. I found this secrecy a bit strange but, through the years, I’d learned that the phrase ‘best friends’ doesn't mean a lot.I accepted Jay’s privacy and got on with life. That’s what friends do, right? Approaching the end of that final week, packing up was fun, yet it was also a bit of a chore and tinged with sadness, seeing certain things we’d kept that held special memories for both of us. We talked and laughed and, at one point, even shed some tears. It was then that Jay grabbed me and gave me a big hug. I didn't think anything of it, two guys sharing a farewell hug. What's the problem? Yet, before he let go, there was something different. He held on a little longer and gave an extra squeeze at the end. As I pulled away, he held my arms, his gaze fixed on my eyes. Jay had a look in his eyes that I’d never seen before. He seemed sad, yet I sensed that something else was going on. I tried to dismiss it, thinking we had a lot of memories after spending two years together in the same dorm. Jay finally let go and we finished packing. Of course, we’d exchanged phone numbers and addresses - it's the usual thing to do - but I didn’t expect that we’d keep in touch. We lived about five hours apart - I was in Virginia, Jay in Maryland - so it was unlikely that we’d see much of each other, if anything. I mean, some friends may carry on and share their lives but, as I’ve said, Jay kept his private life to himself. So, we said our farewells and drove away.On the drive home, I obviously thought about Jay and how he’d remained quite a private person. It was almost as if he had a secret life. Anyway, that had been up to him: if he wanted to share, great, but if not, I wasn’t about to pry.So, my thoughts drifted away from Jay and, turning on the radio, I went over the past two years of my life, considering where I would go from here. I had a degree in business and wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps. He owned a logging company.Where I lived, it was more a place for a summer vacation or retirement. Some people lived there all year around, of course, and many of them let pine trees grow on their land. After several years, they’d sell the trees for a great deal of money. My dad was getting on in years, so it was planned I would eventually run the business. Having got my degree, I could take over a lot of the duties and let my dad relax and enjoy life. He’d worked hard to build the company and he had several logging trucks and trees were plentiful. Without any doubt, business was booming. I planned to take a couple weeks to settle in before starting my full-time job. Having been away for a couple of years, I didn't want to live under my parent’s roof again. It suited me to live on my own, coming and going as I wished, and I’d got a cabin which had been closed for some time. It needed a bit of a clean and, once I’d put my stuff away, I went to the store for food and some utensils I needed to stock the cabin. On my way back, I decided to stop at the logging company and check in with dad. When I walked in, I was met by a stunning redhead. She had beautiful green eyes and a sultry voice to match. "Hello, can I help you?" she said.My mouth was so dry I could hardly speak. "Yes," I eventually managed, “yes, I, er, yes, I’m here to see my dad." I winced, instantly realizing that I'd just cast myself as the boss's son. “Oh. Well then… hello, boss's son!" She grinned.I thought right away that she was a real spitfire. And someone I really wanted to know."Okay, you got me." Proffering my hand, I said, ” I'm Ray, and you are?""Nice to meet you, Ray,” she said, putting her hand in mine. “Or do I call you Boss's Son?" "No! Don't call me that.” We smiled, still holding hands, and I added, "Please, call me Ray." “Okay… hello, Ray. I'm Skyler, but you can call me Sky."Releasing each other's hand, our gaze never broke contact."Should I announce that the boss's son is here?" She giggled."You are just too cute, Ms. Sky.” I grinned at her just at the moment when my dad came out of his office. "I see you’ve met my son, Sky." “Yes, sir, I have." Dad and I walked into his office. "What brings you in here today, son. I thought you were gonna start next week?"“That’s right, dad, but I had to run to the store. I thought I would stop by and get a jump on what my job will be.""You mean besides flirting with Ms. Sky?" Dad laughed."I wasn't flirting, we were just becoming acquainted." I smiledSo we talked business and he showed me my office and soon it was time for me to go. For one thing, the stuff I’d bought needed to be put in the freezer at the cabin. Walking out, I paused at Sky’s desk and looked into her beautiful green eyes again. “I hope to get to know you a lot better.”"I would like that, Ray." Again she smiled.When I got home, I put away the odds and ends I’d bought and decided to take a short walk by the lake. I thought about the beautiful redhead I’d just met. In truth, I couldn't get her out of my mind. Damn, I had the rest of this week and next weekend before I would see her again. I didn’t want to wait that long. I had to devise a way of seeing her sooner. I contemplated several possibilities and then, suddenly, it was so obvious. I would make a trip to set up my office. Yes, perfect!The next day I went to an office supplier in a nearby town and spent some time selecting various regular articles for my desk and walls. I included a frame for my degree.During the drive to the logging company, I was excited at the prospect of seeing Sky - but, when I walked in, I discovered she’d already left for the day. Upset that I’d missed her, I decided I would go to my office and put my things away, even hang my degree and a few pictures. This would make the office personal; it would be mine. Truthfully, I was excited about starting my new job, not only because of this beautiful redhead but because I had worked so hard to get my qualifications. I was also pleased that I would be allowing my father to enjoy life away from work, knowing that the company would be in capable hands.As I walked into my office, I immediately noticed it had been cleaned and a few items had been added. There was a clock on the wall, a coffee percolator and mugs sat on top of a filing cabinet, and a desktop calendar and diary stood alongside a container of pens and pencils. And there was a note on the desk.Wanted to help get you ready for your first day. If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask me. By the way, I’ve put my telephone number in your diary should you need something extra. Hope all is okay and in place. SkyI smiled and then wondered if she did this for everyone - or just the boss's son. I opened the diary, found her number in the contacts section, and copied it down on her note. Then, using a Post-it pad that I’d bought, I wrote:Thank you, everything looks great! Anxious to get started on Monday. Will see you then.RayAfter placing the note on her desk, I started the drive back to my cabin. On the way, I thought about what would I do until I started work. I wasn’t really in need of rest. What I needed was some excitement but, around here, there was very little to do, especially at night.I pulled into the driveway, walked into the cabin, and suddenly felt quite lonely. I didn't want to spend time by myself. After my busy life at college, I’d thought I would welcome some down time but, in reality, I’d become so used to something going on all the time, I’d forgotten how boring it could be for a single guy in a small country town. I grabbed my iPad and laid back on the couch, planning to surf the web and maybe find a movie to interest me. I had no luck and then remembered the note in my pocket on which I’d jotted Sky's phone number. Should I call her? Would it be too forward of me, so soon after meeting? Perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea, considering she was my dad’s secretary. Maybe I should keep it professional. So, I added her number to my phone contacts and gave up on that idea. Instead, I put on a jacket, having decided to visit the local Applebee's to grab some dinner. I could have a couple drinks and figured that would help pass the night. Who knows who I might meet in there?I know it may sound unlikely that I’d meet someone in a bar and grill but it’s a small town with not a lot going on and Applebee’s is something of a focal point. You’re probably wondering why a young man like me would come back to such a quiet spot. Well, I always said I would return and run dad’s company. So that's it.I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I began watching a game on TV but, every once in a while, I glanced around to see who had walked in. Applebee's had one of those irritating bells that tinkled when the door opened. I was thinking about ordering dinner and a second drink when I heard the bell again. Looking up, I saw Sky enter and I watched her sit at a table. I looked over at her for a few minutes but she didn’t look in my direction. I give her a chance to get settled before I walked over. She seemed surprised to see me."Well, good evening, Ray. To what do I owe this honor?" "I was bored stiff at the cabin so I decided to grab some dinner and a few drinks.""Seems we both had the same idea. Care to join me, or are you meeting someone?""I would love to join you,” I said. "Thank you for asking." She smiled, tilted her head as if to say ‘You’re welcome’, and I sat opposite her. We got to know each other a little, but it was mainly chit chat while we ate and drank. "Care for another drink?" I asked."You trying to get me drunk, Ray?""Would I do something like that?" We laughed, but the truth was that we’d had several drinks and didn't need more. Yet the night was still young and I sure wasn’t ready for bed. Least, not alone!"My cabin is on the lake,” I said, “and it has a pretty awesome view. Would you care to see it?" Sky looked at me. Being a spitfire redhead, she rolled her eyes and said, ”You, the boss's son, and me, the boss's secretary, looking over the lake and watching the sunset… is that your subtle way of making a pass at me?""Oh my God, I guess I deserve that. But, can we just forget the boss's stuff tonight? Let's leave your car here, you ride with me and I'll bring you back to get it. That way, you will have had time for the drinks to wear off.""Are you saying, I have had too much to drink to drive, Mr. Boss's Son?" "Oh god, here we go with that again. Will you ever look at me as just a guy you are working with, a friend, and not the boss's son?" ”Maybe,” she laughed. “Someday, perhaps. Who can tell?” I paid the bill, telling the manager we 'd be leaving Sky's car until later. My cabin wasn't far away and I soon pulled into the driveway. Out of the car, we headed down to the lake. The view really was beautiful: moonlight shimmering across the lake, the cloudless sky twinkling with stars.Sky looked over the water and, from behind, I put my arms around her. "Beautiful, isn't it?”“Hmm, yes, it is,” she nodded. “It’s the very reason I could never leave this area.”We stood for some time and I wondered if I should make a move on Sky. Too soon? Possibly, but also too beautiful a night to waste. A kiss, a lingering kiss under the stars, what’s the worse that could happen? She could slap me and walk away. But, there was another consideration. What would my dad think if I hit on his secretary? Suddenly, Sky turned, put her hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes. I knew what she wanted and I leaned in, placing my hungry lips on hers. She wasted no time parting her lips. The kiss was long and sensuous and it seemed obvious what Sky desired. Yet, when we stopped, I backed off. Why? Was it because Sky was dad’s secretary? Was I worried about that? Was it all too quick? So many questions. "Maybe I should get you back to your car before it gets any later,” I said."No, not yet, Ray." Her breath was warm as she resumed kissing me, even more passionately this time. She pressed her body against me, and I knew that she wanted me, right there, by the lake, in the moonlight.I tried pulling back, but Sky was persistent. She reached down and began unbuckling my belt. And I stood there, stunned, in shock. I’d never had a woman come on to me like this. Let alone one as ravishing as Sky.Although I remained motionless, my cock reacted. Rapidly! Sky unzipped my jeans, pulled them down to my ankles in tandem with my boxers, and dropped to her knees. She swooped to swallow my hard rod. It was then that I sprang into action, putting my hands on the back of her head and thrusting my pulsating erection down her throat. Sky didn’t flinch or gag as I pumped my cock in and out of her throat. She cupped my swollen balls in one hand and slid the other between my legs, finding my puckered brown hole. At the same time that she pushed a finger in my ass, Sky took in all of my cock, her nose pressing against my pubic hair. She sucked hard on my shaft, bobbing up and down my length, while massaging my balls. Not surprisingly, I quickly headed to the point of no return. My throbbing cock grew long and fat in her wet mouth, my balls tightened in their sac, and I was ready to blast her throat with my hot cum.Hands on her head, I thrust into her and she responded by sinking a finger deep in my ass. I let out a loud growl and, with a final plunge, squirted my seed into her throat. She swallowed hungrily, drinking every drop, and slowly removed her finger from my ass.She continued to lick my cock clean as it began to wilt, returning to its familiar limp state. Sky looked up at me, eyes pleading. I didn't know what to say but I helped her stand and pulled her close for a kiss. She tasted different now, probably it was my cum on her lips and tongue, but I knew Sky didn’t want to stop, she wanted more. We kissed again. She stared into my eyes. "Fuck me, Ray, right here, right now… please, fuck me hard. Fuck me as rough as you can." This beautiful woman was begging me to fuck her. A woman I’d wanted from the moment I saw her. And yet, my cock wasn’t responding. What was wrong with me? Sky kissed me again, vigorously, begging me to fuck her, wrapping her fingers around my cock and tugging, trying to bring it back to life.Gradually, I grew in her palm and I heard her sigh as my cock stiffened again, the soft tube turning into a mass of throbbing heat. I grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up and over her head. In a rush, I spun her around, bent her over, pulled her panties down to her ankles, and slammed into her soaking pussy.From the start, I fucked her hard and rough, driving in and out of her dripping tunnel. But still she screamed, “Harder, harder… give it to me, Ray. C’mon, much harder…”“Okay bitch,” I panted, “you want it hard, I’ll show you hard.” I slammed into her, my stomach slapping furiously against her ass cheeks. But Sky pushed back into me, wanting even more. I drilled her pussy and, with each thrust, she demanded, “More… harder, Ray… c’mon, harder.” I gripped her hips, clenched my teeth, and continued to barge deep into her pussy. I looked down at her firm ass cheeks. They were red where I’d been banging into her and, suddenly, I had an idea. I promptly withdrew my glistening cock and, without pause, invaded her brown hole, pushing hard into her tight entrance. Sky screamed, but it wasn't from pain, it was pure pleasure. Sky loved it. “Yes," she screamed, pleased at last. “That’s great…oh, fuck my ass, Ray. That’s it, give me your big, fat cock. Push it all the way in. Oh yes, I love it.” Her words drove me on. It was as though I’d lost control. Hands on her hips, I pulled her back onto my cock to meet each powerful plunge. She was so tight, I could feel every inch of my length as I pounded up and down, in and out. Even though I’d cum only minutes earlier, there was no way I could make this last. It was far too intense, both physically and mentally. Listening to Sky’s moans and demands plus the sensation of drilling her tight ass, was overwhelming. I buried my cock deep, forced it as far as it would go, and pumped stream after stream into her depths. Sky screamed, then bowed her head, and breathlessly mumbled, “Oh my, oh my.”When I’d finished unloading, my legs trembling and sweat running down my chest, I pulled out and we both sank to our knees on the cool earth. I was exhausted, unable to move. At my side, Sky knelt, hands resting on her thighs, head bowed, her breasts heaving. She, too, was done.It took some minu
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tes to regain our composure. We dressed without speaking. My mind was going a mile a minute. What had just happened to me? Why did I act that way? Why did I lose all control with Sky? I couldn’t understand but I did know I’d given Sky what she wanted, what she’d demanded.In silence, I drove her back to her car and, as we both got out, I started to apologize. She stopped me. "Why are you apologizing? It was awesome. For me, it was great, anyway.” Her gaze flickered over my face. “I hope I see you again. I’ve never been taken like that before. Thank you, Ray.”I looked at her, considering what she’d said. "To be honest, I’ve never done that to a woman. Been rough like that." I shook my head. "I honestly don't know what got into me." Leaning to kiss Sky on the cheek, I told her I would see her on Monday at work. Something was bothering me but I wasn't sure what.~~~~Monday morning, Sky greeted me formally, as secretary to a boss. Apparently, my dad had told her that morning, that she would also be my secretary. It was news to me.Our night at the lake was not mentioned again. I told Sky that, since I was also her boss, I didn't think it would be good for the office if we continued meeting. But it was just an excuse. Something was bothering me. I didn't know yet what it was, couldn’t pinpoint the problem. As the months passed, I took on a lot of the work, lightening dad’s load as I’d intended. So, mom and dad booked a cruise, something they’d been wanting to try for several years. They would be gone for a month and I would run the business. But that had been the plan all along.Off they went and things couldn't have been better for me. The business ran smoothly and Sky and I had put the lake night behind us and remained good friends.At my desk one afternoon, Sky said I had a call from an old college buddy and she put him through to my extension.“Hello Ray, this is Jay. Remember me?" "Oh my God, Jay! Hello. It’s been a long time, how are you? What are you doing these days?"“I opened a small business in my hometown, doing pretty well. And you Ray, it seems you’ve followed through with your dad’s company.”“Yes, I have. Matter of fact, they’re on a cruise right now, something they’ve wanted to do for years. So, I'm minding the business while they’re away. Dad is talking about maybe retiring soon. I keep pretty busy." “That’s all good,” said Jay. “Pleased for you. Anyway, Ray, one reason for this call. Have you heard about the reunion next month?" "I have, Jay. But I really haven't thought much about it. Are you going?" “Yes, Ray, I think I will. Business is slow right now, so my partner can handle it while I'm away."“When is it? Maybe I could get away. I'm sure it would be fun to see some old college friends. You and I ran in different circles but I'm sure we could get some time together to catch up." “It's three weekends from this one. It would be great to meet up.”"Jay, my parents are away for a month,’ I said, devising a plan on the spot. I was ready for company, for someone to help fill the too familiar quiet days and nights. “It’s beautiful weather here and we could spend time on the lake, catch up on past times, then drive together to the reunion. What do you think?" "Man, the lake sounds great. Let me talk to my partner, see what he thinks and I’ll give you a call."A few days later, Jay called and we made the arrangements. I gave him the addresses of the company and my cabin. Whatever time he arrived, he could find me. I got the spare room ready, along with gassing up the boat and the jet skis. Also, I got the hot tub heater going and stocked the fridge with food, beer, and wine. I wanted everything to be perfect. I was really excited about seeing Jay. Not really sure why, except we’d been good friends in college. On the day that Jay was due to arrive, I checked in the morning that everything was ready. Beer and wine in the fridge, rooms cleaned, bed made, hot tub warm. Couldn't ask for better weather.At work, I set about making sure everything was in order before taking my leave for a few days. I got the schedule ready for the drivers, where logs were to be picked up and delivered, and ensured the supervisor was on top of everything. Sky also had her instructions. It seemed everything was set and I was free to go home and wait for my visitor.Driving home, my phone rang. Damn, not a problem already. I hit the phone button on the dash. "Hello.""Hey, it’s Jay. I should be there in about to an hour.""Great timing, I'm on my way home now.” I told him to go around the back on arrival. “We can grab some beers and enjoy the lake or relax in the hot tub.”I was relaxing on the deck in my bathing shorts when I heard Jay approaching. I got up from my chair, headed towards him, and we put out our hands to shake. But we embraced, instead."Good to see ya man. You look great, Jay." I patted him on the back."So do you, Ray, you haven't changed a bit. Still the same stud I remember,” he said, standing back at arm's length and looking me up and down.“I assume you did bring some trunks,” I said. Jay smiled broadly and I got beers while he changed his clothes.We sat, catching up on what had happened since college days. Mainly we discussed business and I was surprised when Jay spoke on a more personal level, bringing up the subject of women and what were my prospects of getting married out here? Jay had never discussed such things but I said I hadn’t found the right woman but I had plenty of time and wasn't in any rush. The night with Sky flashed across my brain and I then startled myself by telling Jay I’d never really been interested in any woman. Why did I say that?Jay looked surprised. But then he smiled, just a small lift in the corners of his mouth. “Ray,” he said quietly, “have you ever thought that maybe you’re gay?""What? What are you saying?”"Well, you just said you hadn't ever been interested in any woman."“Yeah, so what? That doesn't mean I'm gay.” “Okay, Ray, what does it mean? I know you always wondered why we never had the same friends, or why I never talked about my life.” Jay inhaled and looked into my eyes. “I'll tell you now... the truth is, I’m gay. Have you never considered the possibility that you are, too?" “No,” I answered quickly. “I never thought about it. Why would I?” Before Jay could respond, I said, “Could I be gay and not know it? I know I've been very excited because I knew you were coming here. But, well, that doesn't mean..." I shrugged and we looked at each other. Jay reached for my hand and I immediately started to pull back. Surprisingly, I didn’t complete the move and we sat a minute or two, touching hands."How does that feel, Ray? Touching my hand, holding it. Does it feel weird? Comfortable? Exciting? Tell me, Ray, what are you feeling?""I'm not sure Jay. I know it doesn't feel weird, or uncomfortable…” I tried to gather my thoughts, admit how I felt. “It feels.... well, it feels… it feels right, actually."Jay stood and walked around the table. I also stood and he reached out to me. We embraced, staying there for what seemed like forever. The night with Sky again ran through my mind. When I’d held her, it didn't feel like it did holding Jay. This felt right. Maybe that explains my actions with Sky. I think that what happened with her was not what I really wanted. Breaking the embrace, we stood in silence looking at each other. What happens next? I was totally unsure, inexperienced, but Jay, grasping a hand, led me to my bedroom. At the door, he asked, “Are you okay?” I nodded. At the bedside, Jay ran a hand over my chest. I breathed in deeply, feeling something that I’d never felt before. Jay never took his eyes off my face, watching my reactions all the time. Eyes closed, I felt Jay’s hands moving across my chest and back, down my arms. Then I gasped as his fingers fluttered across my cock. It was already getting hard. He traced around the bulge and I felt my cock trying to burst through my bathing trunks. Jay swiftly untied them and let them slide to my ankles.I stepped out of my trunks and Jay sat me on the bed and knelt in front of me. Taking my hard rod in both hands, he stroked me. He did it slowly, almost tenderly, caressing my huge erection with loving care. I’d never felt so hard, not even in those mad, out-of-control moments when I’d hammered wildly into Sky’s ass. Lowering his head, Jay ran his tongue across my engorged purple helmet. The skin was taut and shiny, and I swear it had never looked so huge. I watched enthralled, my cock twitching with unknown excitement, as he tasted my pre-cum, licking around and under my enlarged head. It felt wonderful, exquisite, when Jay took my mushroom into his mouth. I gasped, automatically raised my hips, wanting to push further into him. He lowered his head, his mouth slowly, tantalizingly, moving along my shaft. I felt my veins pulsing when his lips closed tightly around me and he sucked with increasing strength. Jay took longer strokes, trying to get all of my length into his mouth and down his throat. He reached between my legs, cupped and massaged my balls, while his tongue wrapped and lapped around my amazing girth. I was astonished at my growth, how powerful and manly my cock felt. And it was all due to Jay’s loving expertise.I moaned, gasped and sighed, letting him know just how much I enjoyed what he was doing, how great he was making my first experience with another man. Instinctively, I rocked my hips, wanting more of Jay’s mouth, seeking to go deeper into his throat. I wanted him to take all of me and I began moving my hips faster, thrusting in a steady rhythm, relishing every delicious second. The moment came when I knew I was close, on the edge, poised to shoot my heavy load. Part of me didn’t want it to happen; I wanted to stay in this glorious aroused state, to revel forever in the magical sensations flowing through my palpitating penis. But I also craved release, desperately wanting to fill Jay’s mouth with my hot juice, to feel the crescendo as it raced from my balls, up my shaft, and spurted into his throat.When my rod grew even longer, impossibly fatter, Jay clamped his lips tighter around me, obviously sensing that my orgasm was about to erupt. His head bobbed up and down, the pace increasing as my immense cock flourished. Crying out in ecstasy, I had an orgasm unlike any I'd ever felt. I could never have imaged one with such passion, fire, and power. My entire body shuddered uncontrollably as floods of semen spouted from my stupendous staff. Three, four, five times I blasted Jay’s throat and he swallowed, gulped, and greedily fed on the extravagance of my fluids.I felt drained, weak all over, and in awe as my climax subsided. I was aware of the soft caress of Jay's tongue, licking my hot and still throbbing penis. It was still remarkably large, and I couldn’t believe how heavy and extremely sensitive it felt when Jay removed it from his mouth and flicked his tongue under the head.Jay got up off his knees, stood in front of me and offered me his hands. I accepted and, with his assistance, slowly rose to my feet. He pulled me close, our chests met, and my clammy thick cock swayed, bouncing against his hip and groin. I also felt his proud erection, upright and so solid against my belly. It was like a tube of iron.Jay stepped to one side and lay on the bed, motioning for me to join him. I settled next to him and began to explore his body. I had never touched another man’s body, never even thought about it or what effect it might have on me. Jay's body was firm, and yet somehow succulent, too. With both hands, I roamed over him, feeling every ridge and muscle. I desired to know his body as well as I knew my own. Sliding down the bed and between his legs, I was nervous, unsure of what was expected, what to do. Is there a proper way of doing this? I so wanted to make my partner feel the total ecstasy that he’d just provided so sensationally for me. For the first time, I studied his cock. It was amazing, a sight I would never forget. His erection was monumental, standing at attention in front of me, barely swaying. Most noticeable was his vast girth. Huge veins ran along the shaft’s length to a slightly slimmer, circumcised head. I thought I could take his head into my mouth but the rest? With those thoughts, I started licking the insides of each thigh. His legs were sturdy and strong. When he bent his knees and spread them wide to give me freedom of access, his thigh muscles bulged.From those thighs, I licked up to his full and shaven sac that rested majestically in front of me. It was all so breathtaking. I lapped eagerly against the treasures nestled inside and then engulfed one ball and alternated, taking the other into my salivating mouth. I sucked gently, willing them to become full, as loaded as mine had been only minutes earlier. While I sucked and licked, I slid my hands under his beautifully shaped ass, gripping each cheek, and Jay softly moaned when I stopped sucking his balls. “That was so good,” he murmured.But I lifted his buttocks off the mattress, raising his astonishing erection towards my mouth. His massive cock looked perfect, begging me to feast on him. Could I do it? Could I possibly get his marvelous but monstrous girth between my lips? I just had to try and my imagination had already started my cock twitching and throbbing again. I was beginning another erection and I was utterly excited, thrilled beyond words, as I leaned forward and placed a kiss on his helmet. I lapped up beads of pre-cum, getting my first taste of another man’s sweet but salty fluid. I ran my tongue around my lips, delighting in the taste while I looked upon his mighty organ. Unbelievably, it had continued to grow and it felt hot and incredibly inflexible when I tried to wrap my fingers around the base. I exhaled in amazement when I realized that I couldn’t complete the circle around his tremendous girth. His veins were even more pronounced and I swear my cock quickly became fully erect while I slowly stroked Jay’s pleasure pole. I glanced down at my cock and then looked at the monster in my hand. I’d felt at my biggest, enormous even, when Jay sucked me. But how did we compare? Jay was definitely thicker but I was delighted that our lengths seemed similar.“You’ve got a wonderful cock,” I whispered, preparing to feed as much as was possible into my mouth. “Any idea how big it really is?”“You can see it, can’t you?” Jay chortled. “But I know what you mean, Ray. I know it’s seriously thick but I think you can take it. I got all of you in and we’re both long, about eight inches or so. I mean, just look at you now, big boy. That’s huge.”I grinned, looking at my erection. I’d never truly thought about my cock’s dimensions before but now I felt pleased that I had a cock of above average size. In truth, I was proud that I had something like Jay’s superb specimen. “Right,“ I said and, noticing his brown puckered hole, I put a thumb there and applied just enough pressure to get a moan from him. Yes, he liked that.Keeping my thumb busy, rubbing around and pressing on his hole, I was now ready to have a cock in my mouth for the first time. I opened wide and his head comfortably slipped between my lips. Amazing! Incredible! I took in more, cautiously but gradually filling my mouth. Jay began to move his hips and he breathed heavily, almost panting. I must be doing something right.With my thumb still in circling motion, I bobbed up and down and increased the suction on his shaft. I felt blood rushing through his veins, and he moaned louder, raising his hips off the bed. I guessed it was nearly time for my partner to give me his seed.Managing to go further down on his cock, almost all the way, my thumb also eased just inside his back hole opening. Jay jerked, thrust up, and my thumb sank into his hole as his cum filled my mouth. I drank as fast as I could and I heard Jay moan and growl. He thrust again and again and, happily, I accommodated his enormous penis and all the cum he splashed into me. I really had given him my mouth freely and willingly. As his orgasm faded, I tongue cleaned him the best I could, licking everywhere, his cock, balls and back hole. Not only did I clean him but I enjoyed the taste and aroma of our hot union.When I was sure that Jay was done, I moved up to where he lay. I was in a blissful state. I'd never dreamed that I could experience such joy, so much sexual pleasure.I also knew then what I had been missing so far in my life. It explained why I could never find that perfect woman. At that point, I had no idea what was in store for Jay and I. Who could know? But, as we lay together and he stroked my vigorous phallus, I knew I was in for a hell of a few days. And we would not be attending the reunion. 

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