He is very horny and takes his mother by the cock after he sees her sexy

He is very horny and takes his mother by the cock after he sees her sexy

He’d never come so hard in his life. The sight of her rubbing herself on him had blown his fucking mind. Hell, waking up to find her licking his cock like her favorite flavor of lollipop had nearly done him in. He nearly shot his load into her mouth when she’d wrapped her pretty lips around the head of his cock, but then he’d noticed her glassy-eyed look and wanted to cry in frustration. She’d come awake slowly, the surprise at what she’d been doing dawning on her face, but at the same time excited. She wanted to pull away, he could see the uncertainty in her eyes, heard it in her stuttered apology. Really? Apologizing because she was sucking his dick? Someday they’d both laugh about that, he was sure. He’d rushed her, yanked her up his body, and seduced her before she changed her mind. Seeing her bloom into a sexual creature almost made him weep. The sight of her arching her back and screaming his name as she gushed and came all over his dick actually did make him shed a tear. It pushed him over, his ejaculate shooting all over the both of them. He kissed her hard, loving the feel of his juices making her flesh slide erotically over his. He wanted to smear it all over her and mark his territory. And then, he’d opened his mouth and spilled his guts. “Marry me.” The sound of those words still echoed in the room and he’d felt her tense up. He had to tamp down his damned possessive anger. His hand cupped her ass and he rolled them over, ignoring the searing pain it caused across his ribs and in his leg. He caged her beneath him, the loose strands of his hair coming down around her face. She gazed up at him, dazed. “We’ve barely known each other two months now,” she replied in a quiet, almost frightened voice. Great. First time he asks a chick to marry him and she doesn’t jump at the chance. His male ego snarled like a vicious dog at that. “I don’t need any more time to figure out you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.” Her mouth opened and closed, eyes searching his. Suddenly, to his alarm, they began to well, big blue eyes swimming in tears. “But, why? You can have anyone you want. Why me?” she whispered, voice choked. His heart melted. “Why not?” He used his thumbs to brush away the two tears that spilled over. “You’re beautiful to me, Abigail. But it’s more than that. I love every exasperating thing about you.” She winced. “Exasperating?” He frowned down at her. “Yeah. Like how you always play down your best attributes, like your hair in that infuriating little knot. I just want to bury my hands in it, but can’t, and how you cover yourself up too much. Baby, I’m all for being demure and dressing classy, but you go overboard.” She frowned back at him. “But that’s who I am, Gabriel. I refuse to dress like a—like a—“ “Floozy?” he asked. She bit her lower lip. He began to chuckle. “I’m too jealous to let you dress that way either, but no more black dresses that come up to your ears and trail a foot around you either.” She let out a pent up breath and broke eye contact with him. “Hey,” he said cupping her cheeks, making her look at him again. “I love you Abigail. I’m sorry for pushing so much, but I really do love you.” Her eyes welled again. “I love you too, Gabriel.” He kissed her then, slowly, firmly, trying to transcend his feelings for her in his kiss. He could feel himself growing hard again and ached to take her. “Never be ashamed of what we share between us, Abby,” he said finally letting her breathe again. “What we do belongs to us. I’m yours and you’re mine. I don’t want any shame in what we share.” She closed her eyes making him worry. “It’s just that…” she took a deep breath. “I was taught—“ “Well, I’ll unteach you, Abby. We’ll go slowly. I promise not to penetrate you until we walk down that aisle, but we are definitely going to explore and learn each other.” Her gaze slid to his. “Yes, Gabriel,” she said softly, eyes focused intensely on his. Goosebumps rose over his body. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” Gabriel couldn’t contain the grin. He was going to get her the biggest rock on Earth. She’d need a wheelbarrow to carry it around on her finger. “God-baby. I just want to lick you all over and eat you out until you squirt my face.” She gasped loudly, her eyes growing round and face turning scarlet. “Gabriel!” He chuckled and nipped her neck. “Sorry,” he growled, not really meaning the apology one bit. “What is this sticky stuff on us?” He laughed some more, and rolled over, sliding his fingers in the remains of semen on her belly. He trailed his fingers lower until he smeared it right between her legs. Someday he’d come there. Someday soon. She flinched at his touch and slammed her thighs shut tight, her face going red, and gaze darting away in embarrassment. He gathered her close to his body as his lips brushed her nose. “You’re mine, Abigail soon to be…” He stuttered to a stop. “My wife,” he finally murmured. His surname. Over his dead body he’d give her the surname of the bastard that had gunned his mother down. He needed to do something about that damned name. Raven was only his stage name. Legally he was still Brinks. “Let’s get cleaned up and get a bite to eat.” She nodded, her fingers twining in the loose locks of his hair. She looked so shy and sweet, his heart nearly burst just looking at her. ******* The restaurant was beautiful, with a breathtaking view of the Pacific. Gabriel had opted for a table on the outside terrace. The sun was just setting beneath the horizon painting the sky in dramatic hues of deep blues, pinks and reds. The balmy breeze made the fronds of palms rustle and blew strands of her hair across her neck. The flickering candle set in the center of the table made Gabriel’s eyes look like glowing jade. He grinned at her as he sucked down his sixth oyster. The waiter had brought an enormous shell-shaped platter filled with ice and a dozen oysters. Again, he’d pulled his hair back into a tail at his nape, but he wore a long-sleeved charcoal Henley and a pair of washed out grey jeans. Where he’d gotten the extra clothing, she had no idea, but he looked utterly drool-worthy. She’d donned a pair of cropped, white, linen, drawstring pants, with a delicately crocheted pale-grey top that bared her belly button. It was unlike anything she’d ever worn, but she loved it. Especially the strappy little beaded sandals. He’d taken her to the spa where they’d pampered her from head to toe. Looking down at her fingers, she grinned at the cute French manicure that matched her toes. They’d even painted a little daisy on her ring finger. Gabriel grabbed her hand and kissed it again. Her belly always flipped when he did that. Under the table, her toes curled when his leg brushed against hers. He looked like he wanted to eat her alive, the same intense gaze he had as they’d showered together. Another first for her. Would it always be this way? This intensity, this feeling of free-falling through the clouds. Would she splatter into a million pieces when she hit the ground? “Don’t be scared,” his million dollar voice purred. She gulped. How easy it was for him to read her. “We’ll date a while, but I’m not dragging this out for months. You’re it for me, Abigail. I’ve never meant anything more in my life.” She just stared at him. What was she supposed to say to that? To the intensity in his eyes? She swallowed. “I want to be on my own a while.” He flinched and suddenly there was fire in his eyes. He leaned back to study her, clearly unhappy. “I’ve been too sheltered all my life, Gabriel. I just wanted to be on my own a while. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to be your girlfriend or marry you. I just want to have my own little place and work. Live normal.” His gaze lowered, thumb rubbing over her knuckles. “I can get a smaller place if you want. I already contacted my broker and put the beach house up for sale.” Her jaw dropped. “What? Why?” His brows drew tight over angry eyes. ‘Rafe brought a bunch of people over last night. I don’t want anyone knowing where I live. I need to get away from it all sometimes. I don’t want the fucking paps sitting on my doorstep every time shit hits the fan.” She nodded, understanding. The circus of media around the hospital was reminder enough of what he meant. She’d hated every second of it. “Yeah. I understand, but…” How to tell him? Her gaze strayed to the rolling waves surging up onto the sand, leaving sparkling white foam in their wake. She felt him tense, making her nibble her lower lip in unease. “But?” he growled. “I want to have my own little place for a while.” When he remained silent, she dared turn her gaze to peek at him again. His face was a mask of stone, only his eyes blazed scarily. Slowly he nodded. “I don’t like it, but if that’s what you want—“ She didn’t let him finish. Grabbing his face, she kissed him fiercely. His hand landed on her thigh, squeezing, a low groan sounding in his throat. Off to her their right, she heard chuckling and sprang back from him, mortified by her brazen display. Gabriel leaned closer and nipped her earlobe, sending more heat into her cheeks. The table next to theirs had two couples staring and laughing at them. Abigail readjusted her glasses on her nose and cleared her throat as Gabriel pulled away just enough to look her in the eyes again. “At least let me pay for the apartment, and get you what you need.” “Absolutely not,” she said arranging her napkin on her lap when the waiter appeared with their lobster dinners. Gabriel clenched his hands into fists. “Damn-it, Abby. I’m supposed to take care of you.” “We’re not married yet.” The waiter’s eyes widened before he asked them if they needed anything else. “We’re good,” Gabriel snapped, his eyes never leaving Abigail’s face. He leaned closer. “You won’t live with me, you won’t let me put a roof over your head. I feel like I’m being emasculated here.” She gaped at him. “Gabriel, honestly. You’re being a caveman about this.” “I told you I was a caveman.” She almost wanted to back down and let him have his way, but that was how she always acted, letting people walk all over her. She’d been pulled from the safety of the convent, her eyes and mind rudely awakened. She needed to take control over some part of her life before becoming nothing more than his wife. “I won’t change my mind,” she said looking down at her fists in her lap. “It’s just not fair, I always have to give in to what others want. I just want this one little thing. To feel like I can be a real person—“ His hand cupped her face and turned her to him. “Baby, he whispered. “I don’t want to take your choices from you.” She bit her lip when she felt it tremble. He stroked it tenderly, making her release it from between her teeth. “I just need to know you’re safe. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to sleep at night when you’re not with me.” “But we only slept together last night.” “And I’m already addicted, baby. I need you.” Oh-God. Her throat felt choked up at the pleading way he said that. “But, I’ll just deal. I’ll give you your Abby-time.” His eyes narrowed then. “On one condition.” She frowned at him. He was putting conditions? The choice to personal independence was supposed to be hers. “I get to scope out the place with you. If I don’t think it’s safe enough, you are not moving in. That is non-negotiable.” She blinked up at his stern countenance. He wasn’t going to budge on that, she was sure. “And we get an alarm and surveillance system installed before you sleep there alone.” “Now wait a minute—“ “No. That’s it. Final. You’re mine and I’ll be damned if something happens to you because I let myself get swayed by this silly little urge to live separately. Tomorrow we’ll discuss whatever plans you have for the wedding and I’ll have someone come by afterwards to help coordinate everything.” Abigail flinched. So fast. Everything was happening too fast. Gabriel gripped her chin with two fingers, leaning close. “I want you legally, papers drawn and signed, big fucking ring on that finger. Mine, and I’m not waiting months for that.” His gaze softened. “Don’t you want me as much as I want you, Abby?” He fought unfairly. One minute she wanted to hit him over his hard head, the next she just wanted to kiss the daylights out of him. “Tell me you love me,” he whispered. “I love you, Gabriel,” she got out on a shaky breath. He touched his lips to hers, making her melt. The light clapping at the other table made them spring apart. One of the men at the next table raised his glass and saluted them. “Congrats on the nuptials.” Gabriel straightened, and nodded. They ate their dinner, but she could tell Gabriel was moody again. Obviously, he’d disliked the eavesdropping people at the next table as much as she did. Would there always be this lack of privacy with them? Everyone watching, listening, as if they were some public reality show? Just beyond Gabriel’s shoulder, she watched the Ferris wheel of the amusement park sparkle with iridescent colors. Laughter and screams could be heard, as well as the thundering rattle of the rollercoaster. Gabriel looked back and turned with a smile lighting his beautiful face again. “Wanna go?” he asked jerking his thumb over his shoulder. She gaped at him. “But your leg—“ “I’m fine. We’ll get the crutches again and take a walk down there.” His eyes suddenly heated up a thousand degrees. “Unless you’d rather go back to the room and roll around on the bed some more.” She reared back, completely aware she was making her fish face again, but how could she not? Her boyfriend was completely wicked. ******* They retrieved only one of his crutches as well as a baseball cap he pulled low over his forehead. The salty breeze was turning a bit nippy, so she pulled on a long black cardigan that was inside one of the many bags from Lillian’s boutique. Pacific Park was full of people having a grand time. They walked around, his hand holding hers tight. Some people turned to gawk at him, a few asked for pictures, but for the most part, they were left alone. They went into the Fun House and laughed all the way through. It took them almost an hour to find their way out. Gabriel tried his hand at a few games, and spent a small fortune winning her a giant stuffed teddy bear. She carried her prize proudly under one arm, gripping her hot boyfriend’s hand with the other. He led her to the Ferris wheel. Always a bit wary of heights, she was a little reluctant to go on, but he convinced her, promising to keep her safe. How could a girl refuse such an offer? “Baby, why so tense?” he murmured licking his way up her neck to her ear. Abigail panted, a mixture of fear and desire making her heart race. “I’m fine,” she lied. The ride started up again with a jerk to let the next riders on. She yipped in fright and clutched Gabriel. “Oh-hell-no,” he laughed. “You’re scared?’ “I’m fine. Just don’t make it rock,” she whined, opening her eyes to see in dismay they were almost at the top. “Rock? You man like this?” The evil rock star shifted forward, tipping the little umbrella shaped gondola, making Abigail scream. Gabriel laughed and wrapped his arms around her. “You’re so mean,” she whined, and then squeaked in fright when the ride lurched yet again. This time they rose to the very top before swinging to a stop. Abigail whimpered, clutching him tight. It was a little more than one-hundred and thirty feet to the pier now. “I’ve got you, baby,” he purred into her ear, tongue darting out to lick the sensitive shell. Abigail shivered, this time for different reasons. He tilted his head and sealed his mouth over hers, hand coming up beneath her top to grip her breast. Abigail arched her back and gasped when he pulled the cup of her bra aside to pinch her nipple. Moisture flooded her panties. “I fucking want you so much I hurt, Abigail.” She wanted him too. Wanted him so much she was about to throw all her convictions aside and beg him to take her back to the room and love her fully. She gripped his ponytail and opened her mouth to let him plunder it, mimicking another act with his tongue. The Ferris wheel jolting back into motion had her turning away with a gasp. He chuckled and just held her tight. After the initial panic, she settled in to enjoy the beautiful sight around her. The moon was full and lit a silver path across the ocean. Below, the lights of the park glittered brightly in a array of neon colors. Gabriel kissed her every chance he got. At one point, he plastered his mouth over hers and she heard the hoots and whistles of the people below waiting their turn to get on the ride. Embarrassed, she turned her face away. Gabriel just chuckled and grinned at the crowd as they passed. As their gondola soared back up, he grabbed her again. Abigail turned her head and bumped his cap. It went flying off below somewhere. “Oh,” she gasped. They watched as someone caught it and raised it up like a trophy. Abigail stared wide-eyed at Gabe. He just shrugged and pulled off his hair-tie. “What-the-hell. It’s not like I was actually fooling anyone.” Dark hair tumbled around his face and shoulders, the breeze sweeping it all over to one side, a few strands coming over half his face. He looked like the male models of the cover of magazines. She was pretty sure he’d graced quite a few. Afterwards, he’d bought them both blue slushies, and they’d shared a bag of popcorn as they watched the little children squeal in delight on a plane ride that took them around in a circle. Abigail’s heart clenched at the sight of them laughing and waving at their parents below. “Like kids?” Gabriel nuzzled her ear. She bit her lip and gazed up at him from beneath her lashes. “Always have. Never thought I’d have any of my own though.” His gaze heated, sweeping over her. “I can just imagine you all swelled up with my baby in your belly,” he growled. A shudder went through her as smoldering green eyes rose to hers. “Jesus. I swear, Abby. If it weren’t for…” He stopped himself and looked away for a second before turning back to her with a frown. “If I had it all my way, we’d be on a plane to Vegas right now to get hitched and you’d be pregnant before the sun came up or I’d break my back trying, baby.” She sucked in a harsh breath at his candor. His brows pinched over the bridge of his nose. “Your tongue is blue.” She blinked at the sudden change of topic. “So is yours,” she managed to say over her breathlessness. “Gabriel, can we take a picture with you,” a couple of blonde girls squealed, bouncing up and down. He looked away from her, but not before she saw him frown at the intrusion. His face changed to an easy smile as he stood though. “Sure,” he replied. Abigail noticed him leaning more on his left leg. It was probably time they headed back to their room. The blondes bounded over to him, one of them practically shoving her phone under Abigail’s nose. “Could you, pretty please?” she said with an ear-to-ear grin. Abigail smiled back and took the phone. She walked a few paces away from the bench where she and Gabriel had been resting. When she turned, she was confronted by the view of the girls plastering their overly large breasts to Gabriel, clutching at him with big lusty grins on their spray-tanned faces. Gabriel’s smile did not reach his eyes, merely a tilt of the corners of his generous lips. Still, he looked hot and, of course, the picture would probably be one the girls would boast about for a long time. They asked for a kiss each, and Gabriel pecked their cheeks, even though they were obviously trying for his mouth. Jealousy was a bitter taste on her tongue, but it was hardly his fault. He was a public figure. This was something she would have to deal with being his girlfriend and later on his wife. Stress lines bracketed his mouth. It was probably time for his pain meds. Stroking his dark hair back from his face, she suggested they go back to the room. He smiled at her and nodded. “Whatever you say, Poptart.” She grinned up at him, hugging her big white teddy bear. She was going to have to come up with a good pet name for him also. ******* Life had a way of intruding when you least wanted it to. They returned to the beach house on Newport Bay. Diamond had booked them recording time at a studio, despite Gabriel’s protests. They only had three songs. What the fuck was the rush? Once in the studio though, his muse gripped him by the balls and four more songs were churned out. Michal would give him a ride early to the studio and they wouldn’t leave until late at night. Four days of this, and he’d returned to find Abigail had cooked him a succulent steak dinner to soften the blow of telling him she had a job. He did his best not to flip out until she told him it was in the same building as North Star Records. “What?” he bellowed. “It’s a daycare on the first floor. I’m going to be an aid, reading stories to the children and playing games with them.” Gabriel had stood abruptly, sending the dining room chair flying. He gripped his hair two handed as he began to pace. She’d be near Daniel. “Gabriel, please. I don’t understand why you’re so upset.” He turned, feeling his eyes about to pop out of his skull. “You don’t?” She wrung her fingers together, her teeth sinking into her lower lip. “Is this because of Daniel?” Gabriel just snarled, unable to utter a single decent word. “Gabriel, please. He’s your brother.” “How would you feel if Diamond hired Micks as her personal assistant? She’d be in my damned face almost every day,” he spat taking few steps back to the table, hands fisted at his sides. Abigail just stared up at him with those humongous blue eyes, sweet lips pursed in a pout that he just wanted to kiss and bite. “I’d trust you, Gabe,” was her soft reply. He grunted and clutched his chest. Christ. She might as well have sucker-punched him in the gut. “Baby, I trust you,” he huffed in exasperation, walking right up to her and gripping her arms. “It just makes me crazy knowing he was your first love.” He didn’t mention the fact that he was still secretly worried she still felt something for him. Gabriel kissed her hard, possessively, before breathing against her lips, “You don’t know how frustrating that is.” She pressed her palms against this chest when he dipped his head for more of her taste. She stared deep into his eyes. “We never kissed, Gabriel. We never even held hands.” He reared back, feeling confused. “I thought you said he was your first boyfriend.” Abigail pulled away and turned, her palms smoothing over the cute frilly shorts she’d donned for him. His eyes devoured the sight of her heart-shaped ass before he realized she was talking. “Our mothers wanted us to be together. They encouraged us. Godmother sent me away to the best schools in Europe. Girls’ schools. Daniel and I saw each other sporadically, but Paulina always wrote to me about all his accomplishments and how he was anxious to see me during the summer vacations. I was always terribly shy and I guess so was he, but we developed a warm friendship and I felt comfortable around him whereas other men always made me feel wary.” He stalked forward, gripping her under her arms and lifting her to rest noisily on the piano. Trapping her with his hips between her legs and his arms to either side of her he leaned close to her face. “What about me? Did I make you feel scared?” Abigail gulped, her eyes and fingers trailing over the intricate lines of tattoos that sleeved both his arms. “At first, yes. A lot.” He didn’t like that answer. “You felt nothing else?” She blushed. “I…I thought you were quite handsome in a wild untamed kind of way.” He grinned. “Yeah?” She blushed redder, completely captivating him. “You still think I’m handsome in a wild and untamed kind of way?” he teased. Her sweet lips twitched, a dimple appearing by each corner. Long lashes batted behind glass lenses as she peeped up at him shyly, her grin completely adorable. He growled deep in his throat watching as her cheeks glo
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wed brighter and her pupils widened. Yeah. She liked when he acted wild and untamed with her. Whatever her reply might have been, he didn’t let her answer, preferring to kiss her senseless instead. He clutched her ass and dragged her against him, rubbing himself between her spread thighs. She gasped and arched her back. They’d taken to dry humping like a couple of randy teenagers, sad as that might be, but if that was as far as she’d allow him to go, he’d take what he could and be grateful. He bit her lips and growled, “first time I saw you at Ariel’s place you blew my mind.” She stopped arching against him and frowned in confusion. “I did? I looked a mess that day.” “God-no,” he scoffed. “You had that tight little dress that barely covered this gorgeous ass, and that hair…” He sieved his fingers through the loose golden strands, loving the silky feel of it. “The glasses, and those big blue eyes of yours. One look and I was hooked. And then you slapped the shit out of me. I was a goner for sure, pissed and horny as fuck for you,” he confessed truthfully. Her face flushed neon. “Gabriel!” He chuckled and dipped his head to nip at her neck and ear. “The food is getting cold,” she panted. He suddenly remembered why she’d cooked such a feast and pouted down at her. “Do you have to work at that place? Didn’t you apply anywhere else?” “A youth center, but I liked the daycare a lot. They have babies from weeks old to four years old.” He stared into her hopeful eyes. She would take the job regardless, but he could see that his approval meant a lot to her. “I trust you, Abby.” Was all he said, kissing her softly. “Oh, Gabe, thank you,” she gushed, gripping him hard to cover his face in sweet kisses. ******* Abigail watched Gabriel prowl around the apartment, a scowl set on his handsome features. This was the seventh place she’d brought him to. There had been ten choices on her list. He’d shot down three immediately, stating they were in dangerous neighborhoods. Again, they’d argued heatedly over her decision of moving into her own place. Now that the beach house looked like it had potential buyers, she wanted to move into her own place before Gabriel could try to persuade her into moving into some lavish home with him. The first complex they’d visited, he hated because there was too much traffic. The second place was too isolated and had no surveillance. He’d taken one look and snarled a “hell-no”. The third and fourth place had rowdy residents, according to him. One had two guys working out near the pool, and the other a party toward the back of the building with lots of boisterous male shouting. The fifth place, he claimed he didn’t like the way the guy tending the grounds grinned at her, some poor pimple-faced boy about sixteen years old. Abigail had to roll her eyes at that one. The sixth place, she conceded since the owner had one of those fake tans and lots of gold jewelry and kept calling them both “baby” with a leering grin. “Wow, wait till my wife gets a look at you,” he chuckled at Gabriel. “You guys like to swing?” Gabriel had ushered her out of there so fast, her head spun. “Did he mean the dance kind of swing?” she asked as they sped out of the parking lot. Gabriel gave her a sideways glance, eyes wide. “No.” When he explained later that night, she’d almost gagged. Now they’d arrived at her favorite place, Newport Bluffs. There were various one-bedroom floor plans, some bigger than others, but Abigail just wanted something cozy with a fireplace. Although the community was a bit more luxurious than what she’d preferred, it was gated, with guards posted and had surveillance. It looked quiet and stately, and she’d fallen in love with one of the floor plans she’d seen online. As she marveled at the dark wood cabinets and stainless steel appliances, she glimpsed Gabriel checking the locks of the glass doors that led out to the patio. He snorted and stalked into the bedroom. Abigail checked out the bathroom smiling at the neutral tones of almond. Already, her mind began ticking off the things she’d buy to decorate it. Turning to check out the bedroom, she ran head first into Gabriel. He wrapped his arms around her before she fell backwards. It was like running into a brick wall. When he continued to press her face against his chest, she said, “this is the one I want.” “I don’t like it.” Abigail shoved him away and glared at him. “What’s wrong with this place?” Gabriel ran an agitated hand through his dark hair. “The patio locks don’t look secure.” She rolled her eyes. “Gabriel, this is a third floor. I doubt someone is going to scale the building to break into my apartment through there. “You never know,” he grumbled. He looked so cute pouting and cranky-faced, she just had to wrap her arms around his neck and rise on tiptoes to kiss his chin, since he refused to bend a little to meet her halfway. Gorgeous green eyes lowered to her, thick black lashes shading them to emerald. His hands cupped her ass as he pulled her up to feel the hardness in his pants. By now, she was accustomed to his almost constant state of arousal, and trusted him not to go beyond what she was comfortable with. “But I’m going to miss you,” he said with a frown. “I’ll starve. Who’s going to make sure I get my three meals a day and scrub my back?” She smirked at him. “Gabriel, when I met you, you looked far from starved. I’m sure if you got by then, you can get by now.” She gripped a lock of his hair and twirled it around her finger. “Besides, we shouldn’t live together just before our wedding. Being apart will just make the joining sweeter.” He scoffed. “Baby, our joining is going to be anything but sweet. Try scorching hot, explosive, mind-freekingly orgasmic! We may end up in the emergency room afterwards. A ton of ice for your—“ Abigail slapped her hand across his mouth before he finished that sentence. “Gabriel!” He only laughed behind her palm before puckering his lips to kiss it. He mumbled something that sounded like I-love-you, but it came out “rye-ruv-ru.” She quirked a brow at him and asked “huh? I don’t understand what you’re saying, Mr. Raven.” His hot tongue slithering against her open palm had her jolting her hand away as heat made her belly clench. Him and that wicked tongue. He lifted her and sat her on the counter between the double sinks. His kiss was drugging, making her forget everything. “Fine. Just remember the surveillance system goes in before you move in.” She stared up at him, head still spinning from his kiss. “Surveillance?” “Cameras, an alarm that notifies the police the minute it trips mounted on all the windows and doors. You know how to shoot a gun?” Abigail’s blood chilled. “No! I’m terrified of those things! Gabriel, you’re going overboard.” “Maybe we should get you a big dog,” he continued deep in thought, ignoring her. “A Rottweiler…no a Pinscher. They’re lighter on their feet and deadly when trained right. Ha! We can name him Beelzebub.” She gasped, aghast at his outrageous suggestion. “Gabriel, no. Stop. I don’t have time to care for an animal.” She cupped his face, “I’ll be fine. Stop worrying.” ******* He kept worrying. In the days that led to the big move, he’d also thrown another tantrum when she refused to take his Black card to buy what she needed. She hoped any children they might have someday would not be as obstinate and cantankerous as their father, though the thought did warm her heart when she imagined a pouty-lipped little boy with black curls and green eyes demanding ice cream for dinner. He wanted to oversee the delivery of her things, but his recording schedule did not permit it. Abigail put the finishing touches on the bathroom décor, having chosen natural rattan and wicker baskets to store her supplies and an apple green and beige shower curtain with matching towels in tones of apple green and dark brown. Scented candles rested on silver holders along with a glass tray with soaps and lotions. She strolled out, smiling at the pretty, beige couch she’d gotten at Ikea along with the little glass coffee table and floor lamp. Soft white curtains spilled at either side of the glass doors to the patio where she’d set up a metal and glass table set. Over the fireplace, she’d hung the framed art piece Gabriel had given her from the beach house. It had hung in his bedroom and he’d wanted her to have it. The painting of a beautiful sunset over a placid ocean had been done by his mother. Abigail was more than honored he’d entrusted her with it. A brisk knock at the door had her frowning. She wasn’t expecting her dining set until the weekend. It was the only thing left that hadn’t been delivered. Her phone rang as she approached the door. “Hello?” she said knowing it was Gabriel. “Someone at the door.” “I know.” She paused on her way to the entrance of her apartment. “How’d you know?” “Surveillance cameras.” Abigail gasped and looked around spotting the little glass bubbles scattered around the ceiling of the apartment in discrete corners. “When did you have them installed?” “Yesterday, when you were at the daycare. I said they were going in before you stayed the night there.” She opened and closed her mouth, astonished that he’d had everything arranged without her even knowing. “Are there any in the bathroom?” she asked terrified of his answer. He snorted. “What do you think?” She closed her eyes in relief until he added, “of course.” “Gabriel Raven, there are no windows in the bathroom to merit cameras being there. You have that security company come back and take them off.” He began to laugh in that low, throaty, wicked way of his. “Gabriel, I mean it.” The knocking came again, more insistent. “Let them in, Poptart.” “Who is it?” “A little surprise I sent you.” The little surprise was a seventy-inch flat screen complete with a state-of-the-art home theater system. She hadn’t thought of buying a TV because she never watched anything. The men that carried the whole system in had it mounted on the wall and functioning in about an hour. It was a smart TV and completely wireless. They explained how to use the humongous control. Abigail just nodded and wished they’d finish and leave so she could yell at Gabriel in private. “You promised,” she cried when she finally locked the door. “What? It’s just a TV.” “That thing is huge! Enormous!” He began to chuckle. “You know it is, babe.” Her face heated to a thousand degrees. “Gabriel, get your mind out of the gutter.” “I’m sorry,” he snickered. “It’s just the way you said it.” “Gabriel. The TV and the rest of the stuff. It’s just too much,” she said stomping her foot. “Baby, when I go over we can watch movies. Plus, football. I am not going to watch the super bowl on a tiny screen. Do you want my eyes to go bad? That’s more for me than you, baby. Honest.” Abigail pinched the bridge of her nose. “Fine, but nothing else.” “Baby?” he began. “We need an espresso machine too. You know I like drinking espresso late in the afternoon.” She covered her face with her palm. “Okay. The espresso machine.” “Baby?” “Seriously?” she huffed in exasperation. He chuckled. “You just look so cute all riled up.” Her heart clenched. What was she to do with her naughty-naughty boyfriend? “I don’t like knowing you’re watching me,” she protested. “It’s kind of creepy.” “You never minded at home when we showered together.” “That’s different. You were there, not spying on me on some camera.” “Look at your screen and hit speaker.” Frowning, she lowered her phone and gaped when she saw him on the screen. He was walking down a corridor until he entered a doorway. He set his phone on the edge of a counter and stepped back to lean against the far wall. He was visible from the knees up. “Can you see me okay?” he asked with a devious grin. Uh-oh. “Um-yeah?” With a flick of his head, he sent his dark hair back behind his shoulders. “Good. I can see you too.” His hands went to the bottom of his black t-shirt before tearing it off over his head. He shook his head again, sending his hair spilling over his shoulders, and her blood pressure soaring. Good-God! His smokingly-sexy factor was off the charts. He bit his plump bottom lip, gazing at her from beneath those long thick lashes as his hands went for his jeans; the deliciously low-hung jeans that showed part of the dark treasure trail leading to…heaven. “What are you doing?’ she wheezed, clenching her thighs against the familiar ache. “I’m going to give you a private peep show,” he purred, using that nasty-nasty gritty growl that never failed to make her dampen her panties. “Gabriel, don’t you dare!” she couldn’t help but laugh. She always laughed when she became ridiculously flustered. He cocked his head to the side, tongue stroking slowly over his upper lip as the zipper went down slowly. “Aaah—I’m hanging up now, pervert.” She clicked the call off before he stripped completely. Closing her eyes, she tried to get her breathing under control until she remembered he was still probably watching her through the cameras. Setting the phone down on the counter, she grabbed the keys to the apartment and fled outside. Those cameras. She was not happy with them. At all. With an unhappy huff, she descended the stairs, her flip-flops slapping against the concrete steps. The sun was starting to set and it felt a bit chilly. She hesitated a moment, wondering if maybe she should get a hoodie when her mother and sister rounded the landing. She blinked in surprise. “Mom? Mikayla?” Mikayla grinned and stepped up in front of her. “Big sis!” She gave Abigail a big loud kiss on the cheek, her somewhat hard boobs pushing against Abigail’s more yielding ones. “My-my, but aren’t you the celebrity of a sudden.” Abigail looked at the both of them in confusion. Her Mother snorted. “She’s obviously oblivious to the scandal she’s stirred up.” Abigail continued to stare at them baffled, until her mother scowled. “Well, aren’t you going to invite us into your…apartment,” her mother finished with a moue of distaste. Abigail twisted her fingers together. “Um… sure. Sorry. It’s just that I’m surprised by your visit. How did you find out where I lived?” How did they get past security? Mikayla giggled. We saw you pulling out of the mall and followed.” “That was like three hours ago,” Abigail said as she reluctantly led them back to her apartment. “My BFF lives here. I got her to let the guards let us through and, of course, everybody’s been seeing you and Gabe around. She pointed us in the right direction after we chatted a while.” Abby unlocked her door again and tapped in the code to deactivate the alarm. “Fancy little system you got there,” Mikayla whistled. “Yeah. Gabe’s a little paranoid,” she answered in a small voice as both women walked in looking around. Abigail closed the door and followed after them as the seemed to inspect everything. Mikayla was grinning like a loon. Her mother looked shocked. Abby wasn’t sure either expression boded well for her. “It’s so small,” her mother exclaimed. “I thought that man was loaded at least.” Abigail frowned at her mother. “I’m paying for this apartment, not Gabe.” Mikayla began to laugh and then tried to pretend she was trying to control herself. Her eyes gleamed with evil intent though. “So you’re not living with him anymore?” Mikayla asked, eyes gleaming with glee. Abigail had just about had enough of her. “Follow me,” she said. Her mother frowned, but Mikayla had a very smug look on her face. Abigail led them to the bedroom. The king-sized bed was dressed in white; comforters, shams, and sheets. The only touches of color were the three decorative throw pillows in shades of Navy blue and silver. Mikayla’s grin began to wither at the size of the bed, before dropping completely when she saw the guitar case leaning in the far corner of the room. Abigail rolled one side of the sliding doors to the big closet open, exposing Gabriel’s side of the closet, stuffed with his things. She turned with a grin at her sister. “No walk in, but most of our stuff fits in there.” Her mother snorted. “This is worse than I thought. You’ve turned into a groupie.” Abigail’s jaw dropped at her mother’s condescending tone. “He asked me to marry him.” Both women gaped at her. Mikayla gasped, face going so pale, Abigail was afraid she was going to faint. Next thing she knew, her little sister was digging her nails into her wrist and yanking Abigail’s left hand up. “I don’t see a ring there, you liar.” Abigail snatched her hand back, rubbing at the burn from being scratched by Mikayla’s claws. “He just asked me a few days ago.” Her mother’s gave her a look of pity as Mikayla laughed. “So! The mighty virgin has finally fallen,” Mikayla spat. Abigail glared at her. “Not that it’s any of your business, but I’m still a virgin. We’re waiting until after the wedding.” Mikayla’s laughter sputtered to a stop, her jaw dropping again. Marjorie looked around. “I don’t understand. Why are you living in such a hovel? And why isn’t that man paying your expenses if he’s truly your fiancé?” “I wanted to do this on my own, mother,” Abigail replied defensively. “He wanted to buy a house, but I told him I wanted to be on my own a while. Really. We had our first fight about this and everything, but he understood and…Oh, mom. I love him so.” Mikayla scoffed, her eyes shooting sparks. “If it weren’t for me, you’d never have met him. You’d never even heard of him or his band before.” “Mikayla,” her mother admonished. Mikayla only spun around and gripped one of the shirts hanging in the closet. Abigail, jumped with a gasp when her sister tore it off the hanger and pressed it to her face. “He was mine first, damn-it,” she muttered with a sniffle. “Mikayla Maureen Brown! You are marrying Daniel Montenegro—“ “I fucking know! Shut the fuck up about it already,” Mikayla screeched. Abigail cupped her throat, blinking at the both of them. Her mother was rubbing her temples, as if trying to soothe a migraine, and Mikayla had shoved her face back in her boyfriends shirt. “Abigail,” her mother began after taking a deep breath, “Why don’t we go sit in your living room.” “S-sure,” Abigail said sliding a glance back to her sister who was emitting a high-pitch sound as she held the Gabe’s shirt to her face. They walked back out into the living room, Mikayla still hanging on to the shirt. They sat on Abby’s couch. “Would you like anything to drink?” she offered, hands flailing nervously. And why wouldn’t she be nervous? Her mother looked at everything with a critical eye. She frowned when she saw Mikayla rubbing the shirt over her face though. “Give me that, you idiot,” Marjorie snapped, tearing Gabe’s shirt from Mikayla’s clutches. Her sister’s eyes widened and she looked like she was about to protest until her mother held up a finger and hissed “don’t.” Mikayla flopped back on the couch, gripping one of the throws to hug, sulking. Marjorie held out the shirt to Abigail still glaring at Mikayla. Abby took the shirt and tossed it back in the room. “Abigail,” her mother said clearing her throat, “Mikayla and Daniel’s wedding is in exactly four weeks and you still haven’t been fitted for your gown.” “My gown?” Abigail parroted. “Yes, dear,” her mother replied, brows arched. “You’re the maid of honor. You need to wear a gown.” Abby choked. “Maid of honor?” Mikayla rolled her eyes, as Marjorie continued. “Of course. You’re her sister. Who else would it be? Now, I’ve made an appointment for you this Saturday at one o’clock. Hope that’s not inconvenient for you.” Abigail blinked, her mouth opening and closing. “But, Gabe wanted me to accompany him to the studio—“ “Abigail, this is important,” her mother said sternly. Behind her Mikayla was looking at Abigail through mere slits of rage from the moment Abigail had said she’d be accompanying Gabriel to his recording studio. “You can’t possibly put your fling with that devil-worshiping savage—“ “Stop calling him that!” Abigail demanded. “He is not a devil worshiper nor a savage!” The door burst open and Gabriel rushed in, eyes wild, teeth bared, hair sticking up at weird angles as if he’d been plowing his fingers through it. “What the fuck is going on here?” he bellowed, making Abby cringe. She jumped in front of him when he stalked closer. “Gabriel, please,” she pleaded putting her palms on his chest to hold him back. She stared up at him in confusion. In the doorway stood the rest of the guys from the band. He looked down at her and gripped her arms gently. “You okay?” Abby scrunched her nose. “Of course. What’s going on?” He pulled her to him, glaring at her mother and sister. “What do they want?” Her mother huffed in outrage, muttering under her breath about how rude he was. “They just came to talk about Mikayla and Daniel’s wedding. Mother said I need to go to a fitting this Saturday.” Gabriel’s gaze snapped back to her, his lips pressing into a hard line. “Fitting for what?” “Abigail’s going to be my maid-of-honor,” Mikayla said tossing her red locks back as she came closer. Her eyes flashed defiantly at Gabriel. Abby turned, moving so that she stood between the both of them in case Mikayla decided to throw herself at her boyfriend. She turned her head to give Gabriel a worried look over her shoulder though. He gave Mikayla a cold once over before turning his attention back to Abby. “Seriously? You’re going along with this shit, baby?” Mikayla gasped, probably at Gabriel calling Abby baby. “Listen here, Mr. R-Raven-or-whatever-your-name-is,” her mother said approaching too. “Abigail is still part of our family and will attend this wedding whether you like it or not.” Gabriel chuckled. “Whatever.” His arm encircled Abby’s waist as he pulled her back against his chest and kissed her temple affectionately. “I guess this is a good time to let you all know Daniel asked me to be his best man.” Abby gaped up at him. “He did?” Gabriel looked down at her, expression shuttered. “Yeah. Told him I’d think about it.” “Mikayla, let’s go,” Marjorie said grabbing her sister’s arm and hauling her toward the front door. “Remember…Saturday,” her mother said primly as she stalked past Abby and Gabe. “I’ll send Edvard to pick you up.” Gabriel scoffed. “Hell-no. I’ll take her, and that’s final,” he snapped. Abby watched her mother and sister leave. Mikayla kept her eyes on Gabriel the whole time, not even realizing the guys from the band waved at her as she passed them with a dazed expression. Once they were gone, Gabriel released her and stalked with a noticeable limp to the counter where she’d left her phone. Snatching the phone, he stalked back toward her, eyes furious. “Don’t ever—” he snapped, shaking the phone mere inches from her nose “run out of here without the fucking phone!” Abby winced at his tone. He grabbed her hand and shoved the phone into it, turning on his heel abruptly. “Let’s get the fuck out of here now.” She watched, jaw gaping as he stalked out again without another word to her. Michael walked in and gave her a hug. “Ignore him. He’ll calm down before coming back tonight.” Abby just nodded, still in shock. Angelo shook his head, face scowling after Gabriel, Rafe gave her a weak wave from the doorway, and Ariel a chin tip instead of a wave. In less than a minute, her house was empty again. Abby walked numbly to the couch and sat. What the heck happened? Why had Gabriel yelled at her that way? How dare he? She blinked hard at the moisture that blurred her vision, swallowing down the lump in her throat. This bossy and aggressive side of Gabriel was something she really didn’t like. Would he always be this way? She shook her head, tears running freely down her cheeks now as she realized this was not the type of person she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

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