Delicate blonde who really likes cock

Delicate blonde who really likes cock

The CD player on your PC is on the blink and a friend of yours asks me to come around to your house to have a look at it. As I arrive your friend is just leaving. She tells me you are in the house and to go right in. She tells me you are in the living room. I enter your house and I am just about to go into the living room when I see you sitting in the chair. You have your legs open wide with your knickers to one side. Your eyes are closed shut. I take a couple of steps backwards so you won’t be able see me if you open your eyes again. As a red blooded male I want to get a good look at you. You look so horny and sexy. I just stand silently peeking at you. You have a fantastic body and legs. As I watch I see your hands moving towards your knickers. You move your right hand inside your knickers. My cock immediately goes hard as I realise you are about to masturbate. There is now way I am going to interrupt you now. I watch silent as a mouse as you masturbate your pussy. My cock is rock hard but I dare not touch it in case you hear me. Your fingers are deep inside your pussy and you are moaning softly as you masturbate. You remove your hand and stand up to remove your knickers. Once you have removed you knickers you return to your seat. Your thumb flicks your clit as you ram 2 fingers in and out of your pussy. You suddenly stop what you are doing. I panic and wonder if you have noticed me. You reach inside your bag and pull out a small vibrator. You turn on the vibrator and run it over your clit. As the vibrator runs over your clit you insert a couple of fingers back inside your pussy and frig yourself. I can’t believe my luck. Here I am watching a gorgeous women masturbate herself. You have a beautiful pussy. As you masturbate your cum is dribbling down your legs. Your fingers play expertly with your pussy. I want to come and join you but think wisely of it. Better to just stand and watch you. As I watch I wonder when I should announce I am here. Should I watch the full show or should I be cruel and interrupt you? I decide for a laugh I will let you know I am here just as you near orgasm. I want to leave you nice and frustrated. You are moaning softly as your fingers play with pussy. I wonder what you are thinking about as you finger yourself. I sense you are getting close to cumming as suddenly you thrust your fingers in and out of your pussy at a furious rate and your breathing gets quicker. I decide it is time to let you know I am here. I am pretty sure I have got my timing right and I am going to stop you cumming. “Hello Christine. I have come to look at the PC” I shout. I watch laughing as you jump out of your seat. You quickly adjust your dress. I get a good eyeful of one of your sexy legs as you straighten yourself up. “I am in the living room you” you reply. When I enter the living room you are standing like a naughty school girl. We introduce ourselves to each other and I ask you to show me where the PC is. My cock is still hard from watching you masturbate. You notice my hard cock but act as though you haven’t seen it. You look so sexy I can’t help but give you the once over again. My mind wanders and I try to imagine your sexy body fully naked. I would love to see your sexy legs in their naked glory. You show me where the PC is and bend over to switch it on giving me a full view of your beautiful legs and arse. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice knickers” I laugh. My brain catches up with my mouth and I worry how you will react. You just laugh and tell me they are nothing special. Your knickers have a big damp patch from your dribbling pussy. As I have now got my brain thinking before my mouth speaks I decide it is best not to comment on the damp patch even as a joke. “Do you want to see some more?” you laugh. With that you let your skirt ride even higher. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmvery nice.” I reply I wonder if you know I can see that your knickers are soaking wet or are you are oblivious to it. I decide to try and find out. I flirt with you to see what reaction you give me. I tell your boyfriend is a lucky man to have a woman with such a sexy body and legs. You laugh and remind me I am here to fix the PC. I check all the Windows settings and can find no reason for why the CD player is not working. I inform you I have will have to open the case and see if I can see anything that could be causing it. I tell you I need to unplug the PC from the mains for safety. You bend down to unplug the PC for me. Your knickers have moved a little to the left giving me a good eyeful of your pussy. I don’t know how to react. Is my flirting working? Are you teasing me? or are you oblivious to the fact I can see your pussy? Seeing your sexy legs and arse close up makes cock go oven harder. Once you unplug the PC I test the water. I cheekily ask for a frontal view. I mean a frontal view of your knickers but you lower your top and show me your braless breasts. “I was talking about your knickers.” I laugh. You raise up your skirt to give me a good view of your knickers. It is now I realise you had never thought about your knickers being damp. A little look of horror comes over your face as you notice your damp patch. I laugh to myself. How can you show me your breasts but get embarrassed at your damp patch? Just seeing your damp patch naturally reminds yourself of how it got there. You can’t help but think about your little masturbation session. You wish I had come a few minutes later. What you don’t know is I had planned to announce my arrival just before you was about to cum for a laugh. “Did the damp patch come with the knickers?” I ask . “No I created that myself” you laugh desperately trying to hide your embarrassment. Your pussy is still tingling and you are dying to carry on your masturbation session. You hope I will not be too long fixing the PC. You want to finish off masturbating. Once I open up the PC case I see a cable had become lose. I secure the cable and put everything back together. We start up the PC and the CD player is now working fine. It has only taken me 5 - 10 minutes to get it going again and I would feel a fraud taking money off you. “How much do we owe you?” you ask. I tell you I couldn’t possibly take money of you as it only took me a few minutes to fix it. You and try and give me a £20 note but I refuse to accept it. “Well if you won’t take the money how about a fuck then?” you joke. “I would love to. No more teasing me now then. ” I reply. You try and protest that you have not been teasing me but you get nowhere. You did not expect me to say yes to a fuck as you only said it as a joke but you do not want to appear a tease. You glance at my hard cock. You are still horny from your little masturbation session and dying for a good fuck. Oh what the hell you think. “Get on your chair and show me how you play with yourself.” You get on your chair and stick 2 fingers up your fingers up your pussy. I watch for a few minutes as your masturbate yourself. Your pussy is soaking wet and cum is dribbling down your legs. I lick your anus as your fingers play with your pussy. “Move your fingers and let me taste you. I am going to make you cum with my tongue then I am going to give you a good fucking.” You remove your fingers and open up your pussy for me. I give your pussy a good feel. You are soaking wet. “You kinky bitch you are soaking wet. You have been dying for this all morning haven’t you?” I ask you. “Just hurry up and make me cum” you reply. I get my head down and set to work on your pussy and anus. You feel my pierced tongue on your pussy. “Oh my god a pierced tongue. That feels nice. Lick me good.” you pant. My tongue flicks between your anus and pussy. I take my time to explorer every inch of your pussy. You move your hand by your pussy to play with your clit as I tongue you. “That’s it lick me good. Make me cum.” “Open your pussy lips wide. I want you to come in my mouth.” “I love your pierced tongue on my pussy” you tell me. “You will love this then” I reply With that I get out my special vibrating tongue piercing and insert it in my tongue. “What is that you?” you ask. I turn the vibrating tongue piercing on and run my tongue over your face and breasts. You quickly realise it is like a mini vibrator. “Oh my god get your tongue on my pussy and clit now” you tell me. You sit in the chair with your legs akimbo holding your pussy open for me. I get on my knees and carry on tonguing your pussy and clit. I run my vibrating tongue piercing all over your pussy and clit. You push my head deeper into your pussy. Your pussy is soaking wet and you are moaning softly begging me not to stop. “Oh god that feels so good. Lick my clit and make it vibrate” you pant. You are stil
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l horny from your masturbating session earlier and it doesn’t take long before you build up to an orgasm and flood my mouth with your juices. “MMMMMM you taste beautiful” I tell you. “Lick me clean then” you reply. I make sure I swallow every last drop of your juices. Once you recover I tell you to get naked and lie down. Once you to lie on the floor I kiss/lick every inch of your body with my vibrating tongue. It makes your body feel nice and tingly. I run my tongue up and down your legs. When I reach the top I gently buzz your clit with my vibrating tongue to tease you. You tell me to stop teasing you and give your pussy some attention. I lie down and get you to sit on my face. I tongue your pussy with my vibrating tongue piercing. You grind your pussy in my face. “Oh god that feels so good” you tell me. My tongue explores every inch of your pussy. “Make me cum” you shout. I flick my vibrating tongue piercing over your clit. “Oh yes that’s it make me cum” You carry on grinding your pussy in my face. Your pussy reacts to every movement I make with my tongue. You really love it when I rub the vibrating tongue piercing over your clit. I feel your legs begin to buckle and you flood my mouth with your sweet juices again as you cum. You get on your knees and ask me to fuck you. “Suck me off and then I will fuck you.” I reply. I lie on the floor and you climb over me in a 69 position. “If you want me to suck you off you have to carry on tonguing my pussy” you laugh. I get my tongue to work on your pussy again. “Now suck my cock you little slut” I tell you. I flick my vibrating tongue between your pussy and anus. The more I tongue your pussy the harder you suck my cock. Your pussy tastes beautiful and a constant stream of pussy juice trickles down my throat. I feel myself coming and warn you I am about to cum. This makes you suck my cock harder and faster. I can’t hold back no more and shoot my cum deep down your throat. You stop sucking me off but order me to carry on tonguing your pussy. “Make me cum one more time then give me a good fucking” you say. You are so horny it doesn’t take long before you flood my mouth with your sweet juices again. “Get up and bend over the chair so I can fuck your from behind” I get behind you and tease your pussy with my cock. “Stop teasing me and give me a good fucking.” I do as I am told and push in my cock. You let out a little moan as my cock enters you. . “Oh god that’s it fuck me” “Fuck me harder” I speed up my rhythm and give your pussy a good hard fucking “Oh yes that’s it fuck me” You are enjoying every minute of me fucking you and voice your opinions loudly. “Come on fuck me good” you shout. I can’t believe my luck. I only come around to mend a PC and I end up fucking this gorgeous woman with legs to die for. I grab your legs and shove my cock deep inside you. You are moaning at me to fuck you harder. Your pussy is lovely and wet and my cock slides in and out very easily. “Oh yes that’s it fuck me” I ram my cock deep and hard inside your pussy. You carry on telling me to fuck you harder. “Fuck me” “Make me cum” you shout. You reach down and play with your clit as my cock rams in and out. “Oh god that’s it fuck me like the slut I am” you pant. Your breathing starts getting shallower and more rapid. I sense your about to cum and speed up my rhythm. “Oh god I am cumming” you shout. After you cum you ask me to stop. “You are going nowhere yet slut” “I want to cum as well” I reply. I carry on fucking you. You are moaning loudly as my cock rams in and out. “I need to cum. where do you want it?” I ask you. “Shoot all over my bum” I pull my cock out and shoot my load all over your bum. You turn around and kiss me on my lips. “Not bad. I hope you are ready for some more” you ask me. “Get in the bedroom but leave your stockings and shoes on. I will then show you if I am ready for more” I follow you to your bedroom. You are lying on the bed. “What are you waiting for? Come here and join me” You open your legs. “I want to feel your tongue again. Come here and lick me” I kiss up and down your beautiful legs. Every time I get to the top of your legs I give your pussy a quick lick to tease you. “Lick me” you beg me. I stop teasing you and get to work on your pussy. You grind your pussy in my face. “Oh god that feels good” you pant. Your pussy tastes beautiful and I am really enjoying tasting you. I get you to sit on my face. I insert a couple of fingers up your pussy and let my mouth and tongue work on your clit. “Oh god that’s it. Oh yes lick me” I ram my fingers deeper and faster in your pussy. “I want you to flood my mouth with your juices” I tell you. I remove my fingers and concentrate on your clit. Every time I flick my pierced tongue across you clit you let out a little moan of pleasure. You push your pussy deep in my face. “Oh god I am cumming please don’t stop” you beg me. I clamp my mouth hard and your pussy and suck on your clit. I feel your legs begin to buckle and your cum comes flooding in my mouth. “Oh god that felt good” you pant. You fall back on the bed. “Get undressed and join me” you tell me. I don’t need asking twice and I am soon naked on the bed. My cock is rock hard again. You tell me to lie still. I see your shoes coming towards me. You grab my cock between your shoes and masturbate my cock. It doesn’t take you long before you soon get bored of that. “What a waste of a nice hard cock” you tell me. With that you get up and straddle my cock. “Don’t you dare come until I tell you” you tell me. You lower yourself on my cock. I lie on the bed watching you ride my cock. You ride my cock like a woman possessed. I lean forward and play with your clit. “Oh that feels good” you pant. You start to bounce on my cock really hard. You are moaning loudly. “Oh yes that feels good” You speed up your rhythm and ask me to play with your clit again. “Don’t you dare come yet” you warn me. I rub my fingers across your clit as you bounce up and down on my cock. I happily watch as you bounce up and down on my cock. “Oh god I am cumming” you tell me. I thrust my cock up and down in match with your riding. You let out a loud moan as another orgasm hits your body. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that felt wonderful” you tell me. “Well now it is my turn to come. Get on your knees” I reply. You get on your knees and grab my cock. You slowly feed my cock up your pussy “Fuck me good” you tell me. “Don’t worry you are going nowhere” I reply. Once inside you, you tell me to fuck you hard and fast. “Make me cum again” you pant. “Play with your clit as I fuck you slut” I fuck you hard and fast just as you like it. “Don’t come to quick” you tell me. Your fingers frantically play with your clit as my cock pumps in and out. “Fuck me harder” you shout. I ram my cock as hard and fast as I can. You have another 2 orgasms as I fuck you. I warn you I am about to cum. “Pull out of me. I want you to shoot in my mouth” you tell me. I pull my cock out of your pussy and shove it in your mouth. You greedily swallow every inch of my cock. It doesn’t take long before I shoot a heavy stream of cum down your throat. You get up and give me French kiss. As we kiss you pass some of my cum back to me. You order me to swallow. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm that was good” you tell me. I tell you that I have to go now but if you ever need help with your PC again just give me a shout. A smile comes over your face as you think of what else you can accidentally break on the PC. As I am about to leave you get on the chair and flash your sexy legs and bum at me again. “Are you man enough to get your cock hard again and fuck me one more time?” you ask. “I will show you how much of man I am” I reply. I get you to lean over the chair and give your pussy a quick licking. “I want to make sure you are wet enough for me” I laugh “Just get your cock inside me and fuck me” you reply. As I fuck you from behind I give you a bit of ass play. I insert my middle finger up your bum. The sudden shock drives you overboard and an orgasm rips through your body. I ram my cock in and out of your pussy as hard as I can. I tell you what a filthy slut you are. “That’s it take my cock deep inside you. You filthy whore” “Just shut up and fuck me” you shout. I carry on fucking you until I shoot my cum deep inside your pussy. When I withdraw you get on your knees and suck my cock clean. I give you a quick kiss and thank you for a lovely morning. As I leave I am hoping your PC breaks down again soon

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