Pussy Loves To Film Her Pussy When Her Cock Enters Her

Pussy Loves To Film Her Pussy When Her Cock Enters Her

Sunday 8 June, 09:00I let a week pass. Then I summon Pet and Cuck to the park. The park where two weeks ago I laid my hands on Pet for the first time. The very bench where it happened.Although it’s warm, it’s nevertheless overcast with a threat of rain. That’s fine, it means there’ll probably be fewer people around. The dog walkers are always there, but people just out for a bit of fun tend to stay away.I can tell that they notice me coming, but neither turns to look. I pass behind the bench, coming round to sit down on Pet’s right. I haven’t given any explicit instructions about dress, other than that I want her to wear nylon stockings. She’s wearing a pale dress that buttons down the front, reaching her knees. I pull the dress up enough to be able to lay my hand on her black stocking tops.She doesn’t move a muscle. Just sits, staring straight ahead. My hand stays still. Over in the distance someone whistles for their dog.“Hello, Pet,” I say. “How are you today?”She’s wearing her nerves like body-armour, and she doesn’t answer the question. “What are we doing here?” she asks in an undertone.“You’re looking very fine today, Pet,” I say, ignoring her question in turn. “Quite ravishing.”She lets out a sigh, turning her head anxiously. “I don’t want you thinking I’m a slut,” she says.I move my hand gently against her thigh. “Maybe things did go a little bit overboard last weekend,” I say, acting conciliatory. “But it’s just part of the game. You do understand that, don’t you Pet?”“So you don’t think I’m a slut?”“Of course not.”“It’s just that Cu… we’re a bit uncertain about going on with this…” She turns to look at me for the first time, eyes full of shame and longing. Meaning that it’s her husband who’s the problem, not her. It leaves me with a decision to make, whether to be on my best behaviour, maybe to renegotiate the terms, or to really make this one count.“You know, Pet,” I say, “we never did finish our game last weekend.”“Didn’t we?”“The Porn Roulette, the last clip.”Cuck remembers. Remembers that his wife’s use of her birthday brought up a clip of a couple doing it outside. Maybe he’s been agonising over it all week. I hope so. “I thought you said it looked like they were doing it on private land,” he says.“Well,” I say. “That would make it your garden or mine. Would you rather my neighbours or your neighbours saw your wife sucking my cock?”Pet starts. I give her thigh a little squeeze.“What’s to stop anyone seeing here?” Cuck asks.“There are plenty of spots you can do things in secret,” I say.There’s silence. On the other side of the path in front of us is a wide expanse of grass, sloping upwards to an area dense with trees and bushes. For the moment it’s completely empty of people.“On the other hand,” I say, “there’s nobody around. What do you say, Pet? Fancy a quick taste of my knob.” My hand goes to my flies as I speak.“No!” Pet says hastily. “Not here!”A cyclist appears to our right, as if to ram home the point that it’s too risky. He swishes past, maybe or maybe not noticing my hand on Pet’s thigh. “Maybe you’re right,” I say casually. “But you do want to suck my cock, don’t you, Pet?”I love the way she goes bright red. She’s even more fun when she’s tense and reserved than when a few sips of alcohol have loosened her up. It’s been a week, and I’m determined to have my fun, eager and aroused just imagining tense, nervous Pet here, in a public place.I grab her hand, placing it directly on my crotch. She starts, making to pull it away, but I push her hand down on me. “Feel that, Pet? Feel how hard I am? I’ve been saving myself for you, all week. I haven’t wanked off once. I want you to have it all, Pet.”She snatches her hand away, having spied movement before me. Pesky dog-walkers, two of them, with a dog each, obviously friends, nattering away, the furry beasts gallivanting about.I lean a little to the left, replacing my hand on Pet’s thigh. “You do want it, don’t you, Pet?” I say in a low voice.The dog-walkers come closer, regarding us for a brief moment before veering off.“What do you want?” Pet whispers, in that nervous way that suggests both acceptance and reluctance at once.I lick my lips, watching the backs of the dog-walkers. “I want you to touch yourself, Pet.”There’s a sharp intake of breath. “It’s too open here.”The dog-walkers are fast becoming blots on the distant landscape. No-one else to be seen. “There’s no one here to see,” I push.Pet breathes heavily, looking embarrassed, looking down.“That dress is just the job,” I point out.Pet looks at me, catching my drift. Hesitantly she undoes one of the buttons, which is enough for her to be able to slide a hand inside her dress. We’re both looking at her, Cuck and I, watching the movement underneath her dress. Watching the movement as Pet’s hand slides towards her sex.“What if someone sees?” Pet says nervously.“What is there to see?” I say. “It’s not like you’re showing anything off. Anyway, do you see anyone?”Pet twists her head. There’s no-one. Looking down, looking bashful, she moves her hand, the dress moves.“See that’s not so difficult, now, is it Pet?”She shakes her head, dress moving. Cuck watches, I watch. Then I have a sudden intimation. Quickly I reach out and grab hold of the dress, pulling it up. Pet’s fingers are moving against fabric, against her knickers, but not much more.She snatches the dress back down. “What are you doing?” she exclaims.“Naughty Pet,” I say. “I thought we were agreed on this. When I tell you to touch yourself, what do you do?”“I-I-I…” Pet stutters.“Get your hand out of there,” I tell her.She pulls her hand out of the little opening where the button is undone. She half turns to me. My hand is already inside her dress. She gasps. I slide my hand down, finding the hem of her panties. Her body twists, but I’m not letting her get away with this. My hand is under her panties, my finger slides down her pubes, slides in between her pussy lips, moves lightly. Pet gasps again.“When I tell you to touch yourself, Pet,” I say. “This is what you’re supposed to do; touch your pussy properly. Isn’t that what we agreed?”“There’s someone coming,” Pet breathes, panic seeping into her voice.That’s true enough, there are very faint figures on what passes for a horizon, and to our right a young woman is charting a slightly unsteady course along the gravel path. She looks as if this is more late night for her than early morning.“She’ll see,” Pet panics, her voice growing shrill even in an undertone, as the woman comes closer.“I don’t think she’s the type to care, even if she does notice,” I say, wriggling my finger in Pet’s slit, nudging her clit in the process.“She’ll see,” Pet repeats in a whisper.The woman is almost on us now, and she does see us. She beams a smile, slowing just a little, her feet not quite sober. “I’d ask to join you,” she smiles, “but I’m all shagged out.”And she shuffles on, as Pet grabs at my arm, pulling on it.“Now there’s an idea,” I say as I allow my arm to be removed. “Have you ever been with another woman, Pet?”My eyes are still on the young woman’s behind and Cuck sees me looking. “You must be joking,” he says.“Not her necessarily,” I say, “though it would be a bit of a lark.”“Please,” Pet says, doing up the button and smoothing her dress as she pushes her legs together. “It’s too open here. Can’t we go somewhere else?”“On one condition,” I say.She breathes in heavily. “What’s that?”“That you take your knickers off first.”“But they’ll see,” she squeaks.It’s true that the shadowy figures are a little more clearly defined, but they’re still a long way off. “Not if you do it quick,” I say.Pet hesitates, sitting, doing, saying nothing.I lean across, putting my lips close to her ear. “Would it help if I told you how much you excite me, Pet? With that gorgeous, fuckable body of yours?”I doubt that it’s my words that have done it, but Pet springs from the seat all of a sudden, dress hitched up, knickers wrestled to the ground faster than I would ever have expected. Handing the garment to her husband, she says, “There! Can we go now?”“Of course we can,” I smile. Both Cuck and I rise. The shadowy figures are becoming more distinct, and we pass quite close to them on our way up the grassy slope towards the trees. No words now, just our own thoughts. Cuck, I imagine, full of self-loathing for becoming so excited by seeing another man treat his wife this way; Pet on tenterhooks, not knowing what’s going to happen, and ashamed at being naked under her dress. And me? Oh I’m thinking about her pussy, of course I am, but also running all sorts of ideas through my head.In the event we skirt the trees on top of the rise. It appears that this is a spot that attracts the bulk of the dog walkers. We pass three in quick succession, their pets cocking legs, carrying sticks, goofing about. Then we’re on a downward slope again, finding a narrow path alongside a brook that runs through the park, which at this point becomes more of a wilderness, all unruly bracken and brambles, trees and fungi. All of a sudden it’s very quiet, save for the babbling of the brook and the occasional avian outburst. Soon a bank of trees and bushes slopes upwards to our right, on our left the brook and beyond it an impenetrable thickness of brambles and other vegetation.“It’s creepy here,” Pet says.“It’s just the place,” I correct her, laying a hand on her bottom. She starts. A short distance along we find a bench, set in off the path to our right, trees and bushes rising behind it. “This ought to do it,” I say.Both Pet and Cuck are looking nervous. “What do you… What do you have in mind?” Pet asks.“I want you to sit on the bench and show me your pussy,” I say. Pet’s nervous eyes flit from me to her husband. “I want you to spread your legs and stroke your pussy properly, so that I can see you doing it.”“But what if someone comes along?” Pet breathes.She has a point. From the bench the only part of the path that can be seen is the part right in front of it. There’s no chance of seeing anyone coming at a distance. “Cuck can stand on the path and keep watch,” I decide, feeling as if I’m in an old mystery novel.To my surprise, Cuck nods voluntarily. “I can do that,” he says.Well now, he’s become very accommodating all of a sudden, but I’m not about to argue. With Cuck keeping lookout, I can concentrate on Pet. I turn my back on Cuck, who moves out onto the path. Pet sits down on the bench, her eyes on me. She begins to lift her dress.I shake my head. “Unbutton it,” I say.“But what if someone comes?”“You can just whip your dress back into place.”Pet doesn’t look convinced, but her fingers begin to fiddle with the buttons, from the bottom, slowly, up to her waist. I watch, riveted as Pet pulls the dress apart, revealing her pussy. Slowly, slightly reluctantly she parts her legs, showing more of herself, the soft folds guarding the way into her, guarding her delights.I’m standing half a metre in front of her, deliberately blocking Cuck’s view. Pet doesn’t say anything, but her hand moves slowly across. Her fingers briefly graze her stocking tops and her thigh, then her hand is there, on her cunt. Her legs are spread, her hand pushes against her labia. She blinks, looking at me as if she needs direction.“That looks lovely, Pet,” I say.“Thank you.”“I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what to do.”Her eyes dip. Her hand moves, the palm of it moving against her pussy. She’s looking at me, as if she needs confirmation.“Good girl,” I say. “It’s like you were a natural at this.”I can feel Cuck’s eyes burning into my back, wanting to see. I remain where I am, watching as Pet tentatively uses her fingers. Fingers that slowly unfold her petals. Fingers that slowly begin to move within the petals, teasing herself, her eyes moistening. I recognize the look. She’s both ashamed and aroused. I begin to unbutton my fly. Pet watches, fingers sliding in her slit. I’m hard, of course I am. I bring out my erection. Pet’s eyes are fixed on it as she opens herself up a little. Her middle finger slides slowly into her hole.“See, Pet, it’s not so bad. You’re really good at this.”“Thank you.”“Really, really good. Arousing. So very, very fuckable.”She blushes. I hear Cuck’s feet scrape. I follow Pet’s eyes and gather that Cuck has moved, to get some kind of view. Oh well, so be it. I aim my cock at Pet, her finger slides a little deeper. She begins to work it, sliding it back and forth. I see it now, the arousal, in her eyes. She’s ashamed, she knows she shouldn’t be aroused, but she is. Aroused and wet, just about.“I could stand here and watch you all day, Pet.”“Thank you.” She looks shy and nervous, but gratified all the same. Her eyes are on my cock, a finger sliding slowly back and forth, her other hand hesitates, then finds its way over, finger teasing clit. Pet blinks, her mouth half opens and closes.“A complete natural, Pet, that’s what you are. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. One look at you stroking your pussy and any man in his right mind would want to fuck you.”Pet goes bright red. “I wouldn’t let just anyone fuck me,” she murmurs. She manages it without stuttering, which I suppose is progress.I step forward.“What…?” Pet breathes.“Just keep doing what you’re doing,” I say. I reach out, unbuttoning the rest of her dress, from top to waist, pulling the dress open.“But what if someone sees?” Pet breathes anxiously, her finger still moving inside her, other fingers sliding gently across her clit.I don’t answer, attending to her breasts instead, pulling her bra cups down, bringing her breasts out into the open. “Stiff nipples,” I murmur.“It’s chilly,” Pet says, disingenuously.“And you’re hot and horny.”“Are you all right, Pet?” Cuck calls out.“Fine!” the woman answers. “Just make sure nobody’s coming!”What Cuck really wants, of course, is to know what’s going on. I take a step back, admiring the view of the woman, with her tits hanging out, her fingers stimulating her twat, nylon legs and stocking tops. Time for something more.“I brought a little present along, Pet,” I say.For a moment it looks like she’s going to say something like, “You shouldn’t have.” Instead she says, “What’s that?”I reach into my inside pocket and bring out the big, blue dildo that’s been weighing my jacket down all morning. Pet’s eyes widen. “Here,” I say, holding the thing out.
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Pet takes the fingers from her clit in order to take the dildo from me. “What…?”“Don’t be ashamed, Pet, just slide it in. I’m sure you’re wet enough by now.”The woman looks at me, looks as if she’s thinking. Her finger moves, teasing her hole. Then she nods. Her finger comes out, the dildo finds its way between her legs, the tip pushes against her pussy.And there she is, on the bench, in the park, with her tits hanging out and her legs spread, a dildo between them, a dildo disappearing into her, stretching her tight pussy. She pushes, making more of it disappear, her lips part as a tiny squeak emerges from her. She pushes a little more, then pulls it back till only the tip is inside her. Then she pushes again, the dildo sliding into her. Her lips part and she closes her eyes for a second. Her chest heaves, her nipples standing on end.“What’s going on?” Cuck calls out.Might as well let him see what his wife is up to. I walk round the bench, cock bobbing before me. I stand behind Pet, watching, enjoying Cuck’s face as he sees his wife on the bench, tits hanging out, legs spread, fucking herself slowly with a big dildo. My hands reach down, my fingers pinch Pet’s nipples, my hands squeeze her breasts, I grope her, maul her. My lips move to her ear, “You look so very fuckable, Pet. Anyone passing, I bet they’d want to get stuck in straight away.”Pet gasps. “You mustn’t say that,” she says. Then her head turns. She looks as if there’s something more she wants to say, but she doesn’t say it. I tweak her nipples and she gasps out loud, staring straight ahead again. She’s looking at her husband. He looks back; envy, jealousy and lust in his eyes.There’s a sudden glimmer of sun. Pet slides a hand down. She rubs her clit while she pushes the dildo back and forth with her other hand. The brook babbles, there’s a trill of bird song, but more audible than all of that is Pet’s pussy, her wet pussy as she stuffs herself with the dildo.Can Cuck hear? I doubt it. But he can definitely see; see his wife stuffing her wet cunt with the dildo. He looks to left and right, checking that no-one’s coming, then back at his wife. I squeeze her nipples, pull on them, pulling her tits into cone shapes. Pet squeaks.“Enjoying yourself there, Pet?”She doesn’t answer.I catch Cuck’s eye. Envy, jealousy, lust. “Look how badly Cuck wants to fuck you,” I say.It’s there in his eyes as he watches; watches his wife rub her clit, plug her cunt with the dildo. I maul her tits for his benefit, squeezing them, shoving them up against each other, rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. He looks to left and right again. There’s big bulge in his trousers. He shifts uncertainly. Looks to left and right. Looks and his wife, stuffing herself with the big dildo. I’m guessing he’s desperate to get his cock out, but he won’t, not while he’s standing in the middle of the path.Pet stares straight ahead. I’m guessing she’s hardly managed to miss the bulge in her husband’s trousers. There’s a moan at the back of her throat. She’s trying not to make too much noise, but she can’t help herself. She moans again. I pinch her nipples. Her body gives a little jerk. She shoves the dildo into herself, rubbing her clit hard at the same time. I bend over. “I’m in two minds about whether to let you cum or not, Pet,” I murmur.Pet’s chest heaves. I tweak her nipples. My cock’s big and hard, but just standing there, doing nothing. I let go of her tits, shifting to one side and bringing first one leg, then the other up over the back of the bench. I balance on the back, leering at Cuck as I put one hand on Pet’s head, indicating for her to lean over. She turns her head, her mouth opening, understanding what it is that I want.“Good girl, Pet,” I say, stroking her head.Her body shifts, her mouth comes closer. I grab my cock and take aim. She’s still plugging herself as her lips close on my cock. Her husband looks green with envy as I move my cock gently in his wife’s mouth. Pet moans at the back of her throat, my cock filling her mouth, the big dildo plugging her snatch. Cuck puts his hand in his pocket. There’s movement. He’s touching his cock through his pants as he watches his wife with a dildo in her cunt and a cock in her mouth.“Let me tell you, Pet, you are superb,” I say.She grunts. It sound like, “Thank you!”She pulls the dildo out of herself, just rubbing her hand quickly against her clit. I release her, freeing her mouth from my cock. She sits there, tits hanging out, legs spread, rubbing her cunt. Cuck looks to left and right, then busies himself kneading his cock again. Pet’s breathing heavily. She moans, openly now. Cuck hears, frowns, checks left and right. I grab Pet’s head again, showing her that I want her to go back down on me. She obliges.Cuck’s working his hand in his pocket. Envy, jealousy and lust are there in his eyes, and I can’t resist.“She’s one fine cocksucker, your wife,” I call out.“Sssshhhhh!” he hisses, putting a finger up to his lips.I smile, pushing a little harder on Pet’s head, making sure she keeps my cock in her mouth. She’s back to moaning at the back of her throat. Then she’s got the dildo in her hand again. She rams the dildo into her pussy, fucks herself hard. It’s some sight, and Cuck thinks so too, his eyes are virtually on stalks.Pet pulls the dildo out. The hand rubbing her clit is moving frantically. Her body seems to lift from the bench. Her mouth opens as she tries to pull her head back, but I push down on it. The brook babbles, birds trill, but her orgasmic moans obliterate them. Not even Cuck can avoid hearing them. He frowns, checks left and right with a worried expression on his face. No-one’s coming. He looks back at his wife. There’s a tiny patch of damp on the gravel, bearing witness to a tiny squirt on her part. I release her head, clambering down and sitting next to her on the bench as she gets her breath back.It takes a minute, and not once does she make any attempt to close her legs. I get up, moving so that I stand in front of her, blocking Cuck’s view of her. I grab my cock, teasing her nipples with the head. Then I bring it up so that I can rub it under her chin.There’s an urgency in her eyes as she parts her lips. “These games,” she whispers. “They may not last much longer. Cuck’s getting cold feet.”That prompts a question. I know the answer, but I have to hear her say it. “But you don’t want them to stop, do you, Pet?” I whisper back.“No,” she whispers.“Perhaps Cuck needs some incentive,” I return in a low voice. “Do you think that would work?”Pet looks at me. “Incentive?” she whispers.I shrug. “Call it a reward,” I murmur, “for being a good sport.”“He tried to… take me, back there,” Pet says quietly. “After…”So Cuck’s tried to get her to let him fuck her arse after what happened last time. I’m amused, but don’t show it. “So he deserves a punishment, really,” I whisper.She nods. “But that really would be the end.”“And you don’t want that?”“No.”I rub my cock over her tits again. I’ve already made my decision, but I want it to appear as if I’m mulling things over. Finally I say. “I want you to turn around, Pet, and kneel on the bench.”“What… what…?”“Just do as I say, Pet.” I step back, allowing her the room to get up and turn. She kneels on the seat, gripping the back rest. “Bend over, Pet, properly.”She’s seems a bit nervous about balancing her upper body over the back of the bench, but she does it. The dress has come down over her buttocks, but I pull it up, dumping the material on her back. “All clear are we, Cuck?” I call out, knowing full well his wife’s pubic folds are visible to him, that he’s standing there, watching her flash her naked pussy between her naked thighs.“All clear,” the man says.I lay one hand on Pet’s buttocks, pulling it to one side. When two fingers slide into her pussy she shudders. “Still not quite over that climax, Pet?” I say.There’s no reply. She’s tense; she’s waiting.“Nice and wet,” I say. “A twat made for fucking. Have I ever told you how supremely fuckable you are, Pet?”“Many times,” she whispers.“What about you, Cuck?” I say, loud enough for the man to hear. “You loving the view of your wife’s fuckable snatch?”He’s looking a bit green, but he nods, checking left, checking right.“A big cock up her might be just what she needs.”Pet turns her head unsteadily. “You make me feel so dirty,” she whispers, trying to make it sound like a bad thing, though her eyes betray her.I pull my fingers out of her, only to give her a quick slap on the arse. “I don’t think I’ve ever asked, Pet. Have you ever had two men at the same time?”She looks surprised by the question, but the answer comes rapidly. “Of course not.” But the way she turns her face away from me in shame suggests that she’s thought about it at least.I slap her other buttock, then I shove my fingers back into her. “Then perhaps it’s time you tried it.” I turn my head. “Hey cuck! Fancy fucking your wife’s wet twat? I’ll let you! I’m in a good mood today.”Cuck looks nervously to the left and to the right. “But what if someone…?”“You think so?” I say. “How long have we been here? And how many people have we seen? Not one. For all I know this path could lead to a dead end round the corner.” Cuck doesn’t look convinced.I pull my fingers out of Pet, lay my hands on her, pulling, make sure her cunt opens up and that Cuck can see. “Look at her,” I say. “How long was it since you fucked that, Cuck? You want to, I know you do.” The man still doesn’t look sure.“Pet wants it,” I persist. “Don’t you, Pet? Tell your husband how much you want him to shove his stiff cock in your wet cunt!”Pet turns. “I do,” she says. “Please! I want you to fuck me so bad!”“Good girl,” I whisper as Cuck breaks, taking the first step towards us. I move round the bench, and by the time I’m in front of her, Cuck is behind her, cock out. I lay my hands on her face. Her eyes widen, she gives a little squeak, then a low moan. Cuck’s penetrating her.“Oh my, you’re wet,” he breathes.I angle Pet’s head, forcing her to look at me, so that I can see in her eyes how much she enjoys being taken out of herself like this. Her eyes shift, she’s glancing at my stiff cock. Then she gasps. There’s a slapping of flesh, Cuck getting into his stride, fucking his wife from behind.“Oooaah!” Pet gasps. “That feels good. That feels so good! Aaaaaaaaahhh!”Her mouth opens wide as she moans, giving me the opportunity to pull her head into position and push my cock between her lips. “It’s your lucky day, Pet,” I tell her as her lips close on me. “Two men, two cocks at once! Every woman’s dream.” She moans at the back of her throat, her head moving slightly, but not really going anywhere. “You don’t need to do anything,” I tell her. “Just let me fuck your mouth, fuck it like it’s a tight little pussy! Let me use your mouth like a pussy!”I don’t really intend to, but I like the apprehensive look in her eyes. She’s not good with the full length, and I don’t want to choke her, but a half to a quarter of the length, and fast movements… Behind her, Cuck’s really laying into his wife, like the sex-starved beast he is. I move my own shaft in Pet’s mouth as she moans at the back of her throat. Saliva runs out of the corner of her mouth. The brook babbles, but it can’t compete with the sound of hot, wet fucking; with pussy juice and saliva.Pet’s lips move. Her greedy mouth is doing its best to suck on me as my cock shifts faster and faster. She’s moaning at the back of her throat. Cuck is groaning out loud as he thrusts his cock into her, shafts her from behind, his face all screwed up, red, sweaty; two parts relief to one part brutish lust. I thrust on, feeling the spunk begin to rise. Thirty seconds, that should be all it takes.“’Ere! This a private party, or can anyone join in?”The voice slices into the action. They’ve managed to creep up on us, the three young men, three hoodies. Cuck turns, I keep Pet’s head turned my way, away from them, still moving my cock in her mouth. The men make to move towards us, one of them fiddling with his phone.Everything happens at once. My spunk is rising as Cuck spins round and begins screaming, “No you cannot join in! Put that fucking camera away! She’s my wife, damn it! She’s my wife!” I’m plastering his wife’s face with my sperm as he advances on the men, still screaming. “Fuck off, the lot of you! Fuck off!”Pet coughs and splutters, there’s cum everywhere; her eyes are screwed shut. There’s sperm on her eyelids, spitting out of her mouth, dribbling down her chin. Cuck’s grabbed his trousers, still advancing on the little group. The men grin, and turn, start jogging. Three strapping lads, they could easily have taken him, but confronted with a raving madman clutching his trousers and screaming at them with his slimy cock bobbing in their direction, they obviously didn’t think it was worth the fight.Cuck spins on his heels and points straight at me, face red with blood. “You!” he screams. “You can fuck off too. I never want to see you or hear from you again! Do I make myself clear?”There’s an art to knowing when you’re beaten. I pop my cock back into my trousers as Pet wipes enough sperm from her eyelids to be able to gaze at me with big, mournful eyes. “It’s been good knowing you,” I say.“I enjoyed it too,” Pet mouths.And that’s that.Monday 9 June: 19:00Still, in my experience something always comes along, and this time it comes along quicker than I think. I’ve just eaten and done the washing up and watched some light entertainment on the box when the phone rings.“I don’t know if you remember me,” the man on the other end says, but I do. It’s the man from Cuck’s birthday party, the one with the flirtatious wife.“To what do I owe this pleasure?” I ask, once we’ve established that I do indeed remember.“Well, it’s like this…” There’s a pause, and a sigh, but there’s nothing to be gained from rushing him. “I took your advice, and… Thanks, by the way… We talked, my wife and I, and…” Another pause. “It was awkward, but not half as awkward as this.”I can tell this is going to be good. “That’s OK,” I say. “Take your time.”“The thing is,” the man says, swallowing hard. “You remember you said to call you if anything needed… doing…?”“Yes, of course.”The man sighs, hesitates. “Well, that’s why I’m calling.” He hesitates again. “My wife… My wife certainly seems to think that you could be the man for the job…”

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