Rich woman takes him to her villa to love her as he knows best, but she steals him and breaks him

Rich woman takes him to her villa to love her as he knows best, but she steals him and breaks him

Tuesday morning, I found time to wander upstairs and make sure I had cleaned up enough to escape notice. There were no noticeable smells or wet spots to be found. If you knew what to look for, the hand and breast prints were still painted on the window. A certain swelling started in my pants, and I had to force myself to thing of something else. I planned on bringing Anne back to the scene to prove that I had left the marks on the glass. We had a nice chat at lunchtime. --- Anne: Hey sexy man, are you there? Me: Yes beautiful woman, and my day just got brighter. How are you? Anne: I am happy. Any troubles? Are we busted? Me: You are very busted, with tease-able nipples! Me: No one declared the classroom a crime scene... Anne: >blushing smiley Me: Thankfully I was alone when I went to double check... Me: I told you what seeing the window would do to me Anne: You did not! I wish I could have seen! Me: if you come tomorrow, we can check it out again... Anne: I already called, Viv let me cancel my appointment :) Me: :) Me: hehehehe, I hope you don't mind skipping that massage... Anne: I am sure you will touch me in ways she doesn't Me: I have a nice surprise planned :) Anne: mmm, tell me! Me: what part of 'surprise' do you want spoiled? Anne: ok, besides, I liked that surprise last night! Me: my ego demands to know which part... Me: the part where I lasted more than 5 minutes, or the part where you made me cum uncontrollably Anne: mmm, yes ok those, but the part where I came for an hour straight Anne: lol, brb, have to close my office door Me: naughty boss! Anne: ok, and yes, you make me naughty! Me: good! and you make me smile :) Anne: yeah, umm... Me: yes? Anne: I guess I was more worried about trouble when you got home Anne: said we stayed later than you should have... Me: no troubles, no worries :) Anne: thats the man answer, now give me the woman answer! Me: lol, details? Anne; YES! Me: call it anticlimactic... Me: my wife wasn't home when I got there... Me: and when she got home, she was bubbly full of exciting news of her own... Me: so that was all she wanted to talk about... Me: it felt like it was really really the wrong time to tell her... Me: that I had just had the most extraordinary sex experience of my life! hehehehee Anne: don't hehehehe me... I just don't want to have things ruined by lack of communication Anne: will you tell her tonight? Me: maybe Anne: chicken! Me: yikes, not yet friends for a week and already you nag me ;) did you tell your husband? Anne: umm... no Me: chicken! Anne: its different for me! besides... Anne: how do I tell him "Look we have good sex, but... Anne: I just learned about great rockstar sex!??" Me: yeah... like that scene at the end of Mad Max Thunderdome... aren't we a pair? Anne: ??? Me: you'd have to see it... but just now I was thinking... Me: you and I- great sex together, both suck at communicating to our spouses :( Anne: mmm... what do you suggest? Me: well... I have a great surprise planned for tomorrow, and I plan to enjoy it with you... Me: so... lets plan to make time to let our spouses know so there are no bad surprises Anne: ok... but... Anne: is it a yoga pad? that floor was hard! Me: lol... so naughty! Me: it is guaranteed to leave an impression ;) Anne: what? :) tell me! Me: nope... hehehhee.. would you like to hear the plan that isn't going to work? Anne: what do you mean? yes! Me: so, we never made it out of the class room... for the best of reasons! >kiss smiley Anne: the very best reasons! Me: so you didn't get to see my old office, or the big conference room Me: we had a company anniversary a couple months ago, and they set up a corner Me: to be a small photo studio to take pro pics of management and retired people Anne: nice Me: and the photographer left it all set up ;) Me: I have a nice camera and a bit of talent Me: and so I thought that maybe we could take some *naughty* pics! Anne: YES! Lets do it! Me: So after I got all hard looking at your boob prints (hehehehhe) Anne: !!! you did that !!! Me: I went to see if my camera would work with his flash system... YES I DID! Me: and he has already packed it up and taken his backdrops Me: the area is still clear, so we could improvise something Anne: yes! wait till you see the cute outfits I bought for swinging! Me: mmmm... you might change my mind... I think the surprise I have planned is better... Me: we will have to make time for both ;) Anne: hey, do you have a tripod? Me: yes... whatcha thinking? Anne: nothing big... Kathy suggested a naughty pic and I like the idea Me: Kathy is there? Naughty boss! Hi Kathy! Anne: oops, I should have told you... you just made both of us blush! Me: speaking of naughty pics! two babes blushing at work! Anne: stop! lol Me: so what is her request? Anne: she wants a naughty pic of us at the window ;) Anne: she says if you don't have a tripod, she will come be camera man! Me: I think I lost my tripod just now :) Me: how much did you tell her about last night? Anne: enough! oh, look at the time, gotta go! have a great lunch Me: lol Anne: well, actually, we should go... we have a client coming in Me: lol, OK, have a profitable afternoon... good day sexy ladies! Anne: bye for now naughty stud! --- If the universe was listening, I asked it some rhetorical questions. How is a man supposed to clear his mind after a conversation like that? How would I ever get any work done? I wondered just how much Anne had shared with Kathy, and I wondered what their relationship truly was. Somehow, I made it through the afternoon, and even got in a good workout at the gym. My wife was very quiet when I got home. She suddenly had a lot of questions about my Monday night. I answered as truthfully as I dared. I was a bit worried that she would find jealousy and turn it into anger. The conversation never went there. She had a much different agenda, and it actually surprised me. She really wanted permission to take an adventure, and she wanted me to be happy while she was gone. She explained exactly what she wanted, and I agreed that her plan would work out. When she realized that she was going to get things her way, she actually became amorous. Of course, that meant that she allowed me to give her a full body massage for an hour as foreplay. She fell asleep before I finished the massage, and so I settled for spooning her all night. I was still able to smile when I awoke on Wednesday. I felt that nothing would ever erase my smile if my Wednesday evening was half as good as my Monday evening had been. I was working on paperwork at my desk when my computer beeped and a popup announced that Anne was online. I had been watching, because the morning had brought bad news that almost challenged my desire to smile all day. --- Me: Hey Sexy Boss Lady! How are you today? Anne: Hi Evil Temptor! Mixed... how about you? Me: Mixed is a good word... do you want to know bad news about work, or the strange news with my wife? Me: And what can I do to make your day better? Anne: So you told her? Me: That we met, and we liked, and we sexed, and we are still talking :) yes Anne: and? Me: Details again? lol... she didn't want any details Me: but she was happy that I had enjoyed our date... Me: and she is ok with us meeting again... more than ok :) Anne: how much more? I can't handle more weirdness... Me: weirdness? I hope not from me... not weird more Me: what happened? Anne: nothing... just... you have bad news about work? Me: yes, but its not the end of the world news... Me: I just found out that they are having a company board meeting here tonite at 5 Me: so we will have to reschedule... I am sorry Me: I am open to other options... hotel? dinner? Anne: Would you come to me? Me: yes! your office? an empty house for sale (hehehehe)? Anne: my house? Me: yes... is it ok to be there? Anne: yes... I am scared to ask... Me: ask anything :) I will try to give you a true answer ;) Anne: no.. I guess I have to explain Me: whats the matter? Anne: its just weird... ok? Me: ? Anne: so I talked to my husband last night, like we said we would Me: ok... Anne: he was in a strange mood, and he actually started the conversation about sex Me: huh... is he related to my wife? Anne: what? Me: please don't let me interrupt... you just described how my wife approached me last night Anne: no more weirdness! Me: I will do what I can... do you want to meet to talk in person? Anne: yes maybe, but let me finish Me: ok Anne: so... he started, and he said that his main lover said some things to him that made him do some thinking... Anne: and he wanted to apologize for letting our relationship get mundane Anne: and he wants to spend more time together to build it back to like it used to be Anne: but the shocker was when he asked me to honestly tell him how I felt sex was between us Anne: I asked him how honest he wanted me to be... he said that was almost answer enough but not to hold back Anne: he said he thought he was a good lover... but his lover had been teasing him a bit Anne: he said that she implied that he had plenty to learn, and he felt hurt, but he wanted to know what to improve Anne: and then he straight up asked me if I had been faking it all these years Me: wow... are you ok? Anne: yes... it gets weirder, and I think it gets better... I'm hoping ;) Me: ok... Anne: yeah... so I truthfully told him no faking, I always enjoyed our sex Anne: and I pointed out that sex with him was way better than with that old guy at the party Anne: and he laughed and joked asking if that meant he was the best I had ever been with... Anne: the look on my face was enough to scare the crap out of him... Anne: so I ended up telling him a bit about the other night... why it happened, most of what we did... Anne: I really don't want him getting ideas about Kathy... I left her out of it completely Anne: so here is where it gets weirdest Anne: I thought he would be upset, and depressed or something bad Anne: but instead he was thoughtful, and he asked what he would have to do to have sex like that with me Anne: I didn't know what to tell him... I love him so much, but... Anne: I guess its like, how do I teach him to close a 5 million dollar deal in one day? Anne: so he had an idea... Anne: he wants to meet you... and he wants to watch us together to learn how to be better Anne: so... is it too weird? can you do that? tonite? Me: wow... yes? Anne: please? I know its so much... I think my head is going to explode Anne: please? you don't have to answer- what are you thinking? Me: I am still just thinking WOW Me: its just... I am not sure about him watching us Me: I don't see how it can't be weird... Anne: so there is one more thing... please listen... I think it helps Me: ok... Anne: he also thought it would be weird with just him watching us... Anne: so he thought it would be better if there were four of us... he wants to invite his lover to join Anne: so they would play as a couple, and he would try the things he learns from watching us Me: is that what you want? Anne: I don't know anymore :( Anne: Monday was so spontaneous, and fun, and it could have just been that once, and I loved it Anne: This is so much... I was afraid to ask, I'm afraid you'll say no, I'm afraid if you say yes it will be weird Me: can I conditionally say yes? Anne: what do you mean? Me: do you have two bedrooms? here is my plan: Anne: yes actually three Me: nice, I can't wait to see: I show up at your house, I set up my surprise, they watch... Me: if it gets weird, we ask them to leave... Me: if it gets really weird, I politely excuse myself, and we make new plans more like Monday Anne: really? Please! that works! Please? Me: hehehe, you had me at the first Please :) Anne: Thank you! I think I can finally breathe! Anne: so what's my surprise! Me: lol thats the naughty I was looking for ;) Anne: is it bigger than a breadbox? Me: what the heck is a breadbox? lol... it will fit you perfectly, yet it fits in the palms of my hands Anne: tease! tell me! Me: I will show you in 6 hours ;) Tell me where I'm going :) --- She gave me her address, and we both logged off to spend some time pretending to work. I tried to honestly assess my feelings for the evening's plan. We had originally set up a plan for No Strings Attached fun. I could not see a string-free path ahead, and we had only had one date. I hadn't even told Anne the details of the big bombshell that my wife had dropped. Being watched was likely to have negative effects on my performance, so I was more than a little concerned by that. As 4:30 came around, I finished up the task I was working on, cleaned up, and headed out. Anne lives in a nice neighborhood of 'old money homes'. I hoped that her real estate connections had netted her the house. If not, I was going to feel intimidated by their household income. I carefully put that out of my mind, and pulled into the drive. Anne waved to me from the door inside the open garage, and so I parked and got out. She invited me in, but she stopped me just as soon as I was in the hallway. "May I do something forward?" she asked me. She looked as nervous as I felt. "Yes," I answered, and she kissed me. I think she intended to give me a quick peck while she invaded my personal space. I caught her with my lips and our nervousness evaporated as her lips invited me to stay, and my lips accepted and begged her for more. When we stopped to catch our breath, I had to smile and ask, "Here?" She smirked and answered, "No, we should go in and make introductions." She said that out loud, but I also clearly heard her answer YES HERE! AND IN THE KITCHEN, AND THE BATHROOM, AND ON THE STAIRS AND IN THE BED. I quickly kissed her to accept all of those and more. With a smile, she took my hand and led me into the kitchen. First she introduced me to her husband, Brad. He is a really good looking guy in his mid forties. He is about 5'10", with an athletic looking build that is spoiled by his baby face. His hair was done in a messy twenty-something fashion that made him look like a bad boy. He genuinely smiled as he shook my hand, and we both cautiously accepted that we could be friends. Anne then introduced Brad's date. Her name is Sandra. She is a petite woman who appeared full of energy. With only 5'2" and 110 pounds, she is almost childlike in build. I would have guessed that her oversized breasts were augmented. Only her eyes gave away that she was easily ten years my senior. She greeted me with a very friendly hug, and I think she expected a kiss, but she settled for giving me a peck on the cheek. Sandra was good enough to get things started by asking, "We heard about a surprise. What do you need and how can we help?" I answered, "I need someone to distract Anne and someone to show me where to set things up." Anne looked hopeful and smug as she said, "The spare bedroom would make a good photo studio." I laughed and asked Brad, "Has she always been this naughty?" He smiled, and answered, "Yes, and she seems to be getting better at it. Let me show you that room." The spare bedroom was exactly the space I was looking for, and so as Sandra kept Anne busy in the kitchen, Brad helped me carry a few items up from my car. We had to turn the b
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ed against the wall, but in just a few minutes everything was set. Brad took the opportunity to have a quick serious chat with me. "So, I am given to understand that you know we have been swinging for some time now." "Yes.." "Anne also says that you may not be comfortable with being watched." "It’s not something that I have ever considered. I think if I focus on Anne, it will be okay. If that's okay with you..." "Yes, of course. I just wanted to add... don't be afraid to let us know if there is a problem. I want Anne to enjoy herself too, and if you're distracted, she won't be able to." "Great. I'm glad we can talk about this. I mean, just talking about it is making me nervous, but not talking about it would be worse. So thank you." "And thank you. I can tell you already that she is going to love this. Let’s go get them, and get started." The women had a nice snack of fresh fruit and min-sandwiches waiting for us. We all ate sparingly and informally in the kitchen. Sandra had brought a gift of wine, and it went well with the meal. We made fun of ourselves when we all realized that we were hurrying to finish eating while trying to act as if we were not in a hurry. Anne could not take any more suspense, so she demanded, "So, I am ready for my surprise. Surprise me now!" "You don't look ready to me," I answered. "First, you need to be naked. In a robe, if you prefer." "You tricked me out of my shirt first last time," she responded. "You're not going to get me naked that easily. You have to at least give up your shirt!" "Shirt and pants!" Sandra said with glee. "And Brad's as well." I must have looked a little uncomfortable with that request, but Anne quickly stepped in close, and said, "Just your shirt. You can do that for me." Her confidence was compelling, and I knew I would do anything she asked. I wanted to exceed her desires as well. I took an easy breath, and removed first my shirt, and then my shoes, socks, and pants. She was pleased and was smiling wide as she stepped in close and kissed me. "Okay," she breathed, "my turn then." She moved to quickly unbutton her blouse. "Wait," I commanded. "Slowly. Make it a dance. Entice me, and make me want you more than I already do." Somewhere behind me, Brad teased quietly, "Hey, that's my wife." Sandra quickly rebuked him. "Shut up you. You're supposed to be learning. Watch me strip for you. Watch how aroused I get, watching you watch me." "Sorry," he replied. Anne and I let their remarks fall outside of our notice. She started to sway her hips to the sensual soundtrack that women inherently have in their souls. As the last button fell away, she did a quick spin. Her blouse billowed out to reveal a lacy purple bra. She continued to turn to face away from me. When she stopped, the blouse continued, and as it fell from her shoulders she gathered it in her hands. She looked seductively over her shoulder, and then gave an exaggerated shrug. She had released the front clasp of her bra, and as her shoulders moved, the bra slipped off and fell to the floor. With her hips swaying, she spun again, but somehow the blouse in her hands managed to hide her breasts from my view. She swayed and spun and her skirt fell to the floor. Again, she stopped facing away from me. Her hips and knees swayed as she gyrated down to the floor and then back up again. I had expected her to gather up the skirt, but as she kicked the skirt across the floor, I realized that her thong had joined it on the floor. She slowly turned, and she watched my eyes gathering in her beauty. She stepped closer and turned, and I realized that the blouse had blocked my view above and below. Her naked ass swayed before me just out of reach. She turned to face me, pressing her body against mine, but with the blouse between us. Her breath caught as she pressed against the hardness jutting out below my waist. She turned away, with her body still against mine. She caught my hands and placed them on her stomach. She turned again. The blouse had been held between us by the friction of our bodies. Each time she turned, it had slipped lower. As she turned this time, her naked nipples slid across my hairy chest. She nearly fainted at the pleasure, and I had to steady her in my arms. She tugged the blouse out from between us and arched up to kiss me. Just before our lips met, she whispered, "Skin." When our lips met, her whole body trembled in my arms. I kissed her and held her until the trembling stopped. Reluctantly, I asked, "Are you ready, now?" "I have been ready for more than an hour!" she exclaimed. "Close your eyes then," I commanded as I bent and lifted her into my arms. Brad said, "Wow." Sandra added, "Double wow. Can you still lust me Brad, after seeing that?" "Wow. Yes. Can I lust both of you?" "Yes, but try to devour ME with your eyes this time. Watch me again." Anne and I smiled at their exchange, but she kept her eyes closed as I carried her up stairs and to the prepared bedroom. She tensed as I started to set her down, but when she felt something firm beneath her butt, she relaxed. "Open your eyes," I instructed, "and lay on your belly." Her eyes opened and she gasped in wonder. She was sitting on a massage table that was covered with a sheet. The room was lit with candles, and the soft scent they gave off accented the warm scent of the massage oil. She pulled me close for a kiss before turning face down on the table. "Relax as much as you wish," I added. "I promise I won't let you fall.... asleep." "I'm too aroused to relax. You can probably make me cum again in seconds. Do your best!" I kissed her neck, and she let a single shudder pass happily through her body. I poured some hot oil onto my hands, and worked it into her shoulders and back. She gave a contented sigh. Some time passed, and I asked her to roll over. More time passed. A flustered and happy couple peeked into the room. I tried to emulate the instructors at the Couples Class that my wife and I had attended. Very quietly, I asked them, "Would you like to join us? I am about ready for the next lesson, of sorts." Brad looked askance of Sandra, and she nodded. I indicated for them to come sit on the bed. They quietly entered and lay down together on the bed, with Brad behind Sandra. I nodded my approval. Through all of this, I was massaging Anne, and she lay quietly on the table. Her breathing was slow and measured, as if she were on the edge of sleep. "Brad," I said without disturbing Anne, "I have been delivering complete relaxation since we got up here. You can see the broad strokes, and how I am using a fair amount of pressure to get into her muscles. See if you can see how I let the touch change. Try to use the same touches I am using as you touch Sandra. Also, notice where I do touch, and where I don't touch." I continued to apply broad strokes, touching her shoulders and arms, her sides, her hips, and her legs. I eased off the pressure until I was barely touching her skin. Then I eased off from using my whole hand to just using my fingertips. Anne kept her eyes closed, but her breathing noticeably picked up speed. Next I started with a fingertip stroke from her shoulders to her elbows and back again. I turned my hands over and stroked down her ribs to her hips with my fingernails dragging lightly on her skin. I flipped my hands again, and used my fingertips from her hips to her knees and back again. I used a touch I call Playing the Piano to tap my finger tips as I stroked up her ribs to her shoulders. Her breathing turned very ragged, and you could see her stomach tensing slightly in time with the tapping of my finger. I repeated that course, but with nails out and back, fingertips down, nails down and up, and piano taps back to the top. Anne's eyes slowly opened, and a lazy smile touched her face. "I'm so relaxed," she whispered, "why are you teasing me now?" "You were almost asleep," I answered. “It’s time to be awake.” Her eyes followed my hands as I repeated the track yet again, with the first pattern. I repeated it another time with the second pattern. She was preparing to tense up for the piano tapping when I instead did a combined fingertip and nail swoop up her ribs, circled over her breasts, and then swooped down with my fingers wide over her stomach. I finished the motion with my fingers converging between her legs. Her legs lifted up and open, to allow me ready access to the sudden heat she felt there. I pressed my fingertips up her legs, but leaned over her to blow hard at her clit. She barely registered the feel of my chest hair on her side and stomach before the hot puff of air hit, and she immediately exploded into an orgasm. Somewhere outside of my zone of concentration, a voice asked, "How did he do that?" Another voice answered, "I don't know!" The first voice asked, "Can we learn to do that?" The second voice emphatically stated, "You bet we will!" Inside my zone of concentration, Anne grabbed my hair, and pulled my face to hers. "How did you do that?" "Very carefully, with a fair bit of planning. Want me to do it again?" "I don't think I can handle another!" "Mmmm... let me help you relax, then." I leaned in and started applying broad strokes up and down her body. She relaxed the slightest bit, but then noticed that I was keeping my body very close to hers. Every time I moved my hands from her shoulders to her knees, my chest hair would tease from her breasts to her hips. As I would stretch to reach lower on her legs, my hot breath would pour across her sensitized lower lips. After four strokes up and down her body, she was squirming for release. Her hands were reaching to find any hand hold that would keep her from falling, and by luck, she closed her fingers around my throbbing cock. As she realized what she was holding, her body gave in to the overload of sensations, and she started to cum. I quickly pressed two fingers into her pussy and stroked her clit and her opening at the same time. Her body added a vaginal orgasm on top of everything else that was going on, and she cried out her pleasure. I carried her through the orgasms by simply stroking her outer pussy and teasing my chest hair against her stomach. Through all of her orgasm, she held on to my cock for dear life. As soon as she could breathe, she pulled at my cock and cried out, "Fuck me!" I shucked my boxers and allowed her to pull me and guide me in. She kissed me deeply as I mounted the table to lay on top of her. "Fuck me, please!" she begged. I pressed my cock inside her and gave her a naughty smile. Before she could figure out what I was doing, I swung my legs out to straddle the table and rolled up and away from her. This drove my cock deeper inside, and I ended up sitting astride the table. It also lifted her hips slightly onto mine, forcing her to arch her back. In this position, we could barely move to stir my cock inside her. Motion was not needed though, because this position pressed the head of my cock against her g-spot with the perfect amount of pressure. She cried out an her pussy clamped down with all that it had. I raked my hands up her side and pinched her nipples. Her pussy relaxed ever so slightly as she drew in a breath to cry out again. A flood of heat poured out of her and drenched my balls. I rolled my hips to press forward and up and she clamped down again. She tried to cry out, but no sound came out. Another relaxation brought another flood of heat, and I pressed in again. I raked my hands down her side, and her pussy clamped tighter than before. She grabbed my arms and pulled herself up into my lap, pressing my cock even further inside. As her lips met mine, I exploded inside her and then neither of us could breathe. As we settled back to earth, Anne slumped against me and started crying. Tears poured down her face as we huddled together. I was startled when Sandra touched me on the shoulder. "Go over to the bed," she said, "before you undo all the good of the massage." She and Brad were smiling as they quietly left the room. I carefully lifted Anne and carried her to the bed. I considered the wet spot on it, but then shrugged and eased us both down onto the bed away from the spot. Anne clung to me, and quietly cried. I held her and caressed her as the emotional release that followed the sexual release subsided. A quiet noise from an unexpected direction drew my attention to the corner of the room. The closet door opened, and a young woman who could only have been Kathy stalked out. Her eyes looked wild and she was visibly shaking with anger. "Did you hurt her?" she demanded. I was too stunned to answer. "Did you hurt her?" she demanded even louder. "Oh, Kathy, no," Anne stammered. "Kathy, what are you doing here. No, he did not hurt me." "Why are you crying? What did he do?" "Kathy, no, please," Anne said as she tried to gather her thoughts. "Please, dear, it’s so hard to explain." She reached for Kathy, and Kathy took a tentative step towards us. "Please, it’s just... the release is so big, it’s so, so big. I feel so good. I feel so open and vulnerable and good, and it just washes out of you. I can't hold in the tears, but it's just so good." Kathy fell into Anne's outstretched arms and the two hugged as new tears poured from Anne. I tried to be invisible, to allow them the space they needed. When Anne reached for me, I allowed her to pull me closer behind her, and she pulled my hand to her stomach. Kathy kept her eyes closed as she clung to Anne. Finally the tears ended, and the two women separated a bit. Kathy looked Anne in the eye and said, "Anne, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been here, but I couldn't stay away. I'm going to go home now." Anne started to shake her head, but Kathy continued, "Yes, I should leave. Your other guests really don't need to know I was here. I have to go." Anne considered for a moment, then with a chuckle, she said, "I guess I won't have to tell you what happened, then." Kathy smiled as her eyes slowly swept over our naked bodies. She said, "I bet there is more to come." She smiled at both of us and tiptoed to the door to look for Brad and Sandra. Suddenly, she frowned, and walked back over to stand in front of Anne. "Do you understand that when I say I can't stop myself, I really mean that I can't stop myself?" she asked. "Nobody was hurt," Anne replied, "and we can talk about that tomorrow. We will work something out." "Good," Kathy answered. "Because right now, I can't stop myself." With that declaration, she quickly dropped to her knees and buried her face in my crotch. She deftly scooped my half hard cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue through all of the flavors. I was helpless to stop her. She drew out the suction as she slowly pulled my nearly hard cock from her mouth. Anne was stunned into silence. As my cock popped free, Kathy turned and buried her tongue in Anne’s mouth. After only a moment, Anne responded by reaching up and pulling Kathy in to deepen the kiss. It was sloppy and wet, and when they broke it off, they were both breathless. Kathy’s eyes met Anne’s, but then she bashfully looked away. At barely more than a whisper, Kathy said, "I love you." And then she sprinted out the door. 

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